50 Law of Assumption Affirmations For Feeling That It’s Already Here

law of assumption affirmations

You’re looking for a law of assumption affirmations because Neville Goddard inspired you to be bold and assume the reality you want to achieve is possible, right?

The people who are most successful with the law of assumption, or any of our reality’s natural laws have three things in common: hope, intuition and boldness.

But if you have even one of those things, that’s a good place to start. 

Let’s get you situated on the path to achieving your dreams, but first, if you’re like me, you want your dream reality everywhere you could possibly see it.

Having it in a plain site as much as possible is just good strategy in my opinion. So I created this store you can surf through full of all my favorite laws of assumption and law of attraction reminders. 

I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me. Check them out below!

How to use Law of Assumption Affirmations (Simple Steps)

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Be bold enough to try this process out. 
  3. Believe that, because it’s worked for others, it can for you as well, and for the same reasons it did for them.
  4. Before you fall asleep, imagine yourself living the life the “you” that you desire to be lives.
  5. Command yourself before you go to bed, “I dare to assume this reality is real”
  6. “Tomorrow I will wake up compelled to behave based on these assumptions”

The process, in the words of Neville Goddard, can be a little confusing. The word usage he chooses might as well be old english.

To harness the power of the Law of Assumption is: Decide what you want life to be like, imagine yourself living that life – what do you look like, sound like, say and do? Then assume that because you have the ability, wisdom, knowledge and capacity to achieve those things that they are so now in the present, whether physically manifested now or not. They are rightfully yours and will be achieved.

Law of assumption Affirmations for Love

  1. I feel and know I am lovable.
  2. I feel love from everyone and everything.
  3. I can detect love from strangers.
  4. I love myself.
  5. It’s easy for me to over forms of my life to those who need it.
  6. I sense love flowing into my life continuously.
  7. I can find some form of love in all situations.
  8. I wake up feeling love, and go to sleep feeling love.
  9. Love follows me wherever I go.
  10. My life is full of loving relationships now.

Law of assumption Affirmations for a Specific Person

Manifesting a specific person is the same as manifesting anything, but why and how you do so is tricky. Do you want to manifest a specific person by name? Use the affirmations below to manifest a specific person.

  1. [Insert their name] is noticing me more and more each day.
  2. I respond favorably when [Insert their name] pays attention to me.
  3. [Insert their name] can sense confidence in me when we interact.
  4. I’m attracting [Insert their name] effortlessly.
  5. It’s fun to talk and socialize with [Insert their name].
  6. [Insert their name] is impressed by me.
  7. [Insert their name] notice qualities in me that they like.
  8. Things are moving quickly along with [Insert their name].
  9. [Insert their name]’s interest is getting stronger.
  10. It’s natural for [Insert their name] and I to be [whatever type of relationship this manifestation is for].

If you are wanting to manifest a specific type of person use these affirmations:

  1. [My person] is always enamouring me with their good qualities.
  2. [My person] gives me everything I need and want in a relationship.
  3. Things are moving along quickly with me and [My person]
  4. With [My person], everything is so natural and fun.
  5. I can trust [My person] implicitly. 
  6. I sense an enduring love with [My person].
  7. [My person] and I give each other exactly what we need.
  8. [My person] is a breath of fresh air.
  9. Finally [My person] and I are together.
  10. Life is ever fresh and ecstatic with [My person].

Those might seem a little blank right now, but thats because you want to decide for yourself whether to include their name, or use phrases like “mentor”, “romantic partner”, husband/wife and so on.

Obviously if your specific person is not a romantic option, you’ll want to change the above affirmations so that they make sense.

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Law of assumption Affirmations for Weight Loss

If you’re interested in using this law for weight loss, use these law of assumption affirmations below while pursuing your goals.

  1. I am strong and healthy.
  2. I enjoy eating healthy foods that make me feel great.
  3. I love myself.
  4. I deserve a healthy life.
  5. I have more than enough energy for the entire day.
  6. My sleep is better than it’s ever been!
  7. I snack on healthy foods.
  8. Everything reminds me of my weight loss goals.
  9. I can feel my progress each day.
  10. I wake up refreshed and ready for exercise.

Law of Assumption Affirmations Examples

Law of assumption affirmations are best when they define your goal simply, embody the most ecstatic emotions while pursuing that goal and have the confidence that it is achieved now in potential and will be achieved practically at the best possible time.

Build your affirmations like this: [noun] [feeling] [attribute or part of the achievement] 

If your goal is to be rich – “I always have the funds for what life throws at me.”

Law of assumption affirmation examples:

  1. I have plenty to offer to others
  2. I have enough to live emphatically.
  3. My assumptions lead to my reality.
  4. All of my goals are being achieved.
  5. My mind and imagination show me the way.
  6. My potential is astounding.
  7. I can create anything I focus my mind and body on.
  8. Because I desire it, reality offers me ways to achieve it.
  9. The best is always happening for me.
  10. My environment is friendly.

50 Law of Assumption Affirmations en Español

  1. Me siento y sé que soy adorable.
  2. Siento amor de todos y de todo.
  3. Puedo detectar el amor de extraños.
  4. Me quiero a mi misma.
  5. Es fácil para mí sobre las formas de mi vida para aquellos que lo necesitan.
  6. Siento amor fluyendo en mi vida continuamente.
  7. Puedo encontrar alguna forma de amor en todas las situaciones.
  8. Me despierto sintiendo amor y me acuesto sintiendo amor.
  9. El amor me sigue donde quiera que vaya.
  10. Mi vida está llena de relaciones amorosas ahora.
  11. [nombre] me está notando más y más cada día.
  12. Respondo favorablemente cuando [nombre] me presta atención.
  13. [nombre] puede sentir confianza en mí cuando interactuamos.
  14. Estoy atrayendo a [nombre] sin esfuerzo.
  15. Es divertido hablar y socializar con [nombre].
  16. [nombre] está impresionado por mí.
  17. [nombre] nota cualidades en mí que les gustan.
  18. Las cosas se están moviendo rápidamente junto con [nombre].
  19. El interés de [nombre] es cada vez más fuerte.
  20. Es natural que [nombre] y yo seamos [cualquiera que sea el tipo de relación para esta manifestación].
  21. Soy fuerte y saludable.
  22. Me gusta comer alimentos saludables que me hacen sentir bien.
  23. Me quiero a mi misma.
  24. Merezco una vida sana.
  25. Tengo energía más que suficiente para todo el día.
  26. ¡Mi sueño es mejor que nunca!
  27. Yo merienda en alimentos saludables.
  28. Todo me recuerda mis objetivos de pérdida de peso.
  29. Puedo sentir mi progreso cada día.
  30. Me despierto renovado y listo para hacer ejercicio.
  31. Tengo mucho que ofrecer a los demás.
  32. Tengo suficiente para vivir enfáticamente.
  33. Mis suposiciones conducen a mi realidad.
  34. Todos mis objetivos se están logrando.
  35. Mi mente y mi imaginación me muestran el camino.
  36. Mi potencial es asombroso.
  37. Puedo crear cualquier cosa en la que concentre mi mente y mi cuerpo.
  38. Porque lo deseo, la realidad me ofrece caminos para lograrlo.
  39. Siempre me está pasando lo mejor.
  40. Mi entorno es amigable.
  41. soy persistente
  42. Estoy confiado.
  43. Manejo bien las situaciones estresantes.
  44. Puedo reaccionar hábilmente cuando me ponen en aprietos.
  45. Mis hábitos son saludables y buenos para mi cuerpo y mente.
  46. La gente puede contar conmigo
  47. Mi ética de trabajo es fuerte.
  48. Es fácil para mí permanecer centrado.
  49. Priorizo ​​mi integridad por encima de todo.
  50. Afronto los desafíos con valentía e inteligencia.

Self Concept Affirmations Law of Assumption

Self concept is a psychological term that describes how we perceive ourselves within our environment. If you think you are a good friend, that is a self concept. If you’re interested in changing your behaviors or reinforcing good patterns in your routine, use these self concept affirmations below to do so.

Self concept affirmations for the Law of Assumption:

  1. I am persistent.
  2. I am confident.
  3. I handle stressful situations well.
  4. I can react skillfully when I’m put on the spot.
  5. My habits are healthy and good fo my body and mind.
  6. People can count on me
  7. My work ethic is strong.
  8. It’s easy for me to stay centered.
  9. I prioritize my integrity over everything.
  10. I meet challenges with courage and intelligence.

The Next Step…

I have a whole page just for affirmations here!

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