Eulerian Destiny: How To “Do You” Better Than Anyone Else

EULERIAN destiny

Eulerian destiny is a formula for finding your path of least resistence in life. It instills a sense of purpose in you by offering a practical combination of: the last 10 years of your life, your passion, stranger feedback & what you grew up around. Effectively, it’s your personal niche in life.

Get your Eulerian Destiny Template/Exercise here.

It’s a practical way to combine everything you want to be, with everything you’ve already been.

Why’s that important you ask?

Because it keeps you from having to invent a completely new you.

Instead, the Eulerian method of achieving purpose, passion and finding your unique destiny takes who you are now and finds the snuggest fit for you in your greater environment (society, and the world).

The world is becoming more competitive and it doesn't work to copy another persons formula anymore. Eulerian destiny is how to stand out in a world of nearly 8 billion! It's how you 'do you' & still win #lifespurpose #lifemotivation #goals #thelifesynthesisClick To Tweet

That’s really what’s on everybody’s minds right now. Especially in 2020 and beyond, there are so many people on instagram, pinterest, facebook etc…that it’s nearly impossible to stand out and make it.

Everyone is becoming a copy of “what works” & it’s not working anymore.

That’s why the NEW way to be successful (rich and famous or just personal success) is to do what nobody else can do. If not, it’s hard to stand out (everyone is listening to the same people doing the same thing!):

  • in your career
  • in your personal life
  • in your online business
  • in the world in general

It’s so easy to copy someone elses formula & do what someone else has already become popular doing, but…

The world now, more than anything, is paying for individuality. People want to see how badass you can become being authentic…

This is where becoming the best version of YOU comes in. 


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Think about it, nobody is like you, you’re the only one, so finding your unique niche in life with a method like Eulerian Destiny is your best bet to filling a void in the world that only you can fit in.

Nobody else can do it, so you have to.

It’s not only your best bet for success, but dare I say…an obligation?

Humans are a work of art, but you have to make the brush strokes. If not, you’ll be at the bottom in a pile of scrap paper, when you know you belong in a museum!

eulerian destiny

What is Eulerian Destiny?

Eulerian destiny is a process where you combine the last 10 years of your life, your passions and mental preoccupations, what all your friends family and colleages think about you with what you grew up around…You do this in order to find the perfect “personal niche” or your path of least resistence to finding passion, purpose and your personal destiny in life.

Eulerian destiny is a “eulerian” way of finding your destiny. The term eulerian comes from the eulerian graph/pathways found in discrete math.

Eulerian might as well mean “efficiency”. Whether destiny is a real thing or not, some of us think it is, and most of us are interesting in filling a space in this world where we shine brightest for the least effort. Eulerian destiny is the method for doing that.

You travel the least amount of edges to know thyself. I used the term efficient above because, rather than creating something spectacular out of nothing, Eulerian destiny helps you utilize what you’ve already got an abundance of…yourself, to create a magnificent path of least resistance that helps you on your journey to personal success.

You can use Eulerian destiny for:

  1. Understanding your personal niche
  2. What expertise you could offer the world
  3. Seeing what skills and knowledge you’ve already got & can build upon
  4. Aligning your passions in life with your life experience
  5. Knowing yourself better in general

How to use Eulerian Destiny

eulerian destiny four key areas

1. What you grew up around

Your environment has a huge part to play in who you are a person. That means nature and nurture. Your early years are formative and play a huge part in your path of least resistance and Eulerian destiny!

Think about beliefs and subconscious programming.

  • What were your parents always saying to you about life?
  • What do you put “My daddy always told me…” in front of?
  • What values were instilled in you as a young kid?
  • How do you look up to your parents?
  • Are there things your parents did that you’d rather not embrace?

What subconscious programming did you receive from your environment as a child? These will affect your beliefs about yourself, your environment and reality in general. Think about what beliefs you inherited when you were younger that might hinder or help you succeed.

What did you learn through osmosis? Everyone knows the quickest and most efficient way to learn is to immerse yourself in the apprenticeship of someone else. That hands on training is second to none because you live and breathe it all the time.

What did you learn (absorb as a kid) that could be of use to you know. List everything.

eulerian destiny_ what did you grow up around

Is there anything you’ve been doing since then? Or for a while back then? If so, that’s prime real estate for eulerian destiny.

If you did anything for a long time when you grew up, include that.

If you’ve been doing something since you were a kid and STILL DO…holy crap you’re in for a real treat when you do this exercise. You’re probably at expert level by now, depending on how old you are.

2. The Power of your last 10 years

Look for the constant in the last decade of your life. Or constants, as for each of these categories, you’ll have a list of several options to combine together. What have you been doing for the last ten years?

  • Working the same job? What position? That’s a skill!
  • Living in the same area? Which area? You know it well!
  • The same hobby? I bet someone would like to pick it up and needs a 101 class from you!
  • etc…

If there is no constant, what is present the most in the last decade? There’s no one size fits all, so if your only constant in your past decade is change, that’s nothing to be upset about.

You’re just good at going with the flow, and at navigating transitions. That being said, there’s probably something present that’s been there for at least part of those last 10 years.

This is your 10k hours list. It’s folk knowledge that 10 thousand hours makes you an expert at something.

I’m not sure if there’s any updated validation for that, but if you spent 2 hours per day practicing something, 10k hours would be about 13 years of practice.

Suffice it to say, 10k hours is gonna put you at the top of the list when it comes to being skilled at something. Definitely include this in your eulerian destiny exercise.

eulerian destiny

How good at guitar do you think you’d be if you practiced  2 hours/day every day for 14 years? Good enough to charge money to show others how? This is the point (what’s your personal niche!!!)

This is where you can build and experience the least amount of learning curve. Enough said. The more hours you have in something the lesser your learning curve. You can continue on or pick up where you left off.

The whole point of the “last decade” part of eulerian destiny is that you’re probably really really good at it already. So start there.

3. What you can talk about for hours

“Don’t even get me started!” Being able to talk about something endlessly not only symbolizes passion but knowledge as well. Either of those will do to be honest.

Whether you know a lot about it or it just gets you fired up, those are both ingredients that will efficiently propel you further towards being the best at it.

eulerian destiny

4. What others say about you

Stranger Feedback can help you a lot in life. The hardest thing to overcome is our own bias. We either don’t give ourselves enough credit, or give ourselves way too much (dunning kruger effect).

Asking others their thoughts helps to balance out our tendency to over and underestimate ourselves.

Survey people you trust. Ask them simple questions like:

  • What do you think i’m good at?
  • Have you ever thought to yourself “man they’re just so good at this…”
  • What do you think I could be the best in the world at if I started right now?
  • Describe me in 10 words (adjectives)

Do this exercise individually as well. You’ll easily see your tendency to puff yourself up and limiting beliefs by comparing your opinions about yourself to others.

In my own experience, there’s value in getting a bunch of opinions from those who know us well. We’re the observer, and others can often know us better than we know ourselves.

what is eulerian destiny1

Summary of Eulerian Destiny

To keep from getting lost in the billions of copies on planet earth, we need to develop and master the only thing nobody can surpass us at: being ourselves.

To move along that path as quickly as possible, you and I can take the path of least resistance called “Eulerian Destiny” to combine our past, present and future into one seamless way of being that ensures personal success.

To see how I manifested my own eulerian destiny into my life, click here and I’ll show you what mine looked like. Then you’ll see how to mix and match seemingly unrelated nonsense about your life into something with extraordinary potential.

Do you have any ideas right now about how you implement this in your life? Leave a comment below and tell me your story!

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