October 28, 2018

5 mistakes you’ll Make When Discovering your Purpose


Discovering your purpose is often a misunderstood idea.

discovering your purpose

Regardless of all the talking, we could do about it, there is a group of common mistakes that can be made when you undergo a process of adding more “oomph” into your life.

People search for a purpose for two reasons:

  1. They literally feel as though they have some predetermined destiny but cannot pin it down
  2. They simply want to add more meaning to their life, based on what meaning means for them

Either way, there are five mistakes that will take you in the wrong direction very fast.

I’ve compiled them here for you. You’re welcome.



Not knowing yourself well enough

Whether you think you’re destined to be the next King Arthur or want a bunch of people at your funeral, nothing extraordinary is gonna be achieved if you don’t plant the seed of yourself inside it.

This purpose you want, the meaning you add to your life, will be so intertwined with you that no one will be able to tell the difference.

People will say things like “They really pour all of themselves into this” and that’s what they will remember. It’s what they talk about. It’s what they’ll pay for.

When you mesh perfectly with your purpose in life, you’re going to have a combination of service, meaning, passion, thrill etc… that will turn you into a real powerhouse.

It’s the type of thing where people pay you top dollar for your expertise.

None of that is gonna happen if you don’t do the internal work first, know thyself, and really strip yourself down to only what is necessary to proceed, ditching the rest of the junk.

The wonderful part about this is that you leave behind the mess that was comfortable, but holding you back, and move forward with your trials, strengths and wisdom.

Not putting enough dreaminess in it

Some people can be so boring. Maybe that’s a bit rude.

Some people are so practical. Maybe that’s not right either, because being practical is a good thing.


You’ll know your purpose, you’ll have discovered it through serious contemplation, have gone through the whole process and then….

You’ll try and make it fit, into the mould of what already exists.

  • You’ll worry about what others will say.
  • You’ll develop impost syndrome and think you’re not qualified now, and never will be.
  • You’ll worry about whether other’s will care, whether others, will want you, whether you’ll be accepted.
  • You’ll think your dream is too big, like your brush stroke isn’t enough to paint the picture you want.

Don’t do that.

There are no rules.

Dreams are created by effort, time and adaptation. As long as you agree to follow those rules, your dream is as good as a scout’s honour.

Thinking you have no control over your purpose

When you hear people getting crazy and going on about how finding purpose is a silly idea and how it takes away your freedom. Nonsense.

The idea of living with purpose is for some, and not for others – LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE.

You do have control over what your purpose is though.

Your purpose is like a seed. It’s gonna be a one-liner that covers all your bases and contains everything you could possibly do.

It’s a one-sentence statement, that contains all the possibilities that your purpose could contain, and you can take it, and translate that statement into millions of little details.

I could say that my purpose is to show others how powerful they really are should they choose to be.

I could then take this purpose and create online courses.

I could become a public speaker and talk about it.

I could simply set a good example, so that those who watch me, look and wonder how I take seemingly awful circumstances and turn them positive for me. When they ask I’ll respond with “ I know that I’m in control of myself, my life and this is how I do it”

In other words, your discovering your purpose is about discovering the overarching idea your life represents, and you can choose to manifest that idea however you like.

Not integrating it with you and your life

The biggest mistake you can make is to start from scratch.

I mean, why? Why would you waste all the life, information, gathered wisdom and strengths that you already have?

You can completely reinvent yourself if you’d like, but DEFINITELY, DO NOT abandon the good about your past, and throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Your purpose is about you.

“He who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Many times we forget ourselves in this journey and make it all about serving others.

No sir, your life is mostly for you, and the excess should be given to others.

That’s a perfect system. The problem occurs when we get greedy and are not even willing to give our overflow to others.

If you live your life properly, there will be overflow. Everyone else will be fine. Light your own candle first.

Giving over control of yourself

The beauty if living with purpose is your own personal brush stroke.

This isn’t another job we’re applying for. It’s supposed to be a creation of sorts.

Understanding that you could live a better human life with purpose in mind, is enough submission.

Even though the idea of having a purpose in life sounds like your life is controlled or determined by something else, really, it’s nothing but a path of least resistance to your own success, accomplishment and fulfilment.

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