How To Be The Master Architect Of Your Life

how to be the master architect of your own life

How to be the master architect of your life…

Why don’t we design our own lives?

Do you not live within your own life (like a home)? Shouldn’t it be a beautiful thing, instead of something we just float around in until we die?

Most people are doomed to an average life because they don’t know that the time they live in (now for you and me) affords them tremendous opportunity to take a boring canvas (left to us by our ancestors) and create a life that history will refer to as a masterpiece.

The opportunities for us to be completely in charge is at a heightened level, but the natural ebb and flow of life won’t allow this to be so for long. So it’s important to become the master architect of our own lives now, and right now!

An architect is really an artist. They’re designers of buildings, bridges and structures. 

Living your life like you’re the architect of it, is really casting off old chains and limitations, looking at a blank canvas, and asking yourself “What do I want to build here?”

It is yours, after all. You could build anything you like!

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How To Be The Master Architect Of Your Life

  1. Create a Life Plan
  2. Reprogram your Subconscious Mind
  3. Constantly move towards Meaningful Goals
  4. Monetize something you’re Passionate about!
  5. Start Consuming Knowledge Rapidly
  6. Get your Money Right
  7. Tap into the Metaphysical
  8. Identify your Weaknesses
  9. Sculpt your Body exactly How you Want it!

9. Sculpt your Body exactly How you Want it!

This is a purely subjective way to become the master architect of your own life. Of course there is an objective standard of being healthy, but when I say “sculpt”, I mean build yourself to a point of personal satisfaction.

Looking exactly how you want to look will be hard.

It will require effort, and some days you won’t feel like it.

Those who push through both of those reap the endless rewards that come from walking out of your house every day and knowing you looking amazing.

How do you need to look to feel confident, bold, centered and satisfied? That’s the real question.  

Having to look like a model on TV is something imposed on you by the television. Do your own research about being healthy, and do that. Use your own standard, but make sure you’re not kidding yourself either. 

If you come back to this post and tell me that your standard is a baker’s dozen everyday for breakfast, I’m probably gonna smack you.

8. Identify your Weaknesses

Becoming the master architect of your life means mastering skills and mastering mindset. Those happen to be the two biggest areas humans can be weak in. You’ll either be ill prepared for what life throws at you because you don’t have the skills to respond, or because you have a mental block.

discover your personal strengths

The easiest way to constantly improve upon your weakness in skillset is to always be learning and consuming information. Then apply what you learn.

  • Identify the goals you have.
  • Describe an imaginary person who succeeds at that goal
  • What skills did they use to get there?

As far as weaknesses in your mindset I recommend getting serious about identifying your limiting beliefs, and reprogramming your subconscious mind!

7. Tap into the Metaphysical 

In 2020, life is not the same it used to be in 1950. We’ve discovered the physical way of getting what we want (action and goals), we know the mental space can help (limiting beliefs, subconscious mind), but there are also more mystical ways to be in control of your life.

Whether you want a purely scientific method (quantum mechanics), a super spiritual approach, or something in between like the Law of Attraction, adding a mystical aspect to your life only makes you that much more powerful.

6. Get your Money Right

It’s awesome to have lots of money and sucks to not have any. Enough said.

Having your finances in a good spot makes life that much easier to live and any speed bumps that come to trip you up in life will be exacerbated by money worries.

We already know that most divorces and marriage tensions are due to money problems, so how important is it to be in control of your money and safe? Super important.

how to be the master architect of your life

In 2020 there is every opportunity for regular people to earn extra income online. You don’t need to get caught up in the “get rich right the eff now” hype either. 

They call it a side hustle, and all they do is give you a second & third stream of income while giving you the experience to navigate the online ocean and make money doing it. 

  1. Learn how to make money online.
  2. Stop spending money on nonsense
  3. Do the Save half, donate 10% live on 40% method.

5. Start Consuming Knowledge Rapidly

Lemme do some basic math for you:

  • There are nearly 8 billion of us now
  • All of us are good at something
  • We take that something and put it on the internet, and it books
  • You read the books
  • Now you know all that I know just be reading a book and not having to build it from scratch
  • You take my expertise and use it in your own life
  • Winner.

Consuming knowledge doesn’t mean only books either. It means courses, digital products, coaching, books, educational videos. Learning something everyday will broaden your horizons and give you random ideas that turn into gold mines. 

What’s a good way to start? Come back to this blog every day and read something new OR check out my list of best paid self development resources, and best free self development resources!

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4. Monetize something you’re Passionate about!

Remember when I said the online money kung-fu is way strong? It’s seriously strong.

The most amazing thing about making money on the internet is how easy it is to learn how, and how large the numbers are.

The standard prices for online products (in general) are $7, $27, $47, $97, $197, $297, $497 & $997. 

How many people do you really need to be interested in what you’re offering for the effort to be worth it? 

Let’s say you spend every Saturday for a few months getting traffic to a blog. You’ve built a small blog of around 10k views per month. 

  • 5% of that 10k will see your product (with only cold promotion)
  • Between 1% and 3% will buy (depending on your landing page)
  • 10k x 5% = 500
  • 500 x 1-3% = 5 -15 sales a month

15 sales a month is good when your courses costs $997, and there are people who will spend that kind of money if you genuinely solve a problem they have in their life. Problems terrorize us, and those who are smart pay to get rid of problems. 

How to turn your Passion into a Money Making Blog!

9 ways people are making money online in 2019!

3. Constantly move towards Meaningful Goals

Tony Robbins’ famous idea that happiness = meaningful life progress rings Notre Dame true here. Stagnation eventually leads to forms of depression, and bitterness.

The best way to be the master architect of your life, is to take your life plan, see the goals you have written there, and move towards them every day.

Even if they’re only small steps, progress is still progress in your brain and physiology, and counts toward increasing your happiness level.

2. Reprogram your Subconscious Mind

It’s what controls 90% of your thoughts. Thoughts turn into beliefs, beliefs turn into behaviors, behaviors turn into habits, habits turn into routines, and routines are the actions that determine your entire life.

Even if you wanted to make changes, pursue dreams, or do anything of value in your life, the programming you received from your parents, friends and environment when you were a child dictate whether or not that’s possible for you.

Reprogramming your subconscious mind might be the biggest way to become the master architect of your life, right next to creating a life plan.


These people handle all my subconscious reprogramming for me. Check them out if you’re interested.

These people handle all my subconscious reprogramming for me. Check them out if you’re interested.

1. Create a Life Plan

A life plan is the best way to stay in charge of your existence. They keep you from falling prey to living everyone else’s life for them and always spending your time pushing others’ agenda’s. A life plan will house your grand vision for your life, 5 year benchmarks you’ll meet on the way, your yearly progress, monthly goals, weekly objectives and your daily to do list.

This is really the best way to become the master architect of your life, and is first, mainly because it allows you to see the difference between the important and the trivial in your life.


So how are you planning to start? Lemme know in the comments.

Make sure to use any of the free resources I’ve left for you here.


  1. 7 day change your life challenge
  2. Live by your own personal code
  3. 16 lessons for success in life ebook
  4. Never in your wildest dreams ebook
  5. Discovering your own personal talents

how to be the master architect of your life

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