50  Questions That Guide You To A Clear And Inspiring New Direction In Life

A simple exercise for discovering your purpose in life and combining it practically with your talents and skills to create growth and satisfaction.

Personal Development, Self Help, Self Improvement, Personal Growth all mean the same thing.


  • People who learn constantly, have a can do attitude and believe in their ability to improve, ALWAYS make more money. It's just how it works.
  • Self improvement helps you understand yourself, the world, and reality better...this, in turn, increases the depth and quality of your relationships.
  • Let's face it, we feel like crap when we want things but don't go after them. We learn not to trust ourselves when we set a goal but don't achieve it. Personal development is the cure for low self esteem.
  • Ever heard of self actualization? It's the pinnacle of reaching your full potential and leaving your mark on history. Self improvement gives you the power to show the world how great you are.
  • A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that personal development activities are associated with wage growth. The guy at work you hate (who's always winning) is probably keeping the self improvement secret from you!
  • It makes you better all around. You get recognition from your peers and the prestige and perks that come along with it.
  • You become powerful. Constant improvement on every aspect of your life and personality will make you a power house in negotiation, and persuasive in regular interactions with other people. People who take self improvement seriously see their skills making life a WHOLE lot easier. Think swimming rather than climbing.
  • No more setting goals and not achieving them. Wake up in the morning and get it done. A life of constant improvement becomes a habit and, then, a skill you carry with you everywhere.
  • You can take care of yourself better. When stuff breaks, you can afford to fix it, when you need a favor, you have connections...Life opens up to you because of the better version you've become.
  • Ever feel like life can break you anytime it wants? Self improvement builds resilience. Surviving and thriving during times of struggle is a muscle. This makes you strong.
  • Life in many ways is "dog eat dog". Nobody is as concerned about you having "enough" as you are. Nobody is out there eager to pay your bills and take care of you. That level of fierce competition can be handled with the right personal development plan.
  • Don't you feel obligated to provide for certain people? Family, friends, children, pets, community?...There are people you care about who need your help, and you're bringing the third string team right now...Bring the FIRST STRING TEAM.
  • Approval. Not something any of us wanna admit but: life is easier when people like you, and great people only like other great people.
  • Old people problems (memory loss, neurological issues that come with old age) are mitigated. Research shows that continuous learning enhances cognitive function and emotional well-being.
  • You get to see how fun life is when you're at your best. How can you achieve your fullest potential and be everything you could possibly be if you are constantly growing? Growing on purpose is better than on accident.
  • Deciding to live this kind of life often leads to us discovering our deepest passions and then being able to include those in our daily experiences. It's a deep rich experience to know what you love.
  • Autonomy. This one is simple. You begin to feel more independent and less helpless.
  • Don't you want to be good at stuff? Wouldn't it be great if EVERYONE knew you were the best at "this thing". Self improvement helps you build and achieve mastery - possibly in several areas.
  • Everyone has their own ideas about purpose in life. I think it's not only our job to find a spot and fill it, but its a healthier and better way to live.
  • You become more creative. Even people who never thought they were, or even wanted to be creative find themselves having an eye for making cool stuff.
  • Everyone thinks they knew who they are. Why, then, do some of the wisest people tell us that knowing ourselves is a life long journey? If you haven't started, you'll never get there. What is life like when you don't even understand the person living it?
  • Your health increases when you make healthy changes to improve it.
  • Having a metaphysical element to your life makes it a lot easier to live. Self improvement often comes with some form of metaphysical way of attracting or manifesting desirable experiences into our lives. It's not magic, but it starts to feel that way.
  • You can give money to the homeless, veterans, the church or temple, the animal shelter, or just provide healthier food and experiences for your family. People who can't take care of themselves will benefit from you taking on this lifestyle.
  • It brings more adventure into life, and adventure is fun!
  • Legacy. People will remember you when you're gone. It's a form of immortality (kind of).
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This is what I do. Mastery of life through the power of personal development. 

I'm an Achology Certified Life Coach (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology). I've been helping people reach their self improvement goals since 2017 because I know how valuable the transformation is. The price is effort + sincerity, and the reward is freedom

You do the math.

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