December 16, 2022

65 Fake People Quotes for Side Stepping the Frauds in this World

fake people quotes

ATTENTION AUTHENTIC PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: below you’ll find fake people quotes that I found from others and those I made up from my own experience.

This is one of my favorite posts because its all about how to side step my least favorite person on earth – the fake people.

Not only will you see some funny quotes and images about how sneaky and cute fake people think they are but I’ll give you my own advice on how to juke their asses, as well as some professional advice I learned in my own journey to avoid the snakes in the grass.

Let’s go!

12 Quotes about Fake people

“Quit trying to make plans with them and see who cares and who doesn’t”

“A fake person will either try to manipulate you, or is a coward who just doesn’t want trouble. Those are both things to stay away from.”

“The first time you find out they gossip about you behind your back should be a red flag.”

“When you meet someone, you’re not meeting them. You’re meeting their representative.” – Chris Rock

“People prioritize image rather than the truth”

“When you confront a fake person, sometimes they’re taken aback. They believe their lies so much they can’t believe they’re fake.”

Fake people quotes

“It sucks when you thought someone was nice but really they were just pretending.”

“It’s funny how the people who know the least about you, always have the most to say.” ― Auliq Ice

“Just because you loved a fake person does not mean your love was not real.” ― Steph Feels

A fake friend is as harmful as ten enemies. You invited them into your kingdom.

“Telling whether someone is fake can take a while but in the end you always saw where they pretended they didn’t actually reciprocate.”

“Fake people are good at pretending they’re pulling their weight and then making clever excuses when they’re caught.”

Sarcastic Fake people quotes

“Have you ever thought about writing children’s fiction? You’re good at coming up with silly little stories that only a child would believe.”

“I’ve asked you out to lunch 20 times this year and you happen to be busy every. Single. time…Right!”

“Where do you keep the other of your two faces? Is the second one shoved up your ass?”

“You talk shit about everyone here at work but I bet you don’t talk shit about me….”

“Yeah I’m sure you do.”

“Really? I’ve never seen you [blank] a day in your life. Why don’t we go out after work and you can show us all.” – use this when someone is pretending to be interested in, or good at something.

“You’re either pretending to be interested in me or you wanna sleep with me. Either way I’m gonna pass.”

“Do you tell these lies to your mother too, or just me?”

“What’s up. How are you planning on convincing us all about how awesome you think you are today?”

“C’mon, you said that bullshit line last week. Come up with some new material.”

“You must spend a bunch of money on makeup, ya know, being two faced n all.”

Funny quotes about Fake people

“I like watching fake people eat. It’s just interesting seeing which one of their two faces they put the food in first.”

“I saw that!” – Karma

“Fake people have their heads shoved so far up their ass they’ve learned to love the smell. Then the’yre like ‘Come in the water’s fine!’”

“When a fake person flies they have to buy two tickets: one for their fake image and one for the real them.”

“If lies were ad revenue some of the people I work with would be YouTube Stars.”

“People out here lyin’ like it’s a second job.”

“It’s funny how fake people lie to your face but when you find out they lied it’s somehow your fault….right.”

“Just heard the guy in the cubicle next to me talk to three members of his family and lie to each of them about the same circumstance…that’s gonna end well.”

“Fake people will lie to you about making plans with a whole story. A ten minute story is apparently easier than the word no.”

“Just asked the check out lady out for dinner. She can’t because (apparently) she’s working a double shift, needs to take her dog to the vet, has a meeting with her divorce lawyer AND got shot over the weekend. People are so fake.”

Indirect quotes for Fake friends

Saying something to a fake friend indirectly is called speaking with innuendo. You know when you say to a friend, “They’ve been spending an awful lot of time together if you know what I mean”. 

You’re clearly indicating that they might be getting serious with each other, even though you technically didn’t say it.

Saying something directly causes a direct confrontation and discussion. If that’s not your style, try innuendo.

Here are some indirect quotes for your fake “friends”:

  1. “Yeah, you seem to always be busy until it’s convenient for you.”
  2. “I remember you saying that but you told [insert name] something completely different the other day and I heard about it. So now I’m just confused.”
  3. “Actually I love doing favors for people, but only if they have a habit of returning them.”
  4. “No thanks, I only like to work in groups with people who share the work…and the credit.”
  5. “I think we’re done until I feel like the relationship we have is completely equal. Seems a little one sided at this point.‘

What is a good quote for fake people?

“Be yourself – not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.”Henry David Thoreau

What do you say to a fake friend?

Whether or not you even address the fakeness of a friend depends on how close you are, how tied into your routine they are, and whether or not you think they’re a priority in your life. If you think your friend is redeemable and that their fakeness is simply a part of their personality that they’re not aware of, then you could try addressing the situation while withholding the term fake for as long as possible.

Ask them simple questions based on their behavior and explain to them why that behavior is hurtful and abnormal. If they lie, ask them why they lie. If they make plans they can’t keep ask them why. If you have a friend who is fake nice and then uses you behind your back, they might not be a friend at all.

You can also try reciprocating with them in kind. Don’t put too much effort into the relationship if the energy isn’t coming back to you equally.

Here are some things you can say to a fake friend:

  1. I’m just treating you how you treat me.
  2. I thought these were the terms we were on.
  3. I don’t want to work with you anymore because you always take all the credit and leave me high and dry.
  4. I started to feel like you were using me, that’s why I’ve become distant.
  5. None of my other friends do this and the relationship is much better. If you want to be my friend, consider why our relationship is so different from everyone else. If not, no pressure. We can part ways.
  6. Last week you said we’d meet up but we never did. Then I heard you were out with someone else…what’s up with that?
  7. How come everytime we meet up at parties, somebody else comes along and you just ditch me?
  8. I thought you had certain feelings about me but I’ve heard through the grapevine that you say other things to other people.
  9. You know many parts of our personality are unconscious. Would you be willing to look into these things that bother me about our relationship?
  10. Tell me the truth. Do you care about me? Why?

Images and memes of Fake people

Here is a nice list of images for fake people.

sarcastic fake people quotes

Understanding Fake people in general

Dealing with fake people is always a pain in the ass, but learning how they operate and understanding the mentality of someone who is a compulsive or pathological fake does wonders for your sanity. In short, by understanding fake people (who they are and why they do what they do) you can maintain your composure, brush off their behavior and eliminate toxicity from your social life.

Why are people fake?

First, let’s answer the question of why are people fake in the first place.

People are fake because: Authenticity requires energy and effort. They’re overly concerned about their image rather than being real with you. They want to avoid offending you, conformity makes them feel safer, they’re concerned about their own maintenance and you’re a casualty, childhood trauma is influencing their behavior – OR they have a personality disorder.

Authenticity requires energy. Being real with everyone requires a tremendous amount of energy, especially if it’s not something you inherently value. Sometimes telling someone else like it is adds more effort to someone’s life on top of all their other shit. Since it’s not worth it to them, they don’t do it.

Which leads us into the next point. They pretend to avoid effort. Ever verbally shove someone to the side just to avoid talking to them. Sometimes you just have too much on your plate and being fake is the easiest way to avoid the strain of having to exert yourself.

They prefer the image to the real thing. There’s a scene in it’s Always Sunny in philadelphia Where Dennis is talking to Frank about wanting to be the figurehead of the operation but not having any of the responsibility. He doesn’t want real power, only the illusion of it and the corresponding glory that follows.

Fake people possess a fear of offending others. When you’re real and honest with others, often you’ll tell them something they didn’t wanna hear. It’s not difficult to tell someone the truth and ruffle their feathers, damage their fragile ego, expose a weakness in their psyche and otherwise lose a friend. To avoid that, people avoid telling others how they really feel just to remain polite and cordial.

Childhood trauma, as usual. When you speak to a psychologist about childhood trauma, it’s almost like listening to a gardener diagnose an issue with some plants in your garden. “Why are the leaves on my peppers yellow?” They’re response is simply, “It could literally be anything causing that”. Same goes with childhood trauma – it can cause a myriad of personality issues that need to be dealt with in adulthood. Being fake is one of them.

Conformity is much safer. Sticking your head out and telling others the truth eventually causes discord. People don’t like hearing the truth, especially when the truth requires them to change who they are. You’ve done nothing but let them know something about themselves, but they see that as a challenge to their identity, and that feels like death to them. Not ruffling people’s feathers and staying below the radar is just easier.

They’re influenced by expert marketing. This one is easy. Anytime people want to be accepted, they’ll be fake and adopt the thing that’s cool just to fit in. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it. Some people never left it behind.

You’re not useful to them. Someone might be nice to your face but behind your back talk shit, gossip or sabotage you. To others who can benefit them, they’ll be nice and brownose until they get a leg up in the pecking order. The truth is, they’re probably being fake with others and honest with you if you’re the one who can’t be used as a resource in their quest to attain something valuable to them.

High levels of machiavellianism or sociopathy. Sociopaths see everything in life as a variable, including people. You’re a resource to be used up by them and most of them can’t see anything wrong with that. Like a napkin, they wipe their mouths with you and then throw you out when your value has run out. Machiavellianism is one third of the Dark Triad personality dimension that often causes people to be inauthentic, highly manipulative and have low moral sensibilities.

They could be psychopaths. Psychopaths are decent at mimicking emotions to disguise their true demeanor. Often the mimicry can be too on queue and too perfect to where it’s noticeable. 

They’re lifestyle has eclipsed their humanity. Sometimes we get drunk with power. People get power, their dopamine spikes, they become addicted  and do whatever it takes to maintain their position. The lust for power can make a person do just about anything.

Now that we know why people end up being fake around you, let’s talk about the different signs and characteristics of fake people.

What are the signs of a fake person?

The characteristics of a fake person are: attention seeking, people pleasers, big braggarts, highly insecure, their body language and words don’t match, they exaggerate and lie, they’re always trying to one up you, they’re poor listeners and only wait to be heard, they will leave your side as soon as someone more important approaches, they gossip about everyone, they’re emotionally distant and everything must be convenient for them. 

Fake people are overly self interested and normally you can see that what’s on the inside doesn’t match what they show on the outside. Fake people can often be caught pretending in order to seem a certain way or put out a particular image about themselves to sway the opinions of others.

10 Primary characteristics and signs of fake people:

  1. They’re attention seeking people pleasers
  2. They brag about themselves constantly to mask their insecurity
  3. They come off as phony to those who can see through their mask
  4. They’re body language and words don’t match
  5. They exaggerate and may be compulsive or pathological liars
  6. They will leave your side as soon as someone who is more important to them shows up.
  7. They suck at listening. You can tell they didn’t retain or remember anything.
  8. They gossip to you about others, and you realize later they’re gossiping to others about you.
  9. They’re emotionally distant. Their weak psyche needs to be protected at all times.
  10. Every interaction with them must be convenient and on their terms.

Fake people love attention, it feeds the fake persona they project and fortifies the masquerade they’d have us all believe in. They can brag loads and be self righteous. They give out an “its all about me vibe”. Putting yourself out there to get attention isn’t always bad, but its clear when someone is trying too hard. Especially when something clearly has nothing to do with them and they cannot help but find any way to insert themselves into the conversation or situation.

They constantly seek attention in order to validate themselves, exposing an inherently weak mindset that they must be validated externally in order to be valid at all. 

They’re the type of person who gives $20 to a homeless person and posts it on instagram just for the attention with the caption “Just feel so blessed to give back to the less fortunate. I’ll be back out here next week. My heart goes out to these people.” The reality is, they want you to see them as the illusion they project, because they think they’re authentic self is not good enough.

Fake people have a tendency to lack reliability. This is because in order to keep up their masquerade, they overbook themselves with plans that no human could possibly maintain.

  • They could act really excited to see you, but not follow through with the plans you both made.
  • They schedule themselves to think and make promises they can’t keep.
  • They tell you they are good friends but are always too busy to help. 

You can see signs of a fake person in their insincerity:

  1. Body language is off – doesn’t seem to match the rest of the interaction. They’re only kind of paying attention.
  2. They can be passive aggressive, or set themselves up to talk down to you.
  3. They don’t listen when you talk, they miss the details and forget things often
  4. They pretend to care about those less fortunate only to bask in the loftiness of having a higher more fortunate position.
  5. It’s possible for them to be pathological liars.
  6. There are constant interruptions during your conversations.
  7. They go out of their way to set up circumstances where they can belittle you.

The fact of the matter is, real friends invest in your success and when good happens to you, they feel as though its happened to them as well. When you succeed a fake person needs to one up you to maintain their position.

If you’re dealing with a fake person at work, the typical brown noser could be a good sign of a fake person. Respecting power and wanting to be a good employee is fine, but if you notice they only respect power when its present, and dont care after, they’re probably fake people that you’re dealing with.

A fake person will be nice to those who can help them succeed and snub most others. Now that we know what fake people are like, let’s discuss how to deal with them so that they can ruin your life.

How to deal with Fake people

Try this when wondering how to deal with fake people: Do you really need or want this person in your life? Call them out in the most strategic way possible. Spend some time away from them to get perspective on the situation. Add other stuff to your life if there is a void left when they leave it, and if the fake person is family or a close friend, constantly remind them of your standards.

How to deal with a fake person

  1. Make a decision.
  2. Understand and call it out.
  3. Spend time in solitude.
  4. Become a part of different environments.
  5. Remind them of your standards.

Make a decision. Why am I dealing with this person who is unavailable and taking resources from me?

Understand. Call it out. this person needs to be rooted out of your life. they’ll prevent you from succeeding by taking up space in your life – what needs to happen? Can you ignore them? Do they need to be exposed? can you just not talk to them for the rest of your life. What position do they have in your circle? – make  a diagram for this.

Spend time in solitude and really think/understand who you are and whether they’re congruent with that. are they toxic for your goals and systems of who you are and your direction? see the future and be the future. What place do they have in it? are they in your routine? switch things up

Develop, create, or become a part of new groups and environments.

If they are tethered to your life and cannot be removed, constantly remind them of your standards, desires, direction etc…say no and reestablish who you are with them whenever necessary. “real friends train you, fake friends drain you”

Develop boundaries with them at work

How Do You Avoid Fake People and Fake Friends? (quotes)

  1. Discover if they’re really fake. People have patterns below the facade.
  2. Decide whether something needs to be done about this fake relationship.
  3. Is this person redeemable? Will they change? Do they care enough about you to correct the things that are scarring your relationship?
  4. If you decide to distance yourself, do it naturally.
  5. Never sacrifice your principles and agenda for them.

“The first step you need to take when dealing with a fake person is to make a decision. If you’ve realized that a person is fake you gotta ask yourself: why am I spending time with this person? Why am I giving them attention? Why am I allowing them to take up mental real estate in my mind and then allowing them to withdraw emotionally from my heart?” – Daniel Ally

The effort you put into fake people largely isn’t returned, and when it is, only according to what’s convenient for them. You must make a decision to either deal with their fakeness or not deal with it anymore.

People have patterns in life, and patterns reveal what I call their character. Character is something deeply ingrained in  person. It’s that genetic component…it’s the early education part of them. It’s something so deep inside that they can’t control it…What it does over time is it starts to create patterns, and that reveals that core the essence of what we are. Stop buying into people’s charm, their presence, their facade, and pay attention to their character, what lies beneath.” – Robert Greene

Everyone has a presentation they offer to the world. Pay more attention to what they actually do rather than the presentation. Everyone’s presentation is going to be amazing. Otherwise, why put it out there at all?

“…there may be potential to course-correct with open communication.” Tiana Leeds

Test to see how genuine your friend is. What are their goals and aspirations in life? If you know they find friendship valuable, and think their goals in life line up with prioritizing your friendship, you can bring up this issue to them in conversation. This is especially effective when the personality trait of being fake is a natural part of their personality, not a decision they’ve made on purpose. Some people don’t know they are the way they are.

“You can prompt the relationship into ending naturally, by ‘matching your friend’s effort put into the friendship, refraining from any favors, and holding firm to your boundaries'” – Tiana Leeds through mindbodygreen

Matching your friend’s effort is self (I almost typed elf…) explanatory. Don’t give them more than they give you. 

“Stay aligned with who you are.  Remember that your worth comes from inside you; it’s an inner thing.” – Lifehacks 

Whatever you do, make sure interacting with them doesn’t change how you live and pursue your own principles. Avoid situations where they might take advantage of you and don’t lose your cool. If you need to explain yourself to other people because their fakeness caused a problem at home or at work, make a logical presentation. 

How to tell if someone is Being Fake Nice

How to tell if someone is being fake nice: they are clearly just pretending to listen, they come up with crappy excuses for missing out on your plans, they don’t remember details that you’ve told them countless times, and when you stop being useful to them their mood toward you changes.

Signs that someone is being fake nice:

  1. They forget things all the time when you have conversations.
  2. They pretend to care about you only to promote themselves.
  3. They pretend to care about others but its clearly shallow if you look closely.
  4. You think they feel a certain way about you but always find it different from others.
  5. Your surprised by their behavior behind your back.

10 Differences between a Genuine and a Fake person

  1. Genuine people make arrangements and keep them
  2. Fake people use you as a resource to get ahead.
  3. Genuine people feel a reasonable amount of empathy for your suffering.
  4. Fake people can be pathological liars, sociopaths or psychopaths.
  5. Genuine people will allow your success to be yours.
  6. Fake people will find someone to steal credit from you.
  7. Genuine people generally don’t constantly feel the need to gather information from you just to use it against you.
  8. Fake people are jealous when they’re not the center of attention.
  9. Fake people can’t allow you to just have “your moment”.
  10. Genuine people smile at you sincerely and their body language makes sense.

How fake can a person be?

They’ll get so fake that they literally see you as nothing but a resource. Some of them don’t even know their fake, or understand that their behavior is abnormal so they place no limits on how fake they’ll be.

  1. They’ll use you for status
  2. Take credit for things you’ve done
  3. Try and help you, do most of the work and include themselves selfishly or include themselves where they don’t belong
  4. Try and control how others see you so they look good themselves
  5. Gossip about you to others and gossip about them to you

How can you Avoid being a Fake person?

If you want to avoid being a fake person, the first thing you can do is isolate all the ways you’re being inauthentic in your life, then correct those behaviors.

How to avoid being a fake person:

  1. Tell the truth
  2. Dont gossip
  3. Don’t use people
  4. Find a way to care about what others perspectives
  5. Understand your need to be important
  6. Reveal your own insecurities and own them
  7. Plan your behavior during interactions rather than acting natural
  8. Become interested in others
  9. Don’t be jealous
  10. Find value in others to feel bad about harming them

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