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Imagine what life could be like if you knew exactly what you wanted from it. This exercise is used by Life Coaches everywhere to help struggling clients find new direction in life.

50 questions that will guide you through a process of knowing yourself on a deeper level, so you can experience clarity about the new path you'll take in life.

Doesn't it suck to feel stuck and confused? Find out your "personal niche" the spot you can fill in life better than anyone else, based on your skills, experiences and inner fire.

After you're finished, you'll be reading to create your own Life Plan, and I'll show you how to do that too! Then it's a matter of setting your goals and barrelling toward them!


My best posts on what I call The 3 Pillars - the three most important focal points in life that (when honed and mastered) radically transform who you are as a person and empower you to reach your maximum potential. Basically, be badass and awesome.

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