August 28, 2018

The Best Daily Habits for Extraordinary Results

best daily habits

What are the best daily habits that give us the most bang for our buck?

Habits control 50% of our behaviors each day, good or bad.

They also control 95% of our thoughts each day, beneficial, happy, or neither.

So now we’re all here, trying to figure out how to transform our habits before it’s too late and they run us into the ground.

We want some that will do the job so we aren’t wasting our time transforming ourselves, because habit change can be hard.

The answer to the safest and smartest way around habit change is simple: keystone habits.

Keystone habits are like compound exercises, you get more from them by doing less.

There are a few areas in your life you wanna focus on, so let’s get to the best daily habits so our current bad habits are no longer running rampant in our lives, basically ruining everything we try to do.

best daily habits

Not having enough energy is the feeling you have when you wake up and drag yourself to your coffee machine.

It’s awful, and I don’t need to explain to you why you don’t want that in your life.

If you drink coffee, maybe look to developing a better habit. The point here is that you need to make sure your energy is bright and swirling through you at all times, not dull and gray at the bottom of a barrel.

Energy means

  1. Enthusiasm
  2. Fire
  3. Excitement
  4. Thrill
  5. Ready to go
  6. Adaptable

So when you’re crawling out of bed, from under the desk, or find that even your morning shower is difficult, you probably need to consult a decent list of habits to change your life up a bit.

best daily habits

Best 10 Daily Habits to adopt to Improve your Life

  1. Sectioning off your day properly: 50 percent work. 30 percent family. 10 percent news, media, social media, 10 percent relaxation time
  2. Meditation and Breath work
  3. Reading a book or learning at a serious level
  4. Measuring your progress toward your goals. What gets measured gets done
  5. Keeping a journal – an accurate representation of the past, and the present
  6. Getting enough sleep. Figure out how much sleep you need and get that much every night. Youre actually lazy if you dont get enough sleep because you dont think you can get the right amount of work done in less time.
  7. Taking advantage of your receptive period before bed and after waking. Subconscious programming and alignment.
  8. Make an ultimate results list and follow it. Make those things you want to change your life around a routine and do them every day.
  9. Exercise intensely for a few mins upon waking.
  10. Drink more water. A lot more.

Best Daily Habits for Energy

1. Sleep

Your recharge state is responsible for most of your energy and without it, all other attempts to increase your energy are suplemental.

2. Proper Diet

Mainly eating too much or too little. Eating too little causes a lack of energy. Eating too much taxes your body of the energy it already has to process the excess food. Start to see food as fuel rather than enjoyment.

3. Exercise

Ever leave a car sitting for months and months? They tend to get a little choppy after that. When there are working parts involved, it’s important to get them moving. Lacking exercise can cause you to turn into a spaghetti noodle, a spaghetti noodle with no energy.

Now that your energy levels are at their peak, you can focus on what you’re gonna do all day.

Each of us has a to do list.

That to do list is there for the soul purpose of getting our most important tasks done each day.

We make a to do list so that, at the end of the day, we feel like we earned it. Like this precious thing we call life wasn’t wasted.

So is that what you do?

How many of us were taught how to make sure we’re satisfied in the evening?

best daily habits
The first few of your working hours should be devoted to intense focus on on your wrecking ball activities. Those that will knock over the most pins.Click To Tweet

Compare that number to the amount of us who lay awake when we should be resting, condemning ourselves for a whole range of ridiculous ideas. Our imaginations go wild and it makes us feel like crap.

Making sure your action is productive definitely makes the list of best daily habits.

So, How do you do that?

Here’s an easy list of reminders that will keep you in check, and make sure you get to where you are going goal-wise, much much faster.

Best Daily Habits to Increase your Productivity

1. Do The Hard Stuff First

All your most important tasks should be done as early as you can.

  1. You have the most energy in the morning
  2. your brain sugar is high
  3. and your willpower is through the roof.

Toward the evening / latter part of your day

You’ve spent most of your energy makeing important decisions and expending physical energy

  • you’re more likely to procrastinate.
  • You’re more likely to be cranky
  • more likely to betray yourself and your self discipline
  • less likely to get anything important done

Definitely not extraordinary.

best daily habits

2. Prioritizing

You have the same amount of time as everyone else.

But some people are getting tremendous results (at lightning speed) and the rest of us are here with our heads spinning.

People who get extraordinary results in life have serious prioritization in their list of best daily habits.

When you’re serious about prioritizing you understand

  1. There are a million options you could focus on each day
  2. Some of them are high value and some aren’t worth anything
  3. The high-value tasks are those that move you the furthest toward your goal, with the least effort
  4. The high-value tasks are also the ones that leave you feeling accomplished at night
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Gary Keller calls these tasks “The One Thing” . They are tasks that are comprehensive and get more done by just doing that one task.

For example if you have a long list of things to do you want to do the tasks that eliminate the need for, or make other tasks easier, first.

Let’s say you had exercise, shower, and eat on your list. You could go

  1. Shower
  2. Exercise
  3. Eat

But that wouldn’t make sense, because you would be all sweaty and gross after exercising.

You should eat first, and have the energy for your workout, and then you can shower to clean yourself off.

Or you can exercise, shower and eat so that you have a meal after the workout to build the muscle up. Ideally, you would be eating before and after the workout, but the point here is to make sure you order your tasks such the task before maximizes the gain from the task after.

Do the same thing for ordering tasks by how fast they propel you toward your goal. 


Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant, daydreaming, and when you came to, there was a person across the room giving you an irritated look like “what the hell are you staring at me for?”

The senses pull in data but the mind is what perceives.

So if your mind wasn’t paying attention to it, you could literally be staring someone right in the face and not know it.

This is the same with the extraordinary results you get in your life.

“Just as there are blind spots in our vision when we move our eyes, there are blind spots in our focus moment to moment. Removing these blind spots would cause one to become superhuman.

When you’re not paying attention

  1. You miss opportunities
  2. Live too much in the future or the past and become miserable
  3. Have lapses in attention and make mistakes
  4. Miss out on flow

When you pay attention to what you’re doing (some call it being in the moment) you’re focusing all your attention to a laser point on the results you’re going after.

Otherwise, some of your attention is going toward the moment and some is going to other places?

That means you’re half-assing your moment, which means your half-assing your life.

So when you end up compiling your list of best daily habits, make sure you include something that increases and maintains your focus throughout the day.

best daily habits

Best Daily Habits for Mind

1. Declutter your physical space

Your mind not only stores mind stuff, it also holds space for physical stuff. Emotions, thoughts and feelings tied to your physical space are stored there in the mind. Declutter nonsense from your physical space and feel lighter.

2. Develop Routines

Life is better when you don’t have to think about doing the simple stuff.

3. Get into Flow

You are able to produce your best, most creative work when you tap into the flow state.


Social interaction is good for your physical and mental health, but not everyone needs the same amount of it.

If you’re heavily introverted you might be more towards the hermit side, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But you should be adding the right sprinkle of social contact in your daily routine that will satisfy you and keep going. It’s just not just about hanging out with people.

Outings with friends, pats on the back at work, or a cosy experience with a pet - we all need to feel connected to some extent. Make sure you get it in your life.Click To Tweet

Social interaction provides

  • Rich experiences
  • New perspectives
  • Connections and networking
  • Opportunities for service
  • Feelings of appreciation that your service brings out in others
  • Laughter
  • And a whole bunch of other things that are proven to clear your head and make life nicer.

The right amount of social interaction needs to be tempered with who you are interacting with and when.

When constructing your personal list of the best daily habits you can find, make sure that in your social interaction habit, you follow Tai Lopez’s law of 33 percent.

  • Include people who can teach you/mentors/teachers a third of the time
  • Interact with colleagues/friends a third of the time and share notes
  • Offer your knowledge and experience to those who know and have accomplished less a third of the time.

That’s an easy recipe for success, and when you mix in the ingredients of high energy productive action with a focused mind, you will be ploughing through your to-do list, making progress and having a wonderful time each evening as you sit back feeling super accomplished. You’re welcome.

Best Daily Habits for Social Life

1. Work through Anxiety in Social Situations

2. Battle Fear of Rejection

3. Say Yes to Invitations

What now?

Habits control you if you don’t control them.

Make sure to take advantage of the 47 Keystone habits.

You’ll be able to choose from a huge list of keystone habits that are more powerful than any other.

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