December 12, 2022

Am I a bad person who deserves to feel guilty? Most people aren’t.

Am i a bad person?

If you’re asking yourself the question “Am I a bad person”, curiosity itself implies a sincerity about your true nature. 

A bad person is someone who, under the influence of certain personality flaws, doesn’t behave in ways that are commonly seen as good. They encroach on people’s freedom, lack empathy, use others as resources for their own gain, betray the golden rule, and cause havoc in the lives of others for fun.

Aristotle said “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.

Most people are bad people because they live their lives in an unconscious way. 

So asking yourself “Why am i a bad person?” “am I a terrible person” or “am i a horrible person” is the beginning of your own self discovery – which is important because having discovered these things about yourself, you can then choose to either remain the same or change.

I hope that makes you feel a little better, because finding things out about your personality and psyche can be scary, but it’s also the beginning of one of the most powerful things in the universe…your own power to choose your own destiny.

We’re about to discuss ideas on morality, morality research, moral judgements, and help you develop an understanding of whether or not you indeed are a bad person, why you behave the way you do, and help you decide whether or not change is needed.

Am I a bad person for…commonly asked questions

People are always asking themselves if I am a bad person. They commonly do so for a few reasons:

  1. You had a wake up call causing pain to someone else
  2. You’ve gotten enough negative feedback from others and are questioning yourself
  3. Someone is gaslighting you into thinking your behavior isn’t appropriate
  4. You had a moment of weakness and did something just to benefit yourself.

The most common times this question is asked is when someone makes a mistake in life and wonders whether or not their evil for doing it.

Maybe you’re wondering whether you’re a horrible person because you cheated on someone, or because you broke up with someone and it broke their heart.

Making a mistake doesn’t make you a bad person, especially if you made it because of a weakness.

If a person hasn’t developed to the point where they’re morally stout in every area of their life, they can choose to not care or to develop the strength to make better decisions in the future.

Cheating on someone is certainly not a good thing, but feeling bad about it and actively making sure it doesn’t happen in the future is a good start. That doesn’t mean the other person needs to forgive you though, or suddenly become happy because “you’ve decided to change”. They have the right to be pissed.

If you’re asking yourself “am i a bad person for breaking up with someone” OR “am i a bad person for not wanting to be friends with someone” look at the reasons why.

Not wanting to be someone’s friend or breaking up with someone are not inherently bad things. People grow apart.

People have different personalities, ambitions and styles of living. If you’re rejecting someone for those reasons then I would say you’re probably not a bad person. There’s eight billion of us, we can’t all be friends.

But don’t go looking for an “am I a bad person quiz” to get your magic answer. Most quizzes online are just bullshit people use to get views. 

If you want the real truth, you need to become introspective, and have some deep sincerity to find and accept the truth about yourself.

If you rejected a person, or did something that another person found outrageous and bad, really try to understand why you did it. 

If you had a good reason, fine.

If you did it because you use others, lead them on, or have some type of weakness in your psyche that causes you to have bad interactions with others, then you might want to focus on that because those things will only cause you pain and suffering in the future.

Anxiety from feeling like a like a bad person

The anxiety from feeling like a bad person comes from thinking you did what was best but still seeing that you cause so much suffering. Sometimes doing the right thing requires that others suffer, but it’s also possible that your anxiety comes from knowing you chose the selfish thing over what was best for everyone, and you can feel your own weakness.

If you’re experiencing anxiety from feeling like a bad person, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Did I do what was best for me or them?
  2. Who should have been prioritized making this decision?
  3. Am I being selfish or an I doing something that needs to be done
  4. Do they even deserve me or what they wanted?
  5. Are they gaslighting me?
  6. Are they just babies who cry about everything?
  7. What do the people I trust think about my decision?
  8. When I’m being honest with myself, did I make the right decision, or the easy one?
  9. Was the relationship I had with these people healthy for me?

You can also seek professional help, and a second opinion from a friend is normally free.

If you think professional help is the way to go, I’ve been affiliated with for a while and they’re pretty spectacular at helping people through this type of thing.

Bad people lack Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. It is a powerful tool for making moral decisions.

Empathy is a powerful tool for making moral decisions because it allows us to see things from someone else’s perspective. It also helps us to understand what they are feeling and why they are feeling that way.

The word empathy comes from the Greek word “empatheia” which means “to suffer with.” Empathy is an important part of being human because it allows us to feel what others feel, which in turn helps us make better decisions about how we should act in certain situations.

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A bad person cannot make moral decisions

Moral decision-making is a process that involves making a decision based on what is morally right.

Moral decisions are often difficult to make because they involve weighing the pros and cons of different courses of action. Moral decisions can be made in many different ways, but there are some general guidelines that can help people make moral decisions.

The first step in the moral decision-making process is to identify the problem or issue at hand. The second step is to identify all possible courses of action and their consequences. The third step is to evaluate each course of action by considering its pros and cons, as well as its consequences for oneself and others. 

The fourth step is to choose the course of action with the most benefits and least disadvantages, while also considering how it will affect oneself and others.

Am I a bad person? Check your moral judgment abilities

Moral judgment is a phenomenon that has been studied for centuries. It is a complex process that involves many different factors, such as the person’s upbringing, culture, and personal experiences.

Moral judgment is an important part of our lives because it helps us to make decisions about what we should do in certain situations. It also helps us to understand the actions of others and why they did what they did.

What exactly is a Bad Person?

A bad person is someone who tramples on the rights that we feel are intrinsic to all humans. They are shameful, manipulative, harsh, irredeemable humans who prioritize themselves at all costs with low moral compass and lack empathy. They always possess one or several negative personality characteristics. Making mistakes doesn’t make you a bad person.

12 Characteristics of a bad person:

  1. Selfishness
  2. Manipulation
  3. Narcissism
  4. Psychopathy
  5. Sociopathy
  6. No moral compass or direction
  7. Excessive nihilism
  8. Thinking that altruism is a myth
  9. Low or no empathy capabilities
  10. Unconsciousness or an over identification with biology, mind and intelligence
  11. Delusion
  12. Any of the more prominent personality disorders

How to Spot a Bad Person in Your Life

A bad person is someone who doesn’t care about the feelings of others. They are selfish and only think about themselves. They do not care about the consequences of their actions and they do not feel guilty for what they have done.

Some people might be bad because they were raised in a bad environment or because they have been through a lot of trauma in their life. But, no matter what the reason is, it is important to know how to spot a bad person so that you can avoid them and protect yourself from them.

How to spot a bad person in your life:

  1. Do they take advantage of you and offer nothing in return?
  2. Do they lie?
  3. Are they consistently trying to manipulate the feelings others have about you?
  4. Have they ever stolen from you?
  5. Do they sabotage you.
  6. Do they exhibit behavior that seems odd, excessively callus or even evil?
  7. Do they do the same things to others? 
  8. Are they mean or abusive to children or animals?
  9. Do they appear emotionless all the time
  10. Do they make you feel like the crazy one?

What Makes Someone a Bad Person?

Human beings possess so many different variables. There’s a quadrillion different variables that go into what breakfast sandwich you get at Starbucks, so it’s difficult to diagnose why someone is the way they are without serious scrutiny and expertise.

What makes someone a bad person is how they interact consistently with their environment. Their environment includes all the nouns: people, places and things. If they continuously behave as though only they matter, and look out for what they want at the cost of other people’s desires, then they’re a bad person. Bad people often lack empathy, are highly manipulative and excessively harmful to others.

Why Do People Become Evil or Bad?

People can be born bad because of their biology, they can turn into bad people because of childhood rearing, and they can become bad philosophically by not taking responsibility for their own suffering.

If someone is born psychopathic and doesn’t have a good understanding of why their actions are immoral, they could be bad for life.

If someone is tested very high for machiavellianism or is a sociopath their degree of conscious evolution and the strength of their wisdom and character will determine whether they use their skill of manipulation for good or evil.

Childhood can cause people to build up defense mechanisms that helped them survive while they were young, but aren’t socially acceptable for adults in grown up society. Children internalize things in the strangest ways sometimes, and what that does to a child’s psyche can have them behaving in ways that are immoral as adults.

Philosophically, the story of Cain and Abel shows us how people can become evil. When a person suffers greatly, isn’t loved by others, we naturally blame our environment or even God.

When someone understands that they are the source of their own suffering, that will either liberate them or cause their psyche to implode. When that happens they can develop a type of psychosis that causes them to lash out on their environment.

This happens to Cain in the Bible, it also happens to Aries in Greek Mythology. When Aries is deprived of his father’s love, he goes to great lengths to earn it. Failing to earn it because of his incessant blunders and rage instead of continuing his search for Zeus’ love, he decides to destroy everything that Zeus loves – a type of vengeance that he thinks will make him feel better.

As someone born in April, I know exactly what that feels like. 

Unfortunately there is no solution to someone who takes that path. Their evil can only be destroyed by them being destroyed, or somehow redeeming themselves, choosing a different path and having the maturity to face their own demons.

Am I a bad person? Why do I feel so guilty?

People normally feel guilty when they’ve betrayed their own convictions in a moment of weakness. We feel guilty when we choose ourselves over the higher thing. The reason why you feel so guilty is because somewhere you know you chose the road that was easy instead of the road that was right.

It’s also possible that you made the right choice, and the feeling of guilt comes from knowing that even though you made the correct choice, the other party is still suffering. So sometimes guilt can be empathy in disguise.

What Causes Guilt?

Guilt is an emotional response to doing something we know was wrong. Most humans, especially when we know what the pain feels like, hate causing pain to others. When we do, knowingly or otherwise, we feel guilty.

Guilt serves a vital function in relationships but too much can be unnecessarily cumbersome.

These are the main causes of guilt:

  1. Guilt for something you did – probably bad
  2. Guilt for something you should’ve done but didn’t – missed opportunity
  3. Guilt for something you think you did – might have or might not have
  4. Guilt that you didn’t do enough
  5. Guilt for doing better than someone else

How to Stop Feeling Guilty

The five ways we feel guilty could have you feeling guilt for things that are or aren’t your fault. Regardless you’ll want to use these steps to stop feeling guilty and dissipate the guilt in a healthy way.

The three main ways to lessen how guilty you feel are to: apologize, achieve self forgiveness, and acknowledge all the aspects of the situation that were out of your control. 

Be honest with yourself, if you did the best you could in a stressful situation and had no ulterior motive, that’s enough to forgive yourself. People do the best with the resources they have. Sometimes we make decisions in the present under pressure that later we judge ourselves for.

Again, I’ve been affiliated with and if you’re struggling with excessive guilt I would recommend you seek out their help. Too much guilt can break a person’s heart and cause us undue suffering.

The Importance of Letting Go of Guilt

Letting go of guilt frees our spirit from the mistakes of our past. If you do something wrong, bad or make a mistake, guilt is fine in the short term. Let it do what it’s supposed to do, but there is no value in holding on to that pain indefinitely. It benefits no one.

Feeling guilty forever can also be an unconscious choice to not grow. If you made a mistake, don’t do it again. Let yourself feel the shame of making a stupid mistake, blunder, or betraying your moral code, then move on and don’t do it again.

Bad people possess Evil Personality Types – most of the time

Depending on how spiritually evolved, mature and wise a human being is, their personality type may affect how good or bad they are.The three types of humans that most people prefer to stay away from are narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths.

It’s not always true that someone possessing these personality traits is going to be a bad person, as they’re not the only variables that influence human behavior, but they are pretty strong influences, and they’ll win in the decision making process relative to the person’s strength of character and consciousness.

What are the Different Types of Evil Personalities?

There are many different types of evil personalities. The most common type is the narcissist. They are self-centered, manipulative, and lack empathy for others. They also have a sense of entitlement and superiority over others.

The psychopath is another type of evil personality. They are often charming and charismatic, but they lack empathy for others and have a tendency to be impulsive and irresponsible.

How to Deal with an Evil Person in Your Life

This section is about how to deal with an evil person in your life. It is important to know that there are many different types of evil people and they all have different ways of being evil.

The first type of evil person is the one who does not care about anyone but themselves. They will do anything to get what they want and will not stop until they get it. These people are usually very selfish and do not care about the feelings of others. 

The second type of evil person is the one who does not care about themselves or others, but instead cares only for their own pleasure. These people are usually very self-centered and will do anything to satisfy their own needs, even if it means hurting other people in the process. 

The third type of evil person is the one who cares only for themselves, but also cares for others as well. These people are usually very kindhearted and will go out of their way to help someone else even if it means sacrificing something that they

Am I a bad person? The Dark Triad Test

If you’re still wondering whether or not you’re a bad person, you can consult a personality test to help you figure out your traits. Namely, the Dark Triad Test. It’s a test that determines whether or not you test high for narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy. 

Keep in mind, I’m not recommending you take the results of the test as a self diagnosis. The results are food for thought. This is the part where I tell you that true psychiatric evaluation can only be done by a professional.

What are the 3 Components of the Dark Triad Test?

The dark triad test is a psychopathy test that measures three personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.

The dark triad is a set of three personality traits that are considered to be the opposite of the “Big Five” personality traits. These are the three components of the dark triad:

  1. Narcissism – Narcissists have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. They believe they deserve special treatment and will often exploit others to achieve this end.
  2. Machiavellianism – Machiavellians are cynical about human nature and believe people can only be manipulated or understood through self-interest. They use manipulation to get what they want from others without guilt or remorse
  3. Psychopathy – Psychopaths lack empathy for other people’s feelings or suffering.

The Importance of Understanding Your Personality Type

The benefits of knowing your personality type are numerous but, specifically for you, understanding your personality will help you notice behavior that may be natural for you and allow you to decide whether to indulge it or not.

That’s crucial for those wondering whether or not they’re a bad person. 

Understanding personality types in general will help you avoid other bad people whenever their personalities cause them to take their bad behavior out on you. Understanding people in general is just a good strategy for life.

Things to remember…

Just because you made a mistake doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Bad people consistently make immoral decisions and don’t care about others safety, benefit or suffering.

When you feel guilty for something, chalk it up as a mistake, be honest with how and why you made the mistake, and decide not to make it again in the future.

Understand the different personality types and reasons why bad people are the way they are. Change that behavior in yourself, and avoid it in others when it shows up.

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