February 28, 2019

5 Most Important Tony Robbins Quotes and How To Do Them

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Don’t you just wish you could download Tony Robbin’s quotes into your brain and be them?

The guy basically lives on his own private island and has his life 100% made.

He’s a super smart personal growth and business success giant.

What would it be like if we could make the knowledge he uses in his own life second nature for us?

That’s really the issue with motivational and inspirational quotes – isn’t it?

We just quote all day but never do anything.

Regardless of your situation in life,

  1. wherever you live,
  2. who you are,
  3. how you identify,

there are going to be 4 main things that hold you back.

And I mean this when it comes to everything

  • Every goal you’ve ever tried to set, every accomplishment you’ve ever had your sights on
  • All the desires you have for building a community, making your current relationships stronger, creating enjoyable experiences with a few people you love
  • Taking more vacations, having no money stress, feeling like there is “enough” in your life. Feeling accomplished and driven
  • Looking good, feeling good, being respected and admired for the way you look and how you present yourself
  • Having an attitude and aura of confidence around you that is attractive and powerful

Regardless of our desire, we need four things:

  1. Better, tighter knit, passionate, supportive relationships
  2. Explosive, effective, and focused action
  3. A mindset for continuing on with something meaningful, despite obstacles or time required
  4. Enough money to live our dreams, support us and those we love, to spend on the things we like, and live stress free + the way we choose
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When we’re truly honest, all of our problems in life are either (1) people problems (2) money problems (3) getting shit done problems OR (4) having the right mentality problems.

Regardless of what you think about Tony Robbins, he is today’s powerhouse of personal growth and self development STILL.

Perfectly qualified to teach us how to solve these problems in our lives, so we’re going to look into 5 of his most famous quotes, and how to implement them based on his advice.

“There is no such thing as failure – there are only results.”

tony robbins quotes
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Words have power and sometimes when you change the word you use, you change your mindset completely.

Tony says that failure doesnt exist – this implies that you know you deserve what you want, and you’re not going to become disheartened once it doesn’t work a few times.

Failure means not yet (say some) and I agree.

It means you need to regroup, rethink, and replan – then try again.

If you create a solid master plan, failure should be a minimum in most things you go after. Learn how to create a bulletproof master plan here to minimize the times you have to “try again”.

The fact is, failure is not a life sentence, or a sentence for you at all. It has no meaning other than “these are the results you got from doing what you did”.

Success, much like baking bread, is a pile of variables that combine to make a result.

The result might be a dry brick that nobody wants to eat, or it could be the tastiest world class loaf you’ve ever seen.

Either way, when the bread comes out of the oven different than how we intended, none of us think “I’m a failure at making bread. There’s nothing here for me.”

That would be insane.

We would naturally go to the recipe and think “There’s something out-of-whack about these ingredients, something needs to change.”

The same can be said for everything in life.

We all have desire for achievement of some kind:

  • You might want to start a huge community centered around something
  • Become masterful at a musical instrument
  • Start an online business
  • Make more money in general
  • Climb the career ladder at your job

Whatever you desire, there is a certain combination of variables (buttons that can be pushed) that will produce those results for you.

When “failure happens” you want to push different buttons, and combine the variables differently.

It helps to keep a journal. So that you can see the results and your progress right in front of you.

Even better is to have several experiments going on to get these results you desire simultaneously.

Either way, leaving the process of attaining your goals up to chance is not something I recommend.

What we could use more of is a foolproof plan that is

  • Results oriented (rather than just being busy all the time)
  • Sets us up for success to achieve goals that are truly meaningful and important to us
  • Instills a sense of purpose, passion and vision to our everyday activities
  • And also helps us to explode our own productivity levels so we can take the massive action required to get amazing results.

Definitely one of my favorite Tony Robin’s quotes – below you can find out a bit more about his program that I feel fits this section best.

Tony Robbin’s best program for this is called Personal Power.


“The path to success is to take MASSIVE determined action!”

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Keeping with the idea of combining the right amount of the right kind of ingredients to achieve what we want, one of those ingredients will definitely be action.

In order to have what we want, we need to go get it.

Pretty simple.

But we can easily misjudge

  • how much action to take,
  • which action to take,
  • and how much intensity to put behind that action.

Personally, in coaching friends and family, or even people like you who read the blog and get in contact with me, I’m always surprised at how flimsy people can be with the action they take.

The conversation goes something like this:

  • “I need help with my goals”
  • “What have you done so far”
  • “This…”
  • Me, now not surprised at all that things aren’t working out for them.

There’s a time and place for everything, and when it comes to reaching goals that really mean something to you, I prefer to see it like someone is trying to keep that goal from me.

Almost like I’m a knight and my results are locked in a cave somewhere, guarded by a dragon that needs to be slain.

You need to go get that thing, not skip to it with a hand basket humming “tra-la-la-la-la”

When you get serious about creating a concrete master plan for getting results that you are certain you want, don’t be afraid to explode towards them.

If you want help visualizing how intense you should be, think about the world onslaught.

The world out there has your results.

Completely overwhelm everything and everyone so that they have no idea what hit them and they just hand those results over to you.

Game over.

Tony Robbin’s 5 start course for MASSIVE action and results is called Time of your life.


“People who succeed focus on what they’ll feel like in the end.”


I feel quite safe saying that there is nothing in your life that will allow you to escape (1) seriously arduous work, (2) ridicule/criticism from naysayers, and the (3) conditioning of your own mind.

The problem here, is that the last one (your own mind) is really the only part of this process (we call personal success) that we have any control over.

There’s a verse in Bhagavad Gita (that I should remember) that talks about how the mind is either the friend or the foe of the living entity.

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What we’re talking about here though, is not so much about being positive or negative.

It’s more about conditioning yourself such that your mind is a friend on your journey to more and more personal success.

In order to do this you can take advantage of a few mind hacks that will give you leg up in the world on those who obey the commands of their minds as they travel through life.

I’ll explain a few that I use below.

Future Discounting

When you know you need to hit the gym, don’t think about how painful the drive is, and how much you hate lifting weights. Think about how amazing it will feel for you to be whistled at on the street, or given more attention when people see your smokin’ hot bod.

Also, how good you’ll feel and more energy…of course. 🙂

Subconscious Reprogramming

As children our psyche is weak and receptive. We experience live in full receiving mode meaning we are gathering beliefs about ourselves and our environment that will become firm as time goes on.

These beliefs unconsciously dictate our actions as adults.

When I was young, I constantly battled feelings of inadequacy and not being able to feel the love others were showing me, even though they were obviously displaying their affection for me.

Everytime my mother would try to give me motherly love, I would unconsciously reject it, and the same goes for the platonic love from my “friends” and so on…

Later on in life, I realized that was due to my father abandoning me as a young boy.

I wasn’t just me telling myself that I was somehow to blame for my parents getting divorced – my father would constantly say he was coming to pick me up and spend time with me, only to make some excuse about why he couldn’t make it that weekend.

This caused a huge divide between him and my mother, and to this day I’ve probably only seen my biological father maybe 10 times.

For so long in my life, I would reject love and affection coming from everyone.

  • strangers showing me random acts of kindness
  • adults in my close family
  • mentors trying to show me the ropes
  • friends and even girlfriends I had.

All this because I had a “below the surface” belief that I was unworthy of love, and it caused me to reject the love that was clearly present in my life.

The point I’m making, is that your sub-surface programming (in your unconscious and subconscious minds) have a HUGE influence over your life.

You won’t have full control over your experience until you decide to take back control over the story playing out in your reality, and the most powerful way to do so, is to actively influence your subconscious mind.

When you do this, your beliefs about yourself and whats possible for you in life will change.

Then your behaviors and actions will change, which in turn, will change your entire life. Very real I promise.

If you want to know more about this, you can read through this HUGE database on subconscious reprogramming, and they even have a free one you can download to test things out! Highly recommended.

Don’t rely on the subconscious programming we got as children to set you up for success as an adult. Take back control of your automatic feelings and thoughts each day by injecting yourself with programming of your design.

Rewire/Refocus your pain and pleasure

Stop focusing on the pain that accompanies the journey, and start focusing on the feeling of your eventual triumph, and the personal growth and expansion you will achieve.

The simplest way I know of for accomplishing this is to describe the person you want to be, and work on being that.

I’m not telling you to fake it until you make it.

I’m saying you should you should learn to think, feel and behave how you know you would if you currently had the result you want.

  • What is your goal?
  • What dream do you want to accomplish?
  • Visualize in your mind how you would act and behave if you had it right now.
  • Start doing, feeling and thinking that way now.

This is partly a law of attraction-y type deal and partly a psychological deal.

When you rewire how you think and feel about yourself, paired with the actions you take, your whole life starts to fall in line with that.

If you decided you wanted to be president the change would look like this:

  • start wearing a suit every day
  • get serious about learning everything a politician needs to know
  • take debate classes
  • learn about politics in america and everywhere else in the world
  • study former and current presidential candidates and see what their lives have been like, then model that life as much as possible.
  • get a political or government internship
  • set goals that move you toward being taken seriously as a presidential candidate

Notice I didn’t tell you to sit on youtube all day and repeat your “I’ll be president someday” affirmations.

What I’m suggesting is that you take your future identity and embody as much of it now as you can.

This also rewires your pleasure and pain, because the more you identify with the future, the more you give up anything in the present that keeps you from that future.

Sit down with pen and paper > write your goal or dream down > describe everything about yourself, seeing yourself as a person who’s accomplished this dream or goal…What are you like? What is life like

  • Make a note of what behaviors got you there
  • Make sure to write down what behaviors, thoughts and feelings will keep you from getting there.

After that, it’s a matter of moving forward and leaving the old behind.

Suck it up regardless

I’m not saying this to you, but maybe you’re bold enough to say it to yourself. “Stop being a wimp.”

I literally talk to myself this way, which might be a bit harsh, but it works for me.

In all seriousness – you are a human being of splendiferous intrinsic value.

You don’t always have to “feel like it” to do it. That’s not a rule, so forget it, and move towards your dreams and desires anyway!

Sometimes it helps to remind yourself – “God, this is so pathetic. I’ve allowed myself to get trapped in this stupid mental hole, when I can literally just go do the damned thing and be done with it.”

Mental traps get the best of us – get better at noticing when you’re in one and press on!

“You either master money or…”


I don’t really need to say it, but I will anyway just to be thorough.

We all know money isn’t an ultimate means to happiness.

But if you and I are truly honest, we can admit that worrying about money constantly is a good way to purchase unhappiness.

You need to have enough money. Not rich, not even wealthy, but enough.

Enough money means: you can consistently keep yourself out of survival mode and live like a human being, rather than an animal who’s just “trying to get theirs”.

Whatever that number is for you, YOU are the one responsible for getting it…Last time I checked, people aren’t tossing it out of planes.

I need to get my money and so do you. Period.

If you are not serious about mastering your money

  • then you’re gonna be the one stressed each month about bills,
  • telling your kids to not go crazy in the  store,
  • buying the lesser quality food for yourself and those you care about because it’s cheaper,
  • and being put in positions where you are sacrificing the high standard life you deserve and desire…

To be frank with you, money should not make us it’s bitch. Ideally, you want your own under control.

The first thing you wanna do is get a few things straight in your head.

  • Design your very own ideal life, with no rules and no restrictions.
  • Then design that same life based on what you think is practical for the near future (you might be quite imaginative).
  • Make sure to include everything that costs money and how much money it will costs.
  • Write down all the restaurants you’ll go to, the vacations you’ll take.
  • Describe your ideal life, and figure how much it costs. Include your utilities and all that.

This is the amount of money you need to make.

NEXT: Figure out how you would like to make this extra money.

  1. Is there something that is already interesting to you? Do you know you like real estate and wanna try flipping houses on the side?
  2. Are you planning on starting your own online business based on a lucrative side hustle idea you’ve got?
  3. Are you going for something more old fashioned? Maybe you set up your own consulting business and have an office.
  4. Are you going to take a marketable skill you have and do it freelance style? (Can be super lucrative. I know freelancers who are millionaires)

Whatever you do, make sure:

  • You do tons of research, don’t start something huge with no guidance
  • Make sure you actually wanna do it, don’t invest time on a whim or some flimsy desire.
  • Make sure you look online and talk to people…Do you fully understand what’s even possible in the world of money anymore? There’s a guy making a six-figure income blogging wild edible herbs in your backyard…
  • Invest in a serious primer money making course from a reputable source.

There is a tremendous amount of opportunity out there for you to make extra income, and to be honest, if you already have a job that pays you some, you probably don’t need that much extra to live comfortably.

The bullet points you wanna remember here are:

  1. Ideally you will enjoy doing it
  2. Ideally you will have learned from someone super qualified
  3. And, ideally, it will be a passion of yours, and a constant source of excitement, not just money

It’s easy to wake up on the weekends and work on getting your money right.

But in order to do this, you need to truly dig deep and discover what you’re all about.

Tony Robbins has a program specifically designed for people who already own businesses AND for those who want to get their foot in the door of the world of online money making.

It’s called Money Masters because you learn from internet millionaires who came from zero and made it all the way to successful and authentic online incomes.

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“Remember: we all get what we tolerate…”

“Remember: we all get what we tolerate. So stop tolerating excuses within yourself, limiting beliefs of the past, or half-assed or fearful states.”

There really does come a time when you decide to stop bullshitting yourself. Keeping your promises to yourself produces faith in your ability and self worth.

Your self esteem suffers when you cannot follow through on what you want.

tony robbins quotes
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How many times have you told yourself

“I already slipped up today, but tomorrow will really be the day I get serious about this.”

We could throw out a million quotes about why that’s some serious bullshit and you know it.

Keeping with this wonderful Tony Robbins theme we’ve got here, “we need to turn our shoulds into musts”.

  • “I should work out today”
  • “I really should work on my side hustle this weekend”
  • “I really should go patch things up with my father/mother”
  • “I really should stop buying this damned gas station food”

No! You MUST.

  • You must because you’ve been doing it this way and it’s no longer satisfying
  • You must because it’s time for you to grow into something better
  • You must because it’s time for you to capitalize on an opportunity

If you cannot even trust yourself, what kind of life are you really living?

The life you desire is within reach, all that’s required is your time, effort, and effective strategy married to some explosive action…

My favorite Tony Robbins Programs

Just in case you were wondering, these are my favorite programs from Tony Robbins that will literally turn you into a human who’s fully prepared to conquer your life.

I just want you to know that every link below is an affiliate link. Being an affiliate means I work with Tony Robbins to sell his courses and earn a commission from those sales. I promise I’m not a scumbag who just wants your money – and I am 100% certain that anyone who purchases one of his programs and takes it seriously will experience a new sense of freedom and posibility in their life. If you need help choosing one, let me know in the comments. 🙂

On average, people who take Tony’s courses see incredible change in their lives in just one year…which means you end up investing about 68 cents per day for one of his programs.

When I saw that I said – “I’m in…”

Ideal Program


Personal Power

Discover your individual power (that we all possess) and unleash it to create unstoppable confidence and live life on your terms.


668 theedge

The Edge

  • overcome limiting beliefs
  • live with passion and energy
  • expand your career exponentially

Time of your Life

Your personal plan for vanquishing stress, conditioning your mind permanently for success, and creating a life plan to always know what needs to get done and what can wait. How to focus on the important to get more done.

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Time of your Life Planner

3 Steps to taking control of your life. Find purpose, get rid of stress, and turning more work into less – but more effective action!

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Money Masters

” Learn from the world’s leading Internet marketers — “money masters” who started with nothing, and who are now multi-millionaires. “

676 financialfreedom

Financial Freedom/Wealth You deserve

Financial Freedom: 3 Steps to Creating & Enjoying the Wealth You Deserve

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