Privacy Policy

A few notes about privacy on THELIFESYNTHESIS:

The owner of THELIFESYNTHESIS does not share any of your information with third parties, or even with other members/authors of the blog. That is absolutely out of the question and compromises the integrity of the information and the blog. That’s a promise.

We do not store information that we collect from users other than to gain insight into our users themselves. Which means TLS may observe how many visitors a blog post gets in order to facilitate further popular content that our users enjoy. Analyzation of user information is strictly for content performance.This is done through the use of cookies which are able to be turned off by users at any time by changing their internet browser’s settings.


THELIFESYNTHESIS is in no way responsible for the publishing of content on this blog to other sites unless expressly stated. We are not responsible for this unless our permission was granted to that organization. This privacy policy can and will be changed without notice in accordance with legal requirements, and may be done without notice to users.