My 10 Favorite Self Help Blogs right now. Classic to Brand new

self help blogs

Self help blogs that are worth the time are difficult to come by. Mainly because, once you get the bug, you just read and consume everything.

My favorite Self Help Blogs Right now:

Then when you’re craving comes back for more knowledge, where do you go? You’ve already read the entire library at Alexandria!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have too much information in your head…Let them speak for themselves and their small brains!

You’re capable of reading all there is to read, and knowing all there is to know out there, while applying it when necessary…

So let everyone else worry about the “information overload” boogeyman and you just pay attention to these 10 Self Help blogs below!


self help blogs
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10 of my favorite self help blogs

The first that I think you should pay attention to is mine. Other than having a weird name (I had a different idea for the blog at first) thelifesynthesis has turned into a success that was only in my dreams a few years back.

It’s a rule breaking blog, if anything, not just a personal development resource. When you start blogging, everyone tells you to niche down as far as you can go.

Everyone tells you not to compete with bigger blogs because “you’ll never win”, but the fact of the matter is, I compete with keywords with a few of the biggest blogs out there. One of them is even on this list.

My blog was created from a dream I had to find my passion, take it online, make money from it and serve millions. So I started on a quest to create one of the greatest self help blogs on the internet.

Every post you read, every “free” thing you request, is an extension of me showing you how to create your dream life, and transform your existence the best way I know how – self help.

This entire blog is really just a manifestation of, “I did it. You can too.”

Reason to read: self help is my passion first, business second. 

5 best teachings: 

  1. Your life should always be of your own design
  2. Learn from the experts
  3. Personal success is a combination of the right direction, a world champion mindset and effective action
  4. Taking your passion online is how you make money in the world right now
  5. Always be learning, and always be moving forward.

Most Popular Programs: My most popular program by far is the 50 questions for Passion and Purpose. Which, interestingly enough, isn’t even mine. 

I took a course by a successful and well respected life coach named Kain Ramsey (an honest and funny Scottish fella) who gave me permission to take one of his professional exercises and hand it out to my readers.

You can take a look at it here.

You can also receive the knowledge I acquire every day on Self Help Topics (before I even post about them anywhere) by going here and doing all the things.

Who is this blog perfect for? People who never stop learning, are interested in having a source they can come to whenever they need self improvement knowledge, and especially anyone who’s interested in completely transforming their life circumstances and living a life of their own design.

brian tracy home page

Brian Tracy has been doing self since the 1980’s and has authored over 80 books since then including:

  • Eat that Frog!
  • The Power of Self Confidence
  • The Psychology of Selling
  • No Excuses: The Power of Self Discipline
  • The Psychology of Achievement

When it comes to the sheer compiling of knowledge and information, Brian Tracy really has a powerhouse of a site, and one of the best self help blogs on the internet as far as I’m concerned.

He also does cool stuff with his hands while he talks, if that triggers your ASMR.


Reason: He helps others with the things he has done himself, not just self help topics he understands theoretically.

Not only that, but he has the widest variety of self help programs of anyone I’ve ever seen, even Tony Robbins. Just check out his entire library of courses, audio books, CD’s and programs here.

I’ve always been attracted to the idea of taking all the information people need on self help and putting it in one spot (like a library) and even though he doesn’t technically cover everything, I always know that I can go there and learn something new that I’ve never discovered before.

He’s quite the expert on business, coaching, goals and success, but he also has a nice program that teaches us how to become an author….I’m into it.

5 best teachings:

  1. One of the most important habits you can develop is the habit of daily goal setting.
  2. Confidence comes from experience
  3. Clarity helps you focus, and focus brings massive and exhilarating results
  4. Common sense is learnable
  5. Courage is required to move forward and achieve your full potential

Most Popular Programs:

  1. The Power of Clarity
  2. The Psychology of Achievement
  3. The Miracle of Self Discipline
  4. Time Management Made Simple
  5. High Performance Leadership

Related FREE programs:

  1. How to Discover your Personal Talents
  2. Living by your own Personal Code
  3. The Power of Habit
  4. Eat that frog!
  5. The Leadership Questionnaire

Who is this blog perfect for? Brian Tracy’s material is perfect for anyone interesting in becoming a good leader, and the self improvement journey that follows. That being said, anyone who is simply interested in their own personal growth journey would also do well to pay attention because he’s not just about business.

develop good habits home page

S.J. Scott is probably one of the most prolific writers on the internet, and has been for some time. He dominates the google SERP and for good reason.

His blog Develop Good Habits gets millions of views per month on a regular basis (making it one of the most popular self help blogs out there), and he even has another blog called Happier Human, both of which are full of fascinating and meaty reads.

He’s also written like….182 books? That might be an exaggeration, but when you go to this blog and look at all the books he’s written, you just end up scrolling forever it seems.

As a writer who happens to blog myself (instead of a blogger who writes) seeing someone with such an extensive collection makes me a bit jealous.

As you can tell, his blog is all about developing the type of habits that are proven to steer us away from destructive life behaviors and create what he calls the “Happier Human”.

Very cool.

Reason: Aside from his blog being excellent, self help and self improvements are habits of his, as made obvious by his several blog posts documenting his daily routine, his experimentation with habit formation, etc…

He’s also low on monetization. He has books you can buy, and there’s a tasteful amount of affiliate marketing, but for the most part, you won’t be bogged down by ads or excessive sign up forms.

Personally, I don’t mind self help bloggers who are a bit heavier on monetization – I like buying self improvement courses and programs, and I like to sell them too.

But it might be nice for you to take a break from it every once in a while. If so, his blog is perfect for that.

5 best teachings:

  1. Make sure you have enough space in your mind for happiness, constant anxiety is impacting your lifestyle 
  2. It’s important to be mindful about your relationships with others. Otherwise, the results you get from your partnerships with others are random (randomly good or bad)
  3. Gratitude is the greatest threat to negativity
  4. Procrastination can be destroyed by an “anti procrastination habit”
  5. You can learn and master anything quickly if you combine learning with implementation

Most Popular Programs:

Steve doesn’t really do “programs” per se. He’s a writer (like me) and his books are SUPER affordable and high value. You can get them all on amazon. 

Also, NO he DOES NOT pay me to promote his books. I’m not even sure if he knows I included him here.

His best books are (in my opinion):

  1. Habit Stacking: 127 Small Actions that take 5 mins or less
  2. The 90-Day Gratitude Journal: A Mindful Practice for Lifetime of Happiness
  3. Master Todoist: How to Use a Simple App to Create Actionable To-Do Lists and Organize Your Life
  4. Level Up Your Day: How to Maximize the 6 Essential Areas of Your Daily Routine
  5. Confident You: An Introvert’s Guide to Success in Life and Business

You can get any (1) of Steve’s books for free when you sign for Audible here.

free with your audible trial

Related FREE programs:

  1. The power of habit
  2. Slay your goals guide
  3. 21 Daily Routine Examples for Unparalleled Success
  4. Discover your Self Confidence Level

Who is this blog perfect for? Those who are interested in controlling their lives through taking back control of their programming and its power over their daily habits – whatever those habits might be.

The programming, the automatic behaviors, thoughts and ideas that we operate on dictate so much in our lives. When you realize a change needs to be made, a change in programming is also required. 

Steve’s blog serves anyone who is at that point in their life.

Forward Steps by Thea Westra

forward steps home page

I met Thea during a desperate attempt on my part to find something new to read. 

When you read as much as I do, it gets to the point where you come across each piece and think “If i could just get a single thing from this that could change my life, it would be completely worth it.”

When I go on Amazon, that’s how I feel. I purchase all these “recommended” books (because i love learning) and I’m thinking to myself “I hope i get at least one thing from them”.

After you read all the books, listen to all the talks, you basically know everything you need to know.

Whenever I learned to bake bread, most of what I learned came from the first three books I read – I bought 13 to begin with!

Of course, there’s new science that comes out, and this, and that, but basically, after a certain amount of learning, you basically know everything you need to know to get the results you want.

It gets to the point where you sign up for the webinar, read the book, listen to the guide and you’re just hoping….PRAYING for ONE NEW THING you can use to improve your life.

Thea is the creator of the Forward steps blog, and she gave me so many moments of just what i described above. 

A true breath of fresh air (when it comes to self help blogs) where I was listening to material I had never heard before. Not only that, but her message is authoritative and honest. It’s a real person talking to you.

She’s not someone who is overly concerned about making the graphics look good on her site, or making sure that everything is good for squeezing out the most conversions possible.

She’s a diamond in the rough. You won’t see any ads from her on youtube, or instagram. In fact, without this post, most of you probably wouldn’t have known about this incredible Aussie girl at all…..

…but she knows a lot. And that’s the only thing I care about. She has what it takes to get people to the next level.

End of story.

Reason: Low on the sales, heavy on the knowledge

5 best teachings:

  1. We get to choose how we experience life
  2. You’re never too old to learn or start something new
  3. Move toward what you really want rather than feel like you’re stuck
  4. Your vision can be made real by consistent action
  5. Whatever you focus on WILL expand

Most Popular Programs:

  1. 365 Forward Steps book
  2. The Inspired Life Collection
  3. 49 Questions to Inspire Change
  4. Her incredible Self Improvement Audio tracks (15 hrs+)
  5. Unlocking the Law of Attraction

Related FREE programs:

  1. 16 Lessons for Success in Life
  2. Believe in Yourself Book
  3. 365 Happiness Vibes
  4. 20 Self Exploration Exercises
  5. 88 Fun Thoughts about Life

Who is this blog perfect for? Anyone who feels stuck in their current circumstances and would like a beacon to show you that it’s always possible to choose a new direction and move toward it.

mind movies home page

Mind movies is particularly fascinating because they are not just a great amongst self help blogs, they’re the creators of the Digital Vision board.

I’m not necessarily saying that nobody had ever done it before, but nobody had ever created a software program that would allow people interested in visualizing their dream lives in video/audio format.

Some people erroneously think that the law of attraction means you post magazine cutouts on your bulletin board and call it a day.

Those people, 6 months later, still have nothing to show for it, (other than a shoddy collage) say things like “the law of attraction is bogus” and all that wonderful stuff.

Well, some of the smartest, most succesful people on earth do. The law of attraction is also in the veda, so its not some self help con artists invention.

Listen to the right people. Very important. Rant over.

For those of us who are a bit more savvy, a vision board is a constant reminder of the direction we’ve chosen to move in. Vision boards keep a fresh vision of our goals, dreams and desires in our minds.

Even better is to take your visualizations to the next level, which is exactly what the digital vision board does. You’re capable of adding sounds, conversations, images and video that correspond with your vision.

But MindMovies makes the cut for this post mostly because of their unique blogging style. Short, inspiring posts on a whole range of topics like:

  1. Law of attraction
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Wealth and Abundance
  4. Relationships
  5. Goals and Inspiration
  6. Spirituality

Natalie Ledwell, who writes most of the posts for the blog does a nice job of including other Self Help teachers in her blog as well, which was the main inspiration for me writing this post.

They partner with some of the foremost experts in the field of self help. The Mind Movies blog is truly an online resource to be taken seriously.

Reason: law of attraction pioneers, content on basically ever self help topic imaginable.

Best teaching: harness the power of your brain, mind and emotions to master the law of attraction and create your dream life, however you choose.

Most Popular Programs:

  1. The Ultimate Success Masterclass
  2. Mind Movies Matrix
  3. Mind Movies 4.0

Related FREE programs: Mind movies actually have a bunch of self help and law of attraction related “freebies” you can take advantage of. I know there’s a lot of people out there who like to reverse engineer the free programs and see if they can figure things out on their own, so if that’s you, check out any of these excellent choices below.

  1. Never in your Wildest Dreams (book) by Natalie Ledwell
  2. Success blocker quiz
  3. Neuroscientist proves the law of attraction (video)

Who is this blog perfect for? Someone who wants a fresh and updated explanation on the law of attraction and how it can alter the course of every area of your life.

Amber from Shine Sheets cemented her place among self help blogs in 2018 after having a business flop on her, and having to deal with her father be diagnosed with the C word. What followed in her life could be accurately described as a dark night of the soul.

Some of us know what it’s like to have several of those, and they always suck.

It’s like a mix of dreaming for better, wanting to do something about it, but feeling helpless while you’re entire world is crashing down. 

Every single comfort you ever had just leaves, or gets blown up, destroyed, or deleted.

It’s interesting, because Amber started her blog around the same time I started mine, and under similar circumstances.

I was also having career issues, and my mother also was diagnosed with breast cancer. The day we found out was actually the worst day of my entire life. I’ve never felt emotions that strong before – but I’m a stone face type of person so I just sat at my computer and buried myself in work, suffering quietly.

She’s a classic example of someone who went through a bunch of shit, and now helps others successfully navigate that same shit.

Kind of like, “Yeah this part of the ocean sucks, but I’ve done it a few times so we’ll be fine.”

Amber and I don’t talk much, but her blog is great, and it blew up quick. Everyone loves her stuff, especially women. 

She’s got an insane amount of content, literally everything. Like, so much….I’m not even going to list all of it here because that would be insane.

Reason: she’s a good example of someone who wants to help others with things she’s struggled with herself.

5 best teachings:

  1. Never settle for your discontent
  2. Start today on the life you long for
  3. Choose to go up instead of down
  4. Plan and organize your life
  5. Heal your mindset

Most Popular Programs:

  1. Mindset Superpack
  2. Planning Super Pack
  3. Her Inspirational Art Prints
  4. Self Care Bundle
  5. Goal Planning Bundle

Find all these programs here.

Related FREE programs:

  1. Slay your goals guide
  2. 20 Self Exploration Exercises
  3. 365 Happiness Vibes

Who is this blog perfect for? You, if you want to seize life and squeeze everything out of it that you can – while you can. Also, anyone who loves everything to be pink.

brave thinking institute home page

Brave Thinking Institute is one of Mary Morrissey’s self help blogs, and she’s on this list because she’s been one of my favorite “self help people” for a while.

Actually, I’d put her on par with Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy when it comes to the experience/knowledge they have, and the respect they receive from the field in general.

Her company BTI was created in 1984 with the expressed purpose of helping everyone get to the point where they can genuinely say “I LOVE MY LIFE”.

Since then, she’s been aiding others in fulfilling their purpose, operating at peak potential and making a difference to the groups and people that matter to them.

I’ve been watching Mary and taking her programs for years now. The most interesting thing about her blog is that, when you look at it, it’s not really that optimized for blogging.

I can tell that she’s not really trying to rank on google for highly competitive keywords (even though she definitely could), and she’s not trying to hack all the best platforms algorithms.

Yet, her blog content is some of the freshest and most authoritative I’ve ever seen.

She has expert authors publish frequently on the different topics of her blog including: 

  1. Life and transformation
  2. Relationships and love
  3. Health and wellbeing
  4. And Business and leadership

When you read her blog articles, it’s more like a conversation you’re having with an expert, rather than an actual blog post. You feel like you’re at a facebook life getting your questions answered individually, which is really nice (and rare).

Reason: authority, experience, authenticity that shows

5 best teachings:

  1. The world is waiting on you to pursue your dreams
  2. Anything is possible for you, no matter your past, age, who you are or the circumstances that currently surround you
  3. Design your life step by step and live it by creating a clear vision
  4. You have a unique and sacred purpose
  5. That purpose is not just for you, its for everyone.

Most Popular Programs

  1. 8 Spiritual Secrets for Multiplying your Money
  2. The Dream Builder Program
  3. Dream Builder Live Conference
  4. Into your Genius
  5. My Morning Mentor

Related FREE programs:

  1. Breaking through your Hidden Blocks: The Secret to Welcome Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance into your Life
  2. 10 minute Guided Abundance Meditation (no experience needed)
  3. Abundance Master class
  4. Stronger than Circumstances (book)
  5. Craft a Crystal Clear Vision of your Dream (beginner friendly guided meditation)
  6. Unlocking your 6 Invisible Super Powers

More free programs from Mary:

  1. Abundance Online Summit
  2. The power of intuition (book)
  3. 3 Mentorship Videos FREE – My Morning Mentor
  4. 30 days of Brave Thinking

Who is this blog perfect for? This blog is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to create their life based on practical and slightly mystical principles and teachings.

zen habits home page

The creator of this titan among self help blogs is Leo Babauta. When you click on the about page the first thing you’ll see is a quote by Thich Nhat Hanh, “Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves.”.

In his own words, ZenHabits is a blog about:

  • finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of life 
  • clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness. 

To be honest, you can learn just as much from Leo by paying careful attention to HOW he does things, not just WHAT he does.

Look at the theme of his blog – all white, simple layout, no frills, no flashing ads. It almost looks like an all white tablecloth with only a saucer, tea cup and tea present. 

Check out the about page – in a world where everyone is forcing this “YOU MUST TELL A GOOD STORY” narrative down content creators throats, Leo has an about page that can be read in 45 seconds.

He tells you his name, gives you a few sentences about why he does what he does, 3 sentences about his life and that’s it.

Then he has the rules for contacting him, which are basically: Don’t contact me unless it’s important.

All a testament to how he’s living and believing in what he’s writing rather than creating a blogging business (not that a blogging business is a bad thing).

One thing I will say, is that if he truly has 2 million email subscribers (like the optin says at the bottom) he’s shelling out a lot of money paying for his autoresponder, which tells me that he’s making enough money to support his blog just in selling his books and programs (since there are no ads on his site and he doesn’t do sponsorships).

Good for him.

Reason: authentic, walks the walk and talks the talk

Leo has 6 books out right now as well as 3 programs that you can find on his blog.

Related FREE programs:

  1. 20 Self Exploration Exercises
  2. A little book of flow
  3. Making the Most of Meditation
  4. 365 Happiness Vibes

Who is this blog perfect for? Those brave enough to clear through the fog and only focus on what matters with a calm and lightness in their step

addicted to success home page

Joel’s blog has been around for a while. The coolest thing about it (I think) is that it looks more like a magazine than a blog. 

I’m always stunned at how his blog just pops every time you happen to click on something he posted. 

Nevermind that he broke all the rules (and didn’t niche down) all his posts are really advice and not just regurgitated things from other blog posts across the internet. Which is always good.

That’s actually one of the hardest parts about being a blogger in my opinion.

It’s not the seo, or the minutia of running the blog, but understanding the principles behind what you’re writing about and being able to communicate uniquely.

It’s always a good strategy to know way more about what you’re writing about then you need to, and I think he does a decent job of that.

He also made a smart move and allows others to post on his blog, so he gets a whole range of perspectives and knowledge.

Addicted to Success is just that, a blog for anyone who is completely addicted (wants unlimited content to read) to success (about business, entrepreneurship, motivation, and goals).

There’s so much to be had on this blog it’s nearly overwhelming…nearly.

Reason: I like it mostly because I know I can always go there and find something brand new to read.

5 best teachings:

  1. So much of success boils down to being persistent
  2. Persistence is a commitment to move toward success everyday
  3. Making a daily commitment is called a habit
  4. Goal setting and crystal clear visualization go hand in hand
  5. Positive self talk and being grateful are key to staying balanced

Check out Joel Brown’s (Addicted2Success) youtube channel here.

Check out Joel Brown’s Personal Development Podcast here.

Who is this blog perfect for? People who want to model the same success formula as high achievers to achieve a 1% level status in life.

its all you boo home page

Nadalie’s blog is all about helping people move towards their goals in the most powerful way possible.

I like her mostly because she’s not insanely famous like Tony Robbins, but when you read and look at her stuff, it’s all very good.

Everything she makes is nicely down, well designed and inspiring. 

She has an amazing goal setting planner, which is one of my favorite self help products out there, and has been for years now. 

She also has a book out right now called Conquer Procrastination that you can find here.

Her courses and programs really shine above most that I see because she includes simple and easy to follow action plans that really ensure you get the results you want.

5 best teachings:

  1. Push past every excuse and take action
  2. Everything that’s amazing about you is just waiting for you to believe its there
  3. You’re enough right now
  4. The secret to your success is YOU
  5. Start where you are now by taking action properly

Most Popular Programs:

  1. Goal Setting 101
  2. Goal Slayer Course
  3. Conquer Procrastination (her book)
  4. Slay Your Goals Planner

Related FREE programs:

  1. Goal Slayer Masterclass
  2. Habit Tracker Template
  3. New Year’s Resolution Quiz
  4. Review your year Workbook
  5. Slay your goals Guide

Who is this blog perfect for? Dreamers and hustlers

mark manson home page

Hi, I’m Brian. How do I describe Mark Manson

You know what Mark Manson is? He’s french fries, Cole Slaw, celery for your Buffalo wings, and a nice carbonated soft drink in between bites of your favorite meal.

He’s a palette cleanser (in other words). He’s a blogger, slash psychologist, slash best selling author that everyone loves.

Actually, I like him too. Admittedly, his marketing makes me cringe a little. Everytime I see “Fuck your feelings” or a blog post titled “How to not be a total piece of shit” I wince a little, but thats how he does things – and it works.

I’m man enough to put my personal feelings aside, because he deserves the credit he gets. 

He’s one of the guys that the “experts” have as a part of their daily reading, and as a part of his MINDFUCK MONDAYS email list, I understand why. I actually gave him my primary email address, which says a lot.

Most Popular Programs: you can get all his programs and courses (ad infinitum…i guess?) when you decide to take advantage of his membership program. It’s $6/month – OR $48/year. Which I think is a fantastic deal.

$6 dollars to plough through all this books and programs in a month? I’m down for that, and if you’re into to constantly learning his self help blog might be a good fit for you.

Or, if your self improvement budget is a bit more abundant, you could drop him a 50 and have access to him for a full year just to see what he has to offer. Also a good deal. 

Also, I’m not affiliated with him in any way, (if that’s something you care about) other than the fact that we both probably say “fuck” and “shit” more than we should.


Who is this blog perfect for? Anyone who wants to learn how to stop sucking at life.

motivation grid home page

Motivation grid is a blog that delivers self improvement / personal development information to you in an easy to digest format.

I tend to be a bit wordy (I like to write + be thorough), but Cris from MotivationGrid makes certain that the information overload doesn’t happen to you (a good idea for self help blogs in general).

Actually, I don’t believe in information overload, but I do believe in information confusion. I’ve noticed that not everyone can take an entire library of information and put it into a solid action plan.

That’s a skill that some of us take for granted. So I think its cool that Cris’ goal is to make the posts short and sweet.

Honestly, reading their posts is more like having a short conversation with someone than anything else.

Reason: consistently winning awards and one of the most popular self help blogs still to this day

Who is this blog perfect for? It’s an all around self help blog, so everyone.

What are your favorite self help blogs? Let us all know below!

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