February 27, 2023

240 Self Worth Affirmations that Help You Find your Inner Treasure

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Self Worth Affirmations can help with the constant anxiety and feeling of not being good enough, imposter syndrome, crushing limiting beliefs, and unworthiness.

Some people say that affirmations are useless. They’re for sentimental people who have their head in the clouds. You can’t prove affirmations work. Tom Bilyeu said once “Everyone laughed at me when I talked about doing my affirmations.” If he had listened, he would’ve never built a billion dollar company and wouldnt be hosting the popular personal development show Impact theory.

So if you’ve ever said the following…copy and paste these self worth affirmations somewhere to realign you when your mind goes astray.

  1. “I don’t have enough money”
  2. “I’m not talented enough”
  3. “I’ll never be a great leader”
  4. “I’m not smart enough”
  5. “I’m too old or too young”
  6. “I’ll never be successful”
  7. “I’ll never be one of the best”
  8. “I don’t have enough experience”
  9. “I’m not good enough”

Self worth affirmations / Affirmations for self worth

Remember, as with all affirmations, try to use the present tense. When you use the self worth affirmations below, or construct your own, start with phrases like “I am” “It is” instead of making affirmations that reference the past or the future.

For example: a self worth affirmation that uses a phrase like “I will be” will always keep you and your manifestation separated because you are always saying you “will be” in the future.

It will never come into the present.

self worth affirmations infographic

Affirmations about Self Worth

  1. I am strong and resilient.
  2. I am valuable, worthy, and capable of achieving my goals.
  3. I am enough just as I am.
  4. I believe in myself and my worth.
  5. I am worthy of love and respect.
  6. I am worthy of success and abundance.
  7. I have something valuable to offer to the world.
  8. I deserve to be happy.
  9. I believe in my capabilities and trust my intuition.
  10. I am a unique and special individual.
  11. I am worthy of achieving my goals.
  12. I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to.
  13. I am worthy of respect and admiration.
  14. I am capable of achieving my goals.
  15. I accept and appreciate myself for who I am.
  16. I am worthy of love, respect, and kindness.
  17. I am enough.
  18. I am worthy of taking up space in this world.
  19. I am worthy of success.
  20. I have the power to create my own destiny.
  21. I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to.
  22. I love and accept myself for who I am.
  23. I have the strength and courage to reach my goals.
  24. I am worthy of love and respect.
  25. I accept myself completely, flaws and all.
  26. I trust my inner wisdom and strength.
  27. I am proud of my accomplishments.

Self Worth Affirmations for when you Criticize yourself

self worth affirmations infographic
  1. I give myself accurate feedback about my performance
  2. I am lenient when I make a mistake
  3. I know I can always do better and improve
  4. I give my 100% each attempt
  5. My best is always getting better
  6. I feel worthy of winning and doing a good job
  7. I have qualities that make others lives better
  8. People can count on me.
  9. My friends know they can rely on me
  10. I have skills and qualities that are valuable
  11. It’s easy for me to see the good in me.
  12. My abilities increase as I practice and work on them.
  13. I have the ability to be as good at anything as I desire.
  14. I am just as valuable as anyone else
  15. I know that I have great potential stored within me
  16. I always see the positive qualities that I possess
  17. I am valuable simply because I exist
  18. Who I am is enough
  19. If I want to be more, I can!
  20. I can stop my negative self talk anytime I want
  21. My self talk naturally is positive and optimistic
  22. I always describe myself as what I’m working towards.
  23. I am always improving. Every day I’m improving.
  24. I am nice to myself when I’m inside my head.
  25. I earn the good things that have
  26. I deserve my accomplishments
  27. I can clearly see what skills and abilities I used to achieve my goals
  28. Whatever good comes to me is rightfully mine.
  29. It’s not always my fault
  30. I take responsibility for the things I have control over and only those things.
  31. I’m responsible for my own contribution and only that.
  32. I know that things sometimes happen without our control.
  33. I deserve the compliments people give.
  34. I work hard, and the positive feedback comes to me naturally.
  35. People can easily see my good qualities.
  36. I am often praised for my effort.
  37. It’s easy for me to see the bright side of any situation
  38. I can easily turn negative feelings into positive ones.
  39. I always ask myself whether my self criticism is valid or not.
  40. I give myself the credit I deserve.
  41. Not everything is my fault.

Self Worth Affirmations for Regaining Control of your Life

self worth affirmations infographic
  1. I know I am worthy of respect.
  2. I deserve the attention I need.
  3. I seek out healthy and energizing relationships.
  4. I give to those who nourish me.
  5. I am loveable.
  6. My self esteem is high enough to feel good about myself.
  7. I deserve love and friendship.
  8. I am confident in my abilities
  9. I try new things because I know I’m capable.
  10. I’m excited to begin new tasks, skills and adventures.
  11. Learning new skills is exciting to me
  12. Starting is more important than perfection.
  13. This only needs to be good enough.
  14. I know whatever I can contribute is enough.
  15. I only need to do my best.
  16. I see signs that people like me all the time.
  17. Others are constantly showing me how they appreciate me.
  18. People can always find something they respect about me.
  19. Looking foolish is fun and interesting sometimes.
  20. Trying new things is a wonderful experience.
  21. I judge myself fairly, and so do others.
  22. There is no such thing as hopelessness
  23. I can always find a successful way to transform my circumstances
  24. I am larger than any situation that happens to me.
  25. My life is always showing me wonderful opportunities to grow.
  26. I am resilient.
  27. I have an untapped reservoir of power within me.
  28. I take care of myself and my needs
  29. I know when my needs have to come first.
  30. I take time out for self care.
  31. I take care of my body.
  32. I deserve to feel good.
  33. My body is a temple. I take good care of it.
  34. When I feel good, good happens.

Affirmations for Self Worth and Healing Trauma

self worth affirmations infographic
  1. I know there is help if I need it.
  2. I have friends and family who care for me.
  3. I love myself enough to get through this.
  4. The only way out is through.
  5. I have made a decision now to heal.
  6. I never give up, I never give in.
  7. My childhood doesn’t define me now.
  8. I forgive my parents and caretakers for what happened.
  9. I forgive myself for everything.
  10. I’m much stronger now than when I was young.
  11. I release the pain because I no longer need to feel it.
  12. I am confident in my skills
  13. I know my effort is enough to get good results.
  14. I choose not to limit myself.
  15. I believe in my potential.
  16. I deserve to be treated well, and I treat others well in return.
  17. Not everything is/was my fault.
  18. People treat you how they treat themselves.
  19. My upbringing doesn’t define me.
  20. I refuse to lose twice (childhood and the rest of your life)

Positive Affirmations for Self Worth

self worth affirmations infographic

Affirmations of Self Worth and Positivity

  1. I am my own best friend
  2. I treat myself with love and kindness.
  3. Mistakes are a part of life.
  4. I’m OK the way I am.
  5. I love myself.
  6. I challenge my self-criticism. Where’s the evidence at?
  7. I consult my close friends about my self criticisms
  8. Even my negative self-talk can have a positive spin.
  9. I turn my self criticism into a positive desire for improvement.
  10. Everyone is different and that’s ok.
  11. Its okay for me to just be who I am
  12. I make an effort to accept myself.
  13. Shortcomings are places where I can become better.
  14. I graciously accept others’ compliments.
  15. I work for my results and they’re rightfully mine.
  16. I can always right down 10 things that are good about myself.
  17. I have special qualities that not everyone has.
  18. The past is the past for a reason.
  19. I change my reality in the present.
  20. My view of the future is optimistic.
  21. It’s natural for me to see the silver lining.
  22. I am assertive and easily communicate my needs.
  23. Everything that is good for me, I know I can have.
  24. I make time for healing.
  25. I often learn new things to improve myself.

44 Self Worth Affirmations (Quotes) From The Bible

  1. “Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.” Jeremiah 17:14
  2. “Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them and reveal to them an abundance of prosperity and security.” Jeremiah 33:6
  3. “He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed.” Peter 2:24
  4. “The Lord sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness you restore him to full health.” Psalm 41:3
  5. “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3
  6. “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22
  7. “And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.” James 5:15
  8. “Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.” John 1:2
  9. “My son, pay attention to what I say; turn your ear to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to one’s whole body.”  Proverbs 4:20-22
  10. “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22
  11. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
  12. “LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in times of distress.” Isaiah 33:2
  13. “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:6
  14. “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” Peter 2:24
  15. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27
  16. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30
  17. “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”  Isaiah 40:29
  18. “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.” Corinthians 10:13
  19. “Hear, LORD, and be merciful to me; LORD, be my help.” You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy”  Psalms 30:10-11
  20. “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Isn’t life more than food, and the body more than clothes?” Mathew 25
  21. “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 26
  22. “Can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” Mathew 27
  23. “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin.” Mathew 28
  24. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” Mathew 29
  25. “If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith?” Mathew 30
  26. “So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ Mathew 31
  27. “For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.” Mathew 32
  28. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Mathew 33
  29. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Mathew 34
  30. “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Mathew 41:10
  31. “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” Timothy 1:7
  32. “I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” Psalms 34:4
  33. “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” Deuteronomy 31:8
  34. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 9
  35. “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” Romans 8:26
  36. “And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.” Romans 8:27
  37. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 
  38. “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10
  39. “And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God. Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:22-24
  40. “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” Thessalonians 5:11
  41. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” Philippians 4:6-8
  42. “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31
  43. “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” Romans 8:18
  44. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”Jeremiah 29:11

10 Morning Affirmations for Self Worth

  1. Today I will do my best and achieve my goals
  2. I’m going to prove to myself that I have what it takes.
  3. I can outdo yesterday if I want.
  4. Today my environment will respond positively to me.
  5. I feel great
  6. I will meet all challenges with confidence.
  7. I have what it takes
  8. Everything is a learning experience, not a mistake.
  9. I will seek out ways to grow and be better
  10.  I will go to bed tonight proud of myself.

46 “I Am Worthy” Affirmations

self worth affirmations infographic
  1. I am worth of being and feeling wanted
  2. I am worthy of gratitude
  3. I am worthy of Happiness
  4. I am worthy of being appreciated
  5. I am worthy of feeling thrilled and excited.
  6. I am worthy of being included
  7. I am worthy of recognition
  8. I am worthy of having passion in my life
  9. I am worthy of feeling comfortable
  10. I am worthy of being at peace
  11. I am worthy of privacy
  12. I am worthy of attraction/being attractive
  13. I am worthy of Success
  14. I am worthy of acceptance
  15. I am worthy of sexual intimacy
  16. I am worthy of attention
  17. I am worthy of affection
  18. I am worthy of creativity and being inspired
  19. I am worthy of trust
  20. I am worthy of the growth I desire
  21. I am worthy of joy & laughter
  22. I am worthy of Structure and stability
  23. I am worthy of openness
  24. I am worthy of new experiences
  25. I am worthy of feeling heard and understood
  26. I am worthy of shelter and stability
  27. I am worthy of playfulness
  28. I am worthy of and am allowed to fell fulfilled
  29. I am worthy of compassion
  30. I am worthy of a loving community
  31. I am worthy of feeling safe from danger
  32. I am worthy of consideration
  33. I am worthy of finding my purpose and living it
  34. I am worthy of of a safe environment
  35. I am worthy of emotional security
  36. I am worthy of rest
  37. I am worthy of financial security
  38. I am worthy of support
  39. I am worthy of Excellence
  40. I am worthy of being protected
  41. I am worthy of relaxation
  42. I am worthy of kindness from others
  43. I am worthy of belonging
  44. I am worthy of prestige
  45. I am worthy of having my own space
  46. I am worthy of having my needs met.
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