13 Ways To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind For Confidence

How can we reprogram the subconscious mind for confidence?

There are so many different tips and tricks on how to build confidence, but they don’t always work and somehow leave us wondering if better results can be had.

The subconscious mind is a powerful tool we have that controls our lives underneath the surface.

  1. 40% of the actions we take each day are habits we have formed in the past.
  2. 95% of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs are subconscious

This means, that our subconscious mind is controlling most of our reality and our life is on automatic most of the time!

So it begs the question, are we being sabotaged by by it? If we never actively tried to control the program before it started, what went in there?

Was it good or bad?

Was it what we wanted or just random things?

Your subconscious mind is an efficient tool that eliminates the need to do everything consciously every day (which would require a serious amount of resources).

When life is on automatic, life becomes easier.

Think about how difficult it can be to form a new habit, or break an old one.

Now think about how easy it is when trying to do something that’s already habitual for you. This is what I’m talking about.

Your subconscious mind is in charge of

  • taking the rules created in the conscious mind,
  • and making them laws, to be repeated until those laws are changed.

We are completely in control of this process.

>>> Or Are We? <<<

The subconscious mind is programmed to completion before our childhood is even over, and most of that programming (the laws that dictate the life we experience) was given to us by our parents, school teachers, television and so on.

Take the quiz to find out if your childhood is affecting you!

Secret Tip

Jim Lute’s tells a story about how he changed a salesman’s life we, together, they uncovered that he had troubles making sales do to subconscious programming he got from his mother as a child. “Don’t talk to strangers, it’s dangerous”.

This automatic system we have called the subconscious mind, can make or break us, and I suggest you use it as a tool, rather than a chain that keeps you from experiencing the free life you desire!

Programs we get as kids that ruin us.

  • Being compared to other children / siblings
  • Nonsense responses like “I’m in charge” “I’m the parent” or “Because I said so!”
  • “You kids have it so easy”
  • Not giving kids privacy
  • Doing everything for them and not allowing them to overcome challenges
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual Abuse etc…

The final point I have to make, is that you and I are programmed through authority figure, repetition and trauma.

Things like repeated instructions, abuse, and the beliefs of the “grown ups” all play a part in shaping our subconscious mind.

They may not have been so accurate, because our parents are not geniuses and they’re not perfect (even though we love them).

That being said, even if the programming they gave us was relevant back then, it might not be now.

If you plan on getting started reprogramming yourself to adopt the life vision that’s you’re in control of, I recommend doing it in the following ways.

reprogram the subconscious mind for confidence
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How to Reprogram your Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious mind is programmed during our childhood when we are most receptive to instruction and suggestion.

The subconscious mind is programmed through

  • authority figure
  • trauma
  • repetition

When you constantly hear your favorite motivational speaker (or your parents as kids) say something, you accept it, and then it becomes a belief.

That belief sinks into your lower mind and becomes a law of your own subjective universe, and all the parts of your human complex (mind / body / intelligence) will cause you to experience the world such that those subconscious beliefs are validated.

You cannot really be your own authority figure, but you can choose others who hold a vision of reality that you desire to experience, and adopt their information and beliefs (at your own risk).

But my favorite method (one that gives us the most control) is to do the programming myself through repetition.

One way to do this is by using affirmations, however, I have found that subliminal tracks work better, as well as complimenting whatever method that’s used.

The way you will use subliminal tracks

  1. Find someone who produces this tracks. Like Real Subliminal
  2. Find a product that fits the change you desire
  3. Listen to those tracks for an entire month (or as long as you want)
  4. Make sure you listen to them 30 mins before bed while you’re falling asleep
  5. Also listen to them 30 mins after waking, as these are the times when your subconscious mind is most receptive.

1. Boost Your Self Esteem

Do you think respect for others is important?

You probably said yes, but when it comes to extending that same respect to ourselves, we may be falling short.

Self esteem is, essentially, respect for yourself. It means have certain ideas about your intrinsic worth and abilities.

The fact of the matter is, our abilities can grow, in fact, they do grow as we grow as people.

If you place a certain amount of value on yourself due to external reasons, you might have low self esteem, and thought there are many remedies out there for low self esteem, I know that subconscious reprogramming is certainly one of them.

Low self-esteem can cause

  1. Avoiding social situations and affect your social life in general
  2. Lack of social skills and self confidence. Depression and/or bouts of sadness
  3. Eating disorders
  4. Inability to accept compliments
  5. An inability to accurate assess yourself and judge yourself fairly
  6. Over emphasis on the negative in life
  7. Too much concern with what others think
  8. Self neglect and not giving yourself the attention you require
  9. An addiction to your comfort zone and aversion to personal growth
  10. Expecting little from yourself and life in general

Taking care of yourself esteem is the first step to building serious confidence. Reprogram your subconscious mind for increased self esteem here.

2. Find your Extroverted Personality

Extraversion is both personality type, as well as a particular way our brains are wired.

So you might be an introverted personality, but from a physiological perspective, extraversion is need to pursue more stimuli from our environment.

Regardless, practicing and embodying extraverted qualities can help increase your confidence, especially when you can call on them whenever they are needed.

You don’t really need to change yourself as much as you are increasing the amount of extraversion you can handle, and using that tool whenever it’s lucrative for you.

Benefits of Extraversion

  1. Easily speak your mind and offer value to conversations
  2. Increase social capital and thrive in the company of others
  3. Be seen as really fun to be around
  4. People will notice your energy and passion
  5. Capacity to assert oneself more often

Using your new extraverted toolkit, you will interact with people more, assert yourself more, get more feedback from your environment, grow faster, seize more opportunities, face more of your fears, and become more confident.

3. Stop Caring What Others Think

Placing too much emphasis on what others think means we judge our worth and ability on the validation we receive from our environment.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life!

Steve Jobs

reprogram the subconscious mind for confidence

There are a few problems with this

  1. Your environments priority is not to give you validation, even if you deserve it
  2. Living your life based on the opinions of other needs to be balanced with your intuitive signals and what’s good for you
  3. What if your environment constantly gives you negative feedback? Do you hate yourself?
  4. What if your environment’s feedback is inaccurate? Are you permanently invalidated?

The unfortunate fact, that I’m in no way ashamed to tell you, is that most people have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about…

Every matrix (set of data) has half of that data at 50% and below.

This means that in all set’s of data, half that data is at average and below average.

It’s a nice little laugh.

reprogram the subconscious mind for confidence

Ignore most people. Most people don’t know what they’re talking about.

Tai Lopez

  1. Unqualified
  2. Broke
  3. Miserable
  4. Not well read

Human being’s are subject to the four defects of human life:

  1. The propensity to cheat others
  2. Confusion
  3. The capacity and tendency toward making mistakes
  4. And imperfect senses.

We are also plagued by

  1. Lack of critical thinking skills
  2. Cognitive biases
  3. & logical fallacies
reprogram the subconscious mind for confidence

What does all this mean?

Number one:

only trust the opinions of qualified people, and even then, only their opinions about what they’re qualified in.

Number two: no wise, mature, aged to perfection, enlightened, worth a damn person will ever shit on you or make you feel like your less than who you really are. Unless they missed their coffee this morning.

Number three: even if someone tells you something about yourself that might be true to some extent, you still have the capacity to grow into whatever you choose to grow into. Instead of sulking and feeling sorry for yourself, embrace your power to make a choice and take action.

Number four: Just because others place limitations on themselves, doesn’t mean you need to adopt those limitations. That’s what they’ve chosen to believe. They’re living a life based on that rule. You live your life based on your own rules.

Head on over to RealSubliminal and let them show you how to stop caring what others think so much.

4. Eliminate Self Sabotage

Sabotage: deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage.

Self-sabotaging behaviors are one’s that get in the way of us achieving a state of satisfaction in our lives, or interfere with our life goals.

These are generally things you would label “bad habits”.

  1. Comparing yourself to others
  2. Failing to take risk that you know might benefit you
  3. Procrastination
  4. Giving in to laziness
  5. Being controlled by abnormal fears & phobias
  6. Avoiding situations because of low self esteem

Eliminate self sabotaging behaviors here.

5. Destroy The Fear of Rejection

Suffering from the fear of rejection can be one of the greatest blows to your confidence, and the saddest ailment to have if you think about it.

The thought that “they might not accept me for who I am” causes tremendous anxiety and the need to perform according to our self-imposed idea of what others’ standards are.

If you really think about it, we have no idea what other peoples standards are.

What we’re really doing is taking a construct or belief that we have about what we “should” be and projecting that on to others while telling ourselves that “This is who they deem acceptable, so that’s what I have to be to be accepted. Since I’m not that, they won’t accept me”


It’s nothing but a screwed up Dr. Seuss story in our minds that’s making you and I miserable.

You can be a perfectly decent human being without being that hard on yourself.

Judge yourself as intrinsically valuable just being who you are, but understand that your life is about growing into all that you can be.

Decide to, and commit to that growth, and then the fear of rejection will no longer chain you.

That being said, you might need some help, so pick up an mp3 you can listen to before bed and upon waking that will train your subconscious mind to stop causing you to fear being rejected by others.

6. Become More Adventurous

reprogram the subconscious mind for confidence

Most of us live in a shell.

Well all of us live in a shell, if we’re truly honest, but some of us have benefited from the habit of moving away from our comfort zone.

A tiny circle exists in the ether around each one of us (not really, just for sake of imagination)

and that circle represents the known.

  1. It’s what we know
  2. It keeps us comfortable
  3. It gives us a sense of control over our lives and our environment
  4. We know what results we’ll get from it, even if they’re undesirable

When we’re enslaved by this circle (or sphere rather) we stay within its walls and never leave the safety of the city.

The problem with that, is that (even though real danger does exist in the world) what’s out there that’s gonna eat you…honestly?

Being more adventurous will show you more about the world you live in it’s dangers, it’s beauty.

You’ll get to know more people and see their flaws and strengths.

You know more about yourself and your environment and become more confident in general.

Just imagine a person who’s seen a lot in their life. How do they act? Confident, calm and collected.

Learn how to be more adventurous with one of these.

7. Develop Your Charisma

reprogram the subconscious mind for confidence

Charisma gives you a whole range of superpowers that make life more easier and more exiting.

  • It gives you the power to persuade others
  • You become seriously fascinating without effort
  • Develop presence
  • People feel a different kind of respect for you than one earned through actions
  • You become more attractive
  • You’re self confidence snowballs and goes through the roof
  • You feel a sense of support from your environment because everyone loves someone with genuine charisma

Some people falsely equate charisma with narcissism, and although narcissists might have natural charisma, it will be superficial and shallow.

Here are some qualities you will have that will separate you from being a scumbag who has the charm but none of the substance:

  • You will live a naturally joyful life and it will show
  • You will know your worth
  • Have faith in your abilities
  • Appear strong, be strong, and be the strength others can lean on
  • You will be empathic and source of confidence for others.

Learn how to develop charisma while you sleep here.

8. Learn to Say “No!”

The art of saying no is really the art of prioritizing.

There are a few things we need to understand:

  • There are a million options for us each day
  • Some of those are good, some bad, and some excellent.

You have this single life (whether reincarnation is a thing or not) to live as richly as possible. It’s your job to make sure you do so.

The issue with saying no is

  1. We don’t want to disappoint others
  2. We want to be there for others
  3. We don’t want others to think we don’t like them
  4. We’re generally weak minded

But the reality is, you are on this earth and your time is just as valuable as anyone else’s time. Your life is as precious as anyone else’s. It’s your responsibility to prioritize the moves you make every single day to get you the results you want in life.

Consequences of not prioritizing:

  • Wasted time & energy
  • You become a “people pleaser” which is not far from being a pushover
  • You train yourself to feel like other people’s desires are more important
  • You build stress and unreasonable expectations for yourself
  • You actually become less productive and look worse

In order to do that, you will need to start saying no more. Actually, most of the time. If we’re truely honest, almost nothing is worth our time. Most of the world is offering you garbage.

Your job is to sift through the nonsense and choose the most superb options to spend your time, give your energy to, and focus your mind on.

How is this done?

  1. Create a life map in your mind, know where your life is going
  2. Break that vision into smaller steps that serve as landmarks to follow
  3. Eventually, get an idea for your yearly progress, monthly achievements and daily to do lists.
  4. The most important thing to accomplish your daily to do list, do them first
  5. Then do the rest of the stuff that is gonna get you your results
  6. Then with the 20% of your time that is left, you can serve others.

When attempting this, you may start to feel bad, because you’re not “serving others” and serving others and helping, and being selfless is important right?


Knowing where you are going in life and how you’re getting there makes every step you take more certain than the last.

Also, standing up for yourself by 

  1. Valuing your time
  2. not apologizing so much
  3. not worrying about what everyone thinks

will be a huge boost to your confidence. After you do so, the world will still be spinning.

Plus, this type of mindset bring extraordinary results into your life, as you are being more productive in general. Which will also boost your confidence.

Right. And wrong, especially in this circumstance.

What if a mother lived only to serve their family and they gave nothing in return?

How would you feel about her?

The rest of the world has its own agenda. You be worried about yours most of the time, and in your spare time, you can help others with theirs.

Make sure you get serious about training your subconscious mind to say no guilt free and prioritize here.

9. Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Building your confidence to the point where you are no longer afraid of failure is essential to making any kind of serious progress in life.

When we fear failure, we fear the natural process that accompanies growth.

You might think to yourself

  1. What if they laugh at me
  2. If i can’t do it perfect the first time i won’t do it at all
  3. If i fail, that says something about my value and worth
  4. If it doesn’t work this time, the first time, it will never work

The fact is, failure doesn’t mean anything other than you have not yet combined the right variables to produce the result you desire.

All goals or dreams are results we want. And just like in baking (a hobby of mine) if you combine the variables right, everyone swoons over your amazing miracle bread.

But if you combine the variables wrong, you have a nasty dense brick that nobody likes.

IF you messed up the bread one time, you wouldn’t say, “It’s impossible for me to make bread. It cannot be done!”

No, you would naturally think…there must be something wrong with this recipe.

Think of life as the giver of gifts and dreams. Life is a person, an this person wants you to follow the right recipe.

Making sure you get serious about programming your subconscious mind is a good way to ensure that anything from childhood doesn’t creep up and sabotage you while you’re making this transformation.

10. Overcome Life-killing Shyness

Excessive shyness is caused by stress and fear.

Problems with being too shy are:

  • Phone calls are awkward
  • Going to the bathroom alone is awkward
  • You were introduced to someone you don’t know and your friend had to take a private phone call
  • It’s difficult to show up and be you, as glorious as you can be

Being shy can make social interactions awkward, putting yourself out there impossible, and awkward situations deadly.

In order to bolster your confidence, you’re gonna need to take care of your habit of being shy by reprogramming your subconscious mind to embody more confident qualities in situations like that.

11. Develop Public Speaking Confidence

At one point, people feared speaking in public more so than even death.

But speaking in public is a good way to get support from those who think similarly, introduce your wonderful ideas to those who’ve not been exposed to them yet, and show listeners how confident you are just being yourself and thinking what you think.

Most of us are terrified at the idea of speaking on stage or giving presentations, so if you can even fake something like that people will look at you and say “Wow, I could never do that”.

reprogram the subconscious mind for confidence

Not only will the confidence boost show up in you, but in others as well.

You will also notice that all the abnormal fears that creep up, like them all laughing at you because you forgot your clothes, and the audience throwing tomatoes at you never happen.

In fact, what you will get with a well prepared presentation is a round of applause and the respect of your peers.

Just don’t get boo’ed at the Apollo.

12. Stop Being Embarrassed

Being embarrassed is fine, but being overly embarrassed all the time is a problem.

People make mistakes, and the sooner you acknowledge that, you can rid yourself of this impossible standard that you need to live up to.

Other people know we make mistakes as well, so stumbling over a word or feeling out of place for some other silly reason has no place in your life.

Think about how embarrassed you might feel to trip in public. You care, but nobody else does.

reprogram the subconscious mind for confidence

Know what everyone else thinks when they see you trip?

They laugh…once, and then forget you for the rest of their lives, because humans are inherently self focused and they’ve got more important things to do then worry about you and the rogue sniper who got your ankle.

If feeling embarassed all the time is causing your life to stall and stagnate, and you desire to be free of it once and for all, download this track from RealSubliminal, where they show you how to reprogram your subconscious mind to be rid of that forever.

13. Increase your Self Confidence in General

Once, I heard a swami say “Suspicion leads to suspension.”

When you lack self confidence you are suspicious constantly: of your environment, yourself, others, and the world in general.

This is a disease in your life that needs to be (not cured) destroyed. When you’re not confident the quality of your life decreases and you LITERALLY cannot move.

So if even the slightest inch forward causes fear in you, check out this album I just found from RealSubliminal.

It’s all about self confidence, and if you follow the instructions atop this post, you will see huge results in your life when it comes to moving forward with confidence and not feeling chained and anxious anymore.

Benefits of Self Confidence

  1. Increased performance
  2. Life happiness
  3. Ease and calm in social environments
  4. Increased health
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