March 11, 2019

Decluttering Your Life: 5 habits That Make You Cling

decluttering your life

Decluttering your life is almost like ripping a scab of slowly, while you’re drinking a green smoothie.

(1) There’s a bunch of pain in the beginning, but afterward, (2) you feel a lot better for not eating a cheeseburger while you were doing it.

Life refuses to give us new stuff without us getting rid of the old stuff. It’s almost like an unwritten rule. You know, like fibonacci, or 80/20 rule? It just works that way every time.


1. Decluttering our Childhood programming

2. Decluttering the opinions of others

3. Decluttering our Limiting Beliefs

4. Decluttering our “Busier is better” Mindset

5. How to: Decluttering your life (step-by-step)

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Just like stagnant water, you stop the flow in your life

  • Giving nasty things room to grow in your pool (life)
  • Making a giant non-moving soup of old stuff that no longer serves your current self
  • Feeling like a fish too big for this pond, meant for another, stressed out & confused.
decluttering your life

The best way to start fresh in your life, and invite new changes and results in, is to always be decluttering your life, for things that used to mean something to you, but you’ve NOW outgrown.

The decluttering process needs to be constant. Spending energy on things that no longer suit who you are does nothing but hold you back, cause you to miss opportunities to move onto better things, and let others speed past you in the game of life.

Get rid of this junk you don’t need anymore to make room for better stuff in your life!

1. Not Questioning Childhood Programming

Our thoughts, attitudes, behaviors & beliefs all come from childhood. When we are born, our brains are not fully developed, to the conscious mind is not active enough to think critically as to what comes in and is accepted by our subconscious mind.

All of our associations in life are programming from 0-12 years old. Especially our fears, and determinations as to what is good and bad. The problem is, how many of our parents even know what the subconscious mind is? Now think about how careful they were with giving you the proper programming.

None of our parents were experts. Just take me for example, my mother was 17 years old when I was born. I was an accident, and she was literally making the most of a bad bargain. I love her, but she was a child…raising another child. You can love your parents while recognizing a necessity for some reworking in your adult years.

decluttering your life

Common programming we get that might lead to issues in adulthood.

Don’t talk to strangers: Interacting with people I don’t know is dangerous.

That programming is not meant to last us forever. Regardless of whether or the programming was accurate and relevant to us in our past, our lives are meant to grow with us. We grow as people and experience a desire for more and better as we learn life lessons.

If your programming stays the same, you will continually sabotage yourself and confine your existence to lower levels that no longer suit who you’ve grown into.

The programming we got might not have been accurate! Let’s take my mother again, just as an easy example. How confident would you feel back when you were 17, to raise a child, and prepare that child well for its future?

My mother isn’t  genius, she’s not a psychologist, she’s not an astronaut or someone who bounces particles off one another. She’s not a genie, a swami, and she doesn’t have a degree.

She doesn’t have to be any of those things to be good. We’re not condemning our “programmers” here, were saying…

”Obviously they did the best they could, that’s enough, but I can tweak things to suit me better.”

you & me

Our subconscious programming might have some imperfections in it. Our subconscious programming is an excellent method for decluttering your life and replacing the outdated with the new and more appropriate.

The process of being subconsciously programmed:

  1. Authority figure / Repitition / Trauma
  2. Belief
  3. Habit formation
  4. Confirmation bias
Even if it was accurate, that doesn’t mean it’s accurate now.

2. Caring Too Much About What Others Think

Only qualified opinions matter. Everyone has an opinion on everything, but we don’t always have all the details, and we’re always working against our own bias. The fact is, we’re not very good at judging a thing accurately.

If someone is qualified to help you progress in life, listen to what they say. If not, respect their opinion but don’t take it to heart.

I’m of the opinion that, if you’re not qualified to speak on a certain topic that obviously requires you to be, then there’s really no reason to listen to your opinion on it.

» If you’re not a health expert, don’t sit there and talk to me about how my health is unless you have data to back it up!

» If you’ve never started a successful business, don’t give me business advice.

» If you weigh more than me and sit on your ass all day, don’t give me fitness or exercise advice.

It may sound rude, but there is a huge percentage of the world who is extremely unqualified to have an opinion or speak on most topics, and that number is at least 50% in my opinion.

You make sure YOU’VE got your shit together, and don’t worry about what they think so much.

Rules to remember:
  1. Care about what people think relative to the relationship you’ve got with them.
  2. Understand that you have both intrinsic and extrinsic value. You have control over the extrinsic, you are always growing and dont need to be perfect right now.

3. Befriending Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs inhibit your action. They lead you down a path where your ultimate potential is left unrealized and you live a life that is safer, but smaller than you deserve.

What you desire, has probably been accomplished with less. Not only can your results be had, but they’ve probably been had with less.

People have traveled to live in different countries (Arnold Schwarzenegger), been rejected thousands of times (Colonel Sanders), had no money (J.K. Rowling) and still achieved what they desired all because they believed in themselves, and understand that failure was not a condemnation.

Having faith in formulas is the best way to conquer your limiting beliefs.

decluttering your life

Whether you desire to be

  • rich,
  • famous,
  • expert,
  • world’s strongest human,
  • mystical knowledge through meditation,
  • world’s most beautiful human
  • or to retire to the mountains and forget everything,

… you will be following a formula for success.

What I mean, is that all everything you desire is a result. All results come from a certain combination of the right ingredients (variables) being put together.

decluttering your life

These are the laws of success the rich and famous talk to us about. They are the warp and woof (fabric/foundation) of the cosmos. 

The laws work for everyone, all the time, as long as they’re followed.

You are not so important that the universe is going to give up it’s natural laws and magically not work for you. Follow the formulas for success given by those who've already done it!Click To Tweet

» Find someone qualified to teach you how to get what you want.

» Follow their formula.

» Adjust that formula to your specific circumstance.

» Work at it for the proper amount of time.

» Get your results.

» Simple.

Combine faith that you can grow, with the faith you have in the natural math of life in general (it works a certain way, give it what it wants), and you can really do some unstoppable shit.

4. Trying To Do Everything / Too Much

You lose at life when you try to go after every single opportunity that presents itself. There are a million different things you could spend your time and energy on. Just look at your to-do list for the day. But doing anything and everything is the same as starting off to your destination and taking one step in every direction…You’ll never get there.

You only get serious life results by taking many steps in the same direction.

  1. Decide what you really want out of your life
  2. Make a serious master plan for getting those results
  3. Understand that you cannot do EVERYTHING
  4. Do what’s important (what gets those results you want)
  5. Have the courage to say no to others and their amazing opportunities
decluttering your life
There’s a wrong way, and a right way

Everybody has their own agenda. And everybody thinks you should be doing what they think you should be doing. They say things to you like:

  • “Oh you can spend a little bit of time helping me out…”
  • “After all I’ve done for you…”
  • “It’ll only take a little bit, come on!”

The people in your life might not be evil-doers, but they’re definitely not concerned about what’s good for you 100% of the time.

Take 80% of your time and devote it to YOU and YOUR needs. Give the rest away. When you have “helping and serving others” built into your schedule, it’s easy to say no.

Anybody who’s gonna try and make you feel bad for doing what you think is right for you isn’t worth a single spec of your precious time anyway.

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Pick a direction, and only do what’s important to get there. IF you don’t have a plan for your life, where the hell are you going?

If you’re not actively going anywhere, are you surprised you don’t have what you want in life?

To make a solid life plan, start by having a grand vision and then setting some meaningful goals to reach that vision each day.

5. Admitting Defeat & Allowing Stress

The moment of defeat is when you decide you’re defeated. There’s an appropriate time to quit, but most of us don’t fully understand the process of quitting.


When to quit

Quitting something, means you threw a random experiment out there and it’s just not working. That’s the right way to quit.

Another reason to quit

Another right way to quit, is when you didn’t put the proper planning and preparation into something and you’re forcing a thing that just doesn’t wanna happen.

Bad reasons to quit:

  1. You don’t think you have what it takes
  2. You waited a few days and got no results
  3. Someone told you to quit because you’d never make it
  4. You believed someone when they said it was a waste of your time

Before you do anything in life, you should prepare properly.

  1. Understand that you might not have the skills now. Get them, instead of quitting
  2. Realize that all results require a certain amount of time. That amount of time will not be the same for everything.
  3. People don’t believe in others because they don’t believe in themselves. If you do what’s necessary and follow the rules, you can achieve basically anything.
  4. Make sure the goals you have are meaningful to you. Otherwise, what are you doing them for?


This process is called creating a master plan, and it’s the first step you take after desiring something, and researching how to attain it.

The condition of your mind is under your control. Sages and great yogis understand this too well. It’s a secret they guard closely, and only give out to qualified students.

The condition of your mind is 100% under your control, and it will either be on your team or the opposing team. Your choice.

So when you experience something like stress, it’s not always an option to avoid the thing causing you the stress. We’re adults, sometimes we do shitty stuff that we don’t like to do.

Elevate yourself through the power of your mind, and not degrade yourself, for the mind can be the friend and also the enemy of the self.

BG. ch 6 Verse 5

Take control of your mind, do creative workarounds, and jump through hoops to get your mind back on your side.

  1. Talk to yourself about why you do it, even though it sucks
  2. Compare your life to those who have less
  3. Remind yourself that you are in control of your mind, regardless of the situation
  4. Understand you have the power to work toward results you want, every single moment

Whatever mental hoops you have to jump through to get your mind on your side, do it. Managing stress is seriously important.

Have faith in formulas that to get you where you wanna be! I said this earlier, but you and I can fall into the trap of covert narcissism.

Covert Narcisissm

Basically, we think we are so special, that we see methods working for others, but think we’re the one snowflake in the world who wouldn’t be able to accomplish it using the same method.

You’ve seen this stuff all over the internet. There are qualified people showing others how to get the same results. The world doesn’t have it out for little ol’ you.

So if you have trouble believing in yourself sometimes, remember, success is a formula.

Results come from combinations of variables. Stack the right blocks and you’ll win.

Decluttering Your Life: The Process

1. USE THE 80/20 RULE

What gives you most of your results in life? Ditch everything else.


We have choices that are good, and ones that are amazing. There are thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that are good, and those that are on fire.

Choose to have only the excellent in your life. Ditch everything else.

To attain knowledge, add things everyday. To attain wisdom, subtract things everyday!

Lao Tsu


Every time you have a feeling or an emotion that results you in not taking a chance on making something happen, think about what you would have to believe to make that true.


Maybe you see a huge house on TV and would like to live in a house just like it. Immediately you feel despondent because you know that could never happen to you.

decluttering your life

What belief causes you to feel this way?

You realize that, since childhood, you’ve believed that certain people were destined for success and others not.

This belief came from your father, who, while you were young and receptive, would constantly repeat, “That life’s for some people and it just ain’t us…”

You know that’s not true now.

Take back control of your belief systems!


If there is a single relationship in your life that’s holding you back, get rid of it.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve known them forever. It doesn’t matter if they share the same DNA. 

You might be saying, “But I cannot ditch my mother”. I’m not really telling you to, that’s a touchy spot to be in. But you do know that you need to make some kind of change, and that certain relationships are holding you back.

Think about Eminem (Marshall Mathers, the rapper? Eminem) and his mother.

Some people are just meant to teach us how not to be. Not everyone is a saint.

decluttering your life


decluttering your life

Here’s what happens when you aren’t serious about decluttering your life.

  • You spend time wasting energy being busy
  • You focus on stuff that doesn’t matter
  • You go to bed each night feeling like nothing got done.

But you got so many things done! The problem, is nothing IMPORTANT got done. Life is messy this way.

But when you prioritize life, you’ll notice a different kind of mess piling up. It’s piling up for the same reason things pile up in scenario A: you cannot do everything.

But this way, the important stuff gets done, and the lesser things pile up. I keep saying “pile up”. Here’s a fact, stuff is gonna pile up regardless.

Be ok with that, and focus on the stuff that gets you where you wanna go, based on the life plan you’ve created, and your master plan for getting there.

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