March 12, 2022

Are Blogging Courses Worth It? Invest your Money Wisely

are blogging courses worth it

Are there any blogging courses that are actually worth it? Is blogging even profitable anymore? First, let me apologize… I’m sorry that you got curious about blogging…I’m sorry that you did that google search about blogging… I also apologize that you found nothing but results that A) sounded like over exaggerated get rich quick schemes […]

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February 25, 2022

New Years Resolutions: How to Make Sure you Succeed in January

New years resolutions

New year’s resolutions don’t work – said every personal development guru trying to have edgy, different marketing that stands out from the crowd. Is that actually true though? Nobody has ever made a new years resolution that worked out in the end? I highly doubt that. New year’s goals don’t work for most because the […]

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