9 Ways To Make Money From Your Passion Online

make money from your passion online

Make money from your passion online… because day jobs are for losers!

100% just kidding.

I don’t recommend you be someone’s lawyer or perform surgery through your laptop! heh.

I want you to think about something though for a little bit…

What would it be like to take your skills, ideas, hobbies and interests and have an online hub, where people all over the world could come and utilize your knowledge and experience for their own benefit?

Imagine yourself sitting at a coffee shop educating a few hundred people all about that thing you’re super into (and they are too!).

Even better, what if they paid you for it as well?

make money from your passion online

What would happen if you could take a skill you use at your 9 to 5 job, and have your own business where you’re in charge?

If someone can make 100k a year blogging about herbs, you can defintily be success sharing whatever it is that lights you up as well.

There’s nothing “saturated” or “at capacity” about the world of online business, and there’s plenty of room for you still, but it might not be that way forever. 

So let’s get started right away…

make money from your passion online

Why would you want to take your passion online?

Now more than ever, there is opportunity to take advantage of the “information age” where data is being transmitted, and expertise is being bought and paid for, and get a piece of that pie.

The internet is so huge, it’s easy to completely transform your life by getting a chunk of the internet money, while also adding more of what you’re passionate about and creating a large community of warriors who are just like you!

make money from your passion online

Make money from your Passion Online

  1. Coach
  2. Consulting
  3. Blogging
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Ecommerce
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Webinars
  8. Become an influencer
  9. Freelancing

1. Coach

Coaching involves advising others on the best ways to reach the goals and dreams they have for their lives. I used to do coaching and it can be quite rewarding. Coaching differs from therapy in that it is solution focused rather than problem focused.

You won’t be helping anyone heal from past pain or trauma. Coaches focus on the past only to the extent that they can decide what their clients would rather have, and move toward that end.

Personally, coaching brought in some serious cash and tremendous experiencing helping others. I still think it’s one of the best and least technical (internet savvy) ways to make money from your passion online.

Aspects of coaching:

  • Very hands on
  • Normally done 1 on 1 and one-at-a-time
  • Possible to scale but mostly still trading hours for dollars
  • Coaching packages are possible so that people can purchase your expertise without being a one-on-one client
make money from your passion online

2. Consulting

Consultants are idea obsessed result getters and problem solvers. When businesses and organizations need help getting a certain result, or solving a certain problem, sometimes they turn to a consultant who has made themselves an expert on the topic.

There are general consultants (basically research & big picture obsessed think tanks for the company) and specialists (consultants who focus on a particular niche).

Most say it’s better to be a specialist, especially when trying to make money from your passion online.

What’s the difference? (1) A generalist might help clients get more customers for housing renovations. 

(2) A specialist might help clients get more customers who want winter friendly windows for their house.

Consultants often

  • Create packaged knowledge for clients
  • Offer done for you services
  • Put on workshops for large company groups
  • Create video presentations
  • Become expert at one specific thing, or expertly train themselves to take problems and offer expert advice to solve them
make money from your passion online

3. Blogging

Look at where you’re at right now. This is my blog.

Blogging is a way for you to take a topic your passionate about, or want to help others learn about (and do), and write about it.

If you’re interested in taking a writing/author approach you can easily create a blog that will be seen on google and social media.

Blogging is a wonderful way to create a readership around your unique personality & that respects you as an authority around a certain topic!

make money from your passion online


  1. Research problems people are searching for and help solve them
  2. Package their own knowledge, expertise, and research into easy to consume articles/posts for others to consume when they’re ready

Blogging can involve certain amounts of graphic design, social media marketing, course creation, ebook writing, video making, SEO, and email marketing.

You basically stay on top of what people want to learn about on the internet, and strive to help them reach whatever goal they’re trying to reach, and solve whatever problem they’re trying to eradicate. 

Most of the time when you do a google search and click, that’s someone’s blog or the blog portion of their website.


4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means that you become an affiliate (representative)  of someone else’s product and sell it to others so they can benefit from it. This is not MLM and is completely legal.

You (ideally) purchase their product based on your own interest, and if the product matches your standard of what’s acceptable or not, you then market that product to others with the same interests as you.

For example:

  1. You like knitting
  2. You buy Jenny Knits-a-lot course called Knitting 101
  3. It’s the best knitting course on the planet
  4. You become an affiliate for her course and offer it for purchase to your huge knitting following
  5. When your group of loyal followers purchase the course, Jenny will give you a certain percentage (often 35% and up depending on the product)
make money from your passion online

I do this on the blog, and it’s not scammy or a get rich quick scheme or anything like that. 

People search the internet for something they’re interested in, come to this blog, read my awesome content, and then one of two things occurs.

  1. They leave because they’re interest was only superficial or
  2. They stay because they’re interested in taking the next step

For those interested in taking the next step:

  1. They receive something awesome I offer for free & become a part of my email list
  2. Once that happens, I take them through a step-by-step formula for how they can reach their specific goal, or solve a specific problem they have

How does Affiliate marketing work? I’ll take you through the process if it were between you and I.

  1. The way I took my passion online was to become a blogger who helps others discover, pursue and monetize their passion.
  2. You saw something of mine, either on google, or my various social media channels
  3. You became interested and clicked. Now you’re here.
  4. I’ve created the most amazing content I can just for you to understand more about how to make online money, and do so with something you’re passionate about.
  5. While reading this, you might choose that reading this was enough and leave.
make money from your passion online

OR you might be ready to take the next step RIGHT NOW! In which case,

  1. You will enter your information so I can send you my Top 10 Affiliate Programs!
  2. With it, you will learn [whatever I’m teaching in it]
  3. Then, I will send you via email (several times a week) more and more amazing info on how you can become the best affiliate marketer you can be
  4. After that has happened, I’ll send you an opportunity to take it one step further toward your success, and purchase a product some expert has created (normally at a huge discount)
  5. We continue to chat via email about the in’s and out’s about your goal, and I continue to be invested in your success (which for me is highly rewarding in and of itself).

With affiliate marketing, you will make a point to seek out the best products related to your niche or passion, create a huge following of people who are interested in your passion, and help them succeed as much as possible by showing them products you’ve tested yourself, that they’ve probably never heard of.

In other words, you become their personal scout who knows who all the experts in your niche/passion are and say –

“You wanna be an expert knitter huh? Here are all the expert knitters, they’ll show you how to become an expert knitter, so buy their book/course/video lessons and reach your goal in no time!”

Then the knitting course creator pays you for making the sale.

Learn how to monetize your passion through affiliate marketing!

5. Ecommerce

E-commerce is technically any commercial transactions made over the internet, but when you hear people say e-commerce, generally, they’re talking about having some type of online store front (like Amazon) and they sell physical products that way.

If you happen to have a passion for retail, selling physical products or running a store like environment in general, it would be easy for you to find amazing products that fit your unique interests and start selling them.

There are a ton of software that will help you run a smooth store, and plenty of courses you could take to learn how, especially if you’re ok with spending some money upfront to purchase a paid account and spend $500-$1000 on an experts course.

Sound too steep of an investment? 

Honestly, the best way to succeed in the information age is to purchase someone else’s expertise. Especially when most of them don’t exceed $997, that’s comparable to a college course for the value you get, and that investment is easy to make back once you’re established makin’ that internet money.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is what happens when you find a brand you like and subscribe to their “newsletter” so you can get exclusive updates and coupons (or whatever they’re offering).

Email marketing gives you another opportunity to connect with a huge following on a regular basis (like social media) but over email. It’s a huge tool that bloggers and other “online money” makers use to stay in touch with people who consume their content.

  • Expect to create something amazing and offer it to others for free in exchange for their email address
  • To create written content around their interests
  • You’ll end up pairing email marketing up with some other form of online money like selling your own services, affiliate marketing or ecommerce.

Email marketing requires that you have an autoresponder, which is a software created by a third party company you can use to email thousands at a time. You will generally pay monthly for this service, but normally it’s not expensive at all.

The autoresponder I use is convert kit. As someone who has used MailChimp and Aweber before, I now only recommend ConvertKit and would never go back to the other two.

make money from your passion online 5

7. Webinars

Webinars are online events that involve a video presentation, an audience, a teacher/presenter, and sometimes a chatroom partnered with other materials. You can easily edit videos online for your video presentation, where you can present your motive and explain your audience about the product with a good video presentation. The purpose of the webinar is to take someone who is already interested in what you’re selling and give them an inside look at the digital product.

Webinars also serve the purpose of getting people’s feet wet with the first few steps of the sales process like

  1. Alerting them a reason why they’re having a problem
  2. Introduction to achieving a desire they have
  3. Giving them general background information
  4. Describing your helpful product to them

You can give live webinars, or have them pre-recorded and play on demand for people whenever they click the link and sign up. Either way, you can count on giving them a general amount (free version) of value and offering them a chance to take it a step further toward the end. 

Webinars normally start with some kind of promotion telling attendees that you can help them achieve their goals or solve their problems, you might collect email addresses to continue your conversation with them indefinitely, and make sales on a product you created.

Check this out if you wanna see how webinars work. This happens to be a webinar teaching you how to create your very own online business centered around your passion!

make money from your passion online 6

8. Become an influencer

An influencer, ideally, is an expert in their field, genre, or niche who presents information, guidance, promotion to all who are interested in the same niche. 

Influencing normally involves some kind of social media marketing (people on instagram and youtube are often influencers).

The process often involves becoming an authority in a certain niche (fishing, or makeup), gathering up a huge following of loyal fans, marketing your favorite products to them (ideally ones that are amazing and that you’re very excited about) and possibly getting sponsored by companies and organizations that are related to your passion.

make money from your passion online

9. Freelancing

A freelancer is someone who takes a skillset that they would normally use at their 9 to 5 job, and offers those skills to people who need them, while being their own boss and the head of their own “company”.

Freelancing automatically conjure up this idea of fiverr, upwork, or flexjobs, where its a race to the bottom of the barrel and you’re scrounging up graphic design work at $8 per hour just so you can avoid having to work for a boss.

This is the reality for some, but it doesn’t have to be. I know freelancers who aren’t very good at figuring out how to attain the success they want, and they get the upwork money.

I also know freelancers who make millions. Literally. I know freelancers who offer amazing services and have clients in duffle bags on retainer for thousands a month.

Learn how I went from 0 to full time freelancing in 90 days. Seriously.

make money from your passion online

Think about it, everytime you see a Tony Robbins ad, or something done by Dean Graziosi, a freelancer created all their images, wrote all the copy, designed the website and the sales pages…That freelancer is the one you wanna be and there’s plenty of room because everyone wants the online money, and nobody wants to do the grunt work.

Freelancers offer services like:

  • Webinars
  • Packaged knowledge
  • Video presentations
  • Coaching
  • Done for you services
  • Done with you services
  • Books
  • Group coaching & 1 on 1 coaching

The Rules to Making Online Money

1. Integrity

Scamming people on the internet isn’t really a thing anymore. Let me explain.

You could be crap, do crap, sell crap, promote crap, and market crap, but then the results you would get would also be crap.

If you scammed a person by say, selling them something that was junk, you would get their money…but only once.

Everyone knows that the best customers are repeat customers, so better than trying to take the easy way out (and just overall being an asshole to people who trusted you…) it’s better to collect people who are interested in your goods and services and nurture them.

Because the internet is so large, the potential for lots of money to be made by monetizing your passion is tremendous. That being said, not if your reputation and integrity go down the tubes. 

When someone hands over their email, or gives you their follow, you want to keep those people for life, not just as customers and followers, but as friends you’d like to watch grow.

  1. Only promote products you’ve tested and used
  2. Only promote that which is relevant to them
  3. Strive to get a small group of loyal fans rather than shooting for the stars doing something shady
  4. They say all is fair in love, war and marketing. Sometimes in promotion we’re a bit hype. Fine, but never ever ever lie. Ever.

2. Authority

This is your job. Sometimes I write articles from experience, and sometimes I blog just as a friend. 

When I’m not experienced or expert at what I’m writing about, I make sure to let people know that, and we just have a conversation as friends. That being said, always be learning more about what you’re doing. 

You might think just putting research on the internet isn’t enough, but people will appreciate that you did it for them, and they don’t have to scour the web for the answers.

3. Value

Most of what you offer should be free. Give people free samples…a lot.

Don’t be afraid to sell though when it’s appropriate, and it’s appropriate more often than you think.

For example, if you signed up to be on my email list, I would assume you did so because you’re serious about taking your curiosity about monetizing your passion online to the next level.

I would demonstrate authority to you, by curating content specifically for you to learn how to do just that, and somewhere along the line, I would offer value by sending you information and then at the end giving you an opportunity to take it even further than that. 

I would teach you a little, and when you’re ready to upgrade to the serious stuff, you can purchase the expertise I have to offer, either mine, or some other authority’s.

That’s the way it goes. Unless you wanna figure it all out by yourself.

4. Passon

Don’t do something just for the money. The internet is huge. You can theoretically market your services or products to millions. Do something you’re into, because it will be slow and grueling at times, and you’ll need to love what you’re doing in order to maintain consistency.

5. Experimentation

Don’t pigeonhole yourself. Even if an expert gives you a 10 step formula that they swear will bring results. Even the instructions that come from me aren’t applicable across the board, and each situation is unique.

So always make sure you’re dipping your toes a bit into other methods of doing things, trying out new ways of doing and being, and recording the results you get.

Remember, being successful at something is like baking a cake. If the cake comes out bad, you check the ingredients. Similarly, experimentation is what takes the basics steps given to you by an authority and adjusts them to your particular circumstance!

How to Find your Passion

Still don’t know which you’re best suited for? No problem.

Take the 30 second quiz to find out which online business you’re best suited for!

make money from your passion online

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make money from your passion online
Find out how to take your passion on the internet and get paid to do it
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