November 13, 2020

210 Affirmations for Bloggers who Want the Edge

affirmations for bloggers

Hi 🙂 I wrote this post on affirmations for bloggers because I couldnt really find any good ones.

Hope you like them.

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affirmations for bloggers

Affirmations for New Bloggers

I have what it takes to become the blogger I desire to be

I’m on a clear path to blogging success

I just started and I’m making quick progress

There are so many experienced bloggers out there who are eager to help me

I figure out the learning curve to blogging quickly

Whatever challenges come, I’m fit and eager to meet them

Every successful blogger started where I am right now

I am prepared to make this the most valuable blog on the internet

I wake up every day and start writing

Ideas flow from my mind and out my fingers effortlessly

I am learning the in’s and out’s of blogging with staggering speed.

I become excited when a blogging challenge arises.

I enjoy visualizing what life will be like when my blog is successful!

My traffic is steadily increasing

I know my blog will become successful because I’m putting the work in.

I make wise blogging decisions right at the beginning.

I spend my blogging budget wisely.

I’m good at finding tools to use for my blog that are free!

I am eager to learn new skills that will make me an excellent blogger!

I stand out quite well in my niche because of my unique approach.

I always find the time to work on my blog each day!

I’m learning the technical aspect of blogging quickly!

It’s exciting to get the feedback that I’m getting!

I feel confident putting my writing out there for everyone to see.

My blog is already helping more people than I’ve ever helped in person.

Mindset & Confidence Affirmations for Bloggers

I’m starting at the beginning, where everyone else starts

I have something valuable to share with the world

I am qualified to share the knowledge and experiences I’ve had

I put in the work required to know precisely what I’m talking about

I’m allowed to just give people advice

All my posts and writings are completely authentic

If I just try to help, everything else falls into place and people appreciate it.

I am consistent and smart with my effort and decisions.

I know what google wants.

I know what my readers want.

I stand out in the blogosphere.

Other bloggers get inspiration from my blog.

I’m eager to network and collaborate with other bloggers.

People always link to my posts.

People leave my blog educated and inspired.

I have so many ideas for posts that my notebooks are filled.

I take blogging in manageable chunks and succeed step by step.

There ARE people who read, use and appreciate my work.

Making sales and getting views and shares is light work for me.

There’s enough room for me at the top, and enough room for those who come after.

Productivity Affirmations for Bloggers

I write for at least 30 minutes every day

I always find time to write

I always know how to divide my time up properly for blogging work

I sit down to blog and work straight through

I am always eager to start blogging

I work on my blog first thing in the morning

I make sure to write every day so I can stay in practice

I spend most of my time on the important things

I work for 80 percent of the time on the biggest , most important tasks

I create a snowball effect of momentum by staying consistent every single day

It’s easy for me to get started working on my blog each day

I work on making my blog the best it can be, even when I don’t feel like it

Blogging sparks an indescribable excitement within me

I look forward to working on blogging every day

I’m ok with getting done what I can for the day

I always keep my blogging schedule, even if I only have 5 minutes to work on it

I stay regular with my blog. My readers expect and need me to post consistently.

I enjoy writing, so I do it often.

I love learning new blogging techniques and strategies, so I do it often.

Blogging is just something I naturally do.

Affirmations for Networking with Bloggers

My blog is perfectly aligned with other blogs in my niche.

Everyone on the internet wants to work with me in some capacity.

My blog is respected by those who came before me in my niche.

I am seen as an authority in my niche, and others like me desire to collaborate!

Newer bloggers in my niche look at my blog for inspiration and guidance.

Famous and successful bloggers love linking to my posts!

My inspirations are always eager to let me guest post on their blog!

Bloggers all over the internet always want to work with me

Working with other bloggers is super profitable for me!

I get contacted all the time to work with others and collaborate on projects!

SEO Affirmations for Bloggers

Everyone who visits my blog has a wonderful experience, and leaves it feeling taken care of.

Each blog post I write makes readers feel safe, knowledgeable, and prepared to tackle their goals.

My blog is clean, streamline, and drives visitors directly toward the information they’re looking for.

When people come to my blog posts, they feel I’m authentic, and concerned about them first and foremost

Every post I create is simple and easy to read.

I link to highly credible and authoritative pages that make my posts more credible.

I get all my information from sources that are researched and highly qualified.

Everything about my blog makes google super happy with my site.

My entire site is optimized for amazing user experience!

I constantly stay on top of what google wants from my blog and enjoy adapting to it.

Making Money / Sales Affirmations for Bloggers

I’m an expert at writing content that nobody else is writing about.

Everything I write is completely original and helpful for the times.

I’m highly skilled at helping first, and selling later.

People feel at home on my blog and buy from me because of that.

I send out sales emails in a trustworthy and reliable way.

Readers and visitors feel like my marketing is trustworthy and appropriate.

I sell to those who want what I have to offer.

My sales strategy comes off as genuine and helpful.

All my visitors and readers know I’m recommending good products and courses to them.

I know exactly what my audience wants and needs to improve their lives.

Affirmations for Experienced Bloggers

My brand is becoming super popular on the internet

I dominate the SERP

Everyone in my niche is linking back to my posts!

I have so many ideas for ways to serve my audience

I am chock full of skills that people are willing to pay for

I am an authority in my niche

Other bloggers are eager to work with me

I am always finding inspiration for how to grow my blog to the next level.

Creating info products is easy for me.

I get the highest RPM from ad companies because my blog is so high quality.

Affirmations for Six Figure Bloggers

Experts in my niche respect what a command I have over the topics I write about.

I get so many visitors to my blog it’s hard to keep up!

I’m an expert at driving all types of traffic to my blog.

My product is so strong that people tell me it’s exactly what they needed!

My products are so incredible that people ask if they can sell them as an affiliate.

When my readers turn into customers, their lives change tremendously!

I’m highly skilled at offering solutions to my customer’s pain points.

My following is extremely loyal and they return just to see if I’ve posted anything new.

My forte is selling without coming off as salesy.

My blogging business is authentic, respected and highly successful!

Social Media Affirmations for Bloggers

My brand looks amazing on social media

My content is so inspiring and helpful that people are constantly sharing it.

My blog posts blow up on all platforms

I’m so popular on all social media platforms, even if I don’t have accounts for them.

My follower count is growing each day

I get so many comments talking about how awesome my content is

The ads that I run are well received on social media

People eagerly await my next post.

Everyone who visits my blog follows me.

I know precisely what the algorithm wants.

Blog Post Creation Affirmations for Bloggers

I’m always full of inspiration for new blog posts!

My blog content is a nurturing environment for my readers success!

Everytime I sit down to write I tap into a flow state immediately.

Writing is a habit for me – a habit I enjoy tremendously!

Ideas flow from my mind and out my finger tips effortlessly

I cannot wait to get out of bed and start my next post!

People eagerly await my posts each week.

I can clearly see the flow and structure of a post I’m writing.

I am a skilled and widely read author

My writing formula makes creating posts simple and easy.

I can batch write several posts in one day.

My posting schedule is consistent and reliable.

Affirmations for Inspiring Yourself to Create

I’m a blogger, so creating blog content is just what I do.

People gain insight from my blog just as I do from other people’s blogs.

I wake up eager to help those in need however I can.

I’m a part of many people’s “constant learning” habit

I have a unique way of explaining and presenting ideas

The information on my blog helps countless people each day

I become masterful at my craft by teaching it to others

Each blog post is a new adventure.

I’m eager to research this topic and discover something I never knew

The more I create, the more successful I become.

Affirmations for Inspiring others to act

I know exactly how to inspire readers to act on their goals

People who visit my blog leave it believing in themselves

My blogging is so clear and educational my readers understand exactly how to proceed.

I provide ample opportunity for people to take the next step

I have the skills to show people who to get the results they want

The formulas and systems that I create are powerful and effective.

My courses, programs and info products are libraries of information and roadmaps to success.

I make getting the results they want simple and easy for people.

My blog brings clarity to people’s vision of their dreams

I show the way by setting the example myself.

Affirmations for Appearing Authentic in Blogging

I stay true to the principles that my blog was founded on

I am always completely honest with people

Everyone knows exactly what I can help them with

I write in a way that is purely authentic

People know that I believe in what I say

I truly believe in the message I’m spreading

My blog has an individual flare that’s unique to me

My personality comes out brilliantly when I blog

Readers and visitors know precisely where I stand

My readers identify with my core beliefs and values.

Affirmations for Blogging Technical Difficulties

I see technical problems as an opportunity to learn

I remain calm during site issues, because I know they happen

The more I learn, the less issues with I have with tech

I deal with any site issues quickly and efficiently

I see website problems before they happen

Affirmations for Blogging Consistency

Creating blog posts is a daily habit of mine

I write at least 1000 words per day

I have a consistent and effective blogging schedule

My blogging schedule is optimized for the results I want

I am hyper focused while writing

Blogging is the first thing I do each day

I always make time for writing blog posts

I am a successful blogger, and blogging each day is who I am

I am super reliable with my blog posting schedule

People know they can show up and always find new content on my site.

Google crawls my site frequently because I’m constantly keeping it fresh and updated

My blog is fresh, alive and vibrant!

I spend at least six hours a day writing blog posts

My effort when posting is impressive.

I am thrilled to wake up and see what’s next on my schedule!

Writer’s Block Affirmations for Bloggers

My creative gas tank is always full

When I sit down to write, ideas come to me naturally.

I easily gather inspiration from the world around me.

I am capable of consuming other people’s work and getting ideas for my own.

I get excited when the time comes to brainstorm ideas

Ideas flow naturally through me.

I keep notebooks all over the house because of the amount of ideas I’m constantly receiving.

I know precisely what to do to get myself into a creative zone.

I get so much inspiration from the writings of others

I receive unlimited inspiration from expected and unexpected areas.

Affirmations for Blogging Creativity and Design

My blog is clear, simple and elegant looking.

Everything on my site is super easy to find.

I’m always creating eye catching and engaging graphics.

My blog colors, design and layout are uniquely my own.

My marketing and images are highly recognizable.

Everything about my blog supports its purpose.

I’m learning how to make amazing designs for my posts easily.

Everything I create comes out looking amazing!

Designing beautiful graphics and videos is second nature to me.

My blog is easy on the eyes and draws people in.

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