January 24, 2019

Morning Routine for Men (Mighty): 40 Powerful Morning Routine Habits for Guys

Morning routine for men

The best morning routine for men will always be optimized for masculine biology and mind. Manly morning routines include focus, challenge, exercise and responsibility.

Morning Routine Habits/Activities for Men:

  1. Wake, No phone, Get the blood pumping.
  2. Focus, Breathing Exercise, Body Centering, Meditation, Mindfulness
  3. Organization. Write a list. Daily goals, Mundane activities and Serious Responsibilities.
  4. Action. The hardest thing first. Small breaks (5 min per 900-120min of work)
  5. Reflection & Relaxation. What went right? What needs fixed. What mark was left?

Product Recommendation: Morning Ritual Mastery

It ain’t easy being a man.

We spend so much time in the bathroom doing our hair and make up. There’s Sunday brunch with our friends that we have to make time for, and on top of that, nobody respects men anymore.

We’re only good for making babies.

But what about all the other things men need to do in life:

  • making the money we want
  • performing at a high level
  • being respected
  • looking great, feeling vibrant and being effective

You might want ladies to think you’re a stud…

…to raise children with good character, and overall, just be a man you’d respect if you were outside looking in.

Here’s a morning routine for men (several actually) that all high performing men understand, and harness.

In other words, here’s how to hulk smash every day.

5 morning routines for men infographic

4 Effective Morning Routines for Men

Intense morning routine for men:

  1. Full body resistance training work out
  2. Take all of your daily supplements
  3. 2 hours of your most important task
  4. Read for 1 hour
  5. Healthy breakfast (vegetables, protein, fats / complex carbs if you need them)

Medium morning routine for men:

  1. High Intensity Interval Training
  2. Rehydrate
  3. Warm then transition to cold shower
  4. Read for 30 minutes
  5. Smoothie and get to work

Light morning routine for men:

  1. 15 minutes on the bike
  2. Shower and rehydrate / light snack
  3. Watch an educational YouTube video
  4. Write down your tasks for the day
  5. Take some personal time to relax

Lazy morning routine for men:

  1. Walk around the block while listening to a podcast
  2. Respond to emails or communicate with your team
  3. Use an app like Blinkist to read an entire book in only 15 mins
  4. Plan your day around fun and relaxation
  5. Prepare a cheat breakfast / get some things done around the house or with your work
morning routine for men

Morning routine for the modern man

All things decay, society, our bodies, the way we live in general – all things are subject to the law of entropy. The modern man faces a few issues that can be remedied first and foremost through the morning habits we engage in. We’re all subject to loneliness, lack of self esteem, no direction in life, no respect, and too many options.

This morning routine will help you fix these issues:

  1. Make time with your partner each morning. Sex if possible. Something to strengthen the relationship like a love note.
  2. Set goals man. Buzzword or not, accomplishing things makes you feel capable. Sometimes we forget we can do shit.
  3. Move toward your life plan. Your plan for you, your spouse, your kids, your family and your career. That’s #1 in the morning.
  4. Write down how you’ll do a good job that day. Demand respect, but not by force. Behave in such a way that others volunteer respect your way.
  5. Gratitude. Remind yourself how good your life is, what you’re grateful for. It limits complaining and puts things in perspective.

Morning Routine for 30 year old men

At 30 years old, you were born in 1992. As a millennial man, the biggest problems you face in life are somewhere in the ball park of: financialmoney problems, social media – technology – video game issues, and debt.

As a 32 year old man, this is the morning routine I use to get my shit together in life:

  1. Wake up, keystone habits: meditation and lifting weights
  2. Get right to work on my online businesses
  3. Check all my accounts and analytics.
  4. Do not check my phone until after lunch (unless its an emergency call)
  5. Save entertain and socializing until after 6pm (when I make dinner)

Morning Routine Example for the Working Man

Men who wear boots and gloves to work require different morning routines than other men. Don’t forget these things.

  • Have your stuff prepared the night before
  • Check your performance from yesterday
  • Grab your EDC kit / Replace what was used yesterday
  • Take extra food along with you for a late work day
  • Leave a plan for the family in case you stay late
  • Take extra cash with you
  • Pack an extra shirt
  • Take a water bottle

In the evening, make sure to right down your performance, whether that’s orders filled, miles driven etc…

Go to your evening pile

You should have a huge pile (made the evening prior) of everything you need to take for work that day. This includes your clothes, thermos (for tea or coffee) and your EDC kit. Which brings me to the next item.

Grab your EDC kit

EDC stands for every day carry. They are the items you carry every day because you need them everyday. Items like wallets and phones are EDC for most people, but other items you might enjoy carrying every day on you include.

  • A decent flash light
  • Awesome keychain
  • Upgraded version of your wallet
  • Folding knife
  • Fixed blade knife
  • Ferro Rod
  • Tactical pen

Pack extra carbs

I remember when I used to work in the warehouse, the worst thing was working extra hours and not having extra food. Sure, you could just drive to the gas station, but gas stations sell shitty food that’s easy to get, but not good for you.

Pack extra rice, some oatmeal, or carry fatty foods like nuts and beef jerky for protein and fats.

Leave a plan for spouse in case you work late

Let’s face it, you’re not always at home on time. It doesn’t take too much effort to make a small plan for your spouse so they can’t play the “You always leave me with the kids” card – or whatever else. They’ll love you for caring also.

Take extra cash with you

Pack an extra Benjamin in your wallets secret compartment so you never get caught with your pants down. You’ll forget it’s there…until you need it. Then you’ll be happy you did.

“But Brian – what if it gets stolen?!”

…don’t let it get stolen. That’s why you carry a tactical folder at all times…right?

Hyper-Masculine Morning Routine Habits for Men

35 morning routine habits for men

Intense exercise

Gut busting exercise is one of the most powerful morning routine habits for men because it increases blood flow and testosterone. It floods your body with endorphins. Meaning it will also help you maintain a masculine looking physique. You’ll look the part.

Something else that’s interesting about intense exercise, is that it helps you absorb oxygen better. Have you ever heard someone tell you to count to ten and take deep breaths before reacting? Oxygen helps you stay calm, focused and in control.

working out is one of the best morning routine habits

Trick your brain

Your brain not good. Your brain like caveman brain. Hooman must trick brain to do better job!

…and there are severals to do it.

One of them is a simple posture check. Look in the mirror and stand up straight. Do that the whole time you’re getting ready in the morning.

But that’s not all – there are others ways to wire your brain properly in the morning.

  • Dress better – People who look good, feel good.
  • Smile but don’t linger. Give people respectful glances and move on.
  • Focus on the eyes when you have conversations. Be direct. (50/50 eyes to looking away ratio)
  • Orient yourself with affirmations. Repeat simple affirmations for confidence. Give your self directions to follow.

A few rounds with the punching bag

I bought a man name Mike Shreeve’s course a while back, and I’ve followed his journey every since. When he gets frustrated with life, or his manly fire needs to be expelled, he hits the punching bag!

There’s really nothing more masculine than going primal and ripping someone’s head off their body, just to watch the head fall to the floor and the body stand there for a few moments before it falls.

Too much?

Fine, get a punching bag – or something that can do the job of a punching bag until you get said punching bag.

Inexpensive Option

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Badass Option!

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Not only does it relieve stress to kick the shit outta something that cannot feel pain, it also just puts you in a Jame’s Bond ass kicking mood.

Very difficult to not feel ready to take over some shit after a deadly punching sesh.

Make a list of challenges to overcome

This might only be practical to do once per day – decide each morning on some very difficult task you plan on accomplishing that day.

It could be a serious hiking trip, or widdling a spoon. Something badass though.


Meditation, especially closed mouth nostril breathing meditation, strengthens your parasympathetic nervous system, making you better at responding to situations like a man, instead of yelling and screaming like a child.

It’s also proven to reduce anxiety, and over all make you a happier person.

Spend some time with pen and paper (embracing positivity)

Being a realist means you’re situationally aware of how your inputs affect your outputs. Being optimistic or pessimistic is how you view your potential in the future. They’re not even close to being the same thing.

Optimism enhances performance. Pessimism diminishes performance. The choice is obvious.

Avoid being a knucklehead by doing this every morning:

  • Take a small piece of paper.
  • Write down what you’re going to do that day, and the worst possible outcome, most likely outcome, and best possible outcome.
  • Make a firm decision that (based on your own effort) you’re going to avoid the worst outcome, and work toward the best outcome.
men are planners - men put planning in their morning routines

Practice saying “no”

“Saying yes to one thing means saying no to other things” is almost a cliche at this point. Make sure your yes has value and that you’re not just handing it out to anyone who asks for it. Everyone is competing for your attention and focus (your most valuable resources). You don’t owe anyone anything. People get insulted when you let them know that. Funny.

Being a man means having a plan – a master plan. Quote me on that. Having a plan means taking action. Taking action means you should be busy on something for a serious amount of time.

You’re not selfish. You’re focused.

When you show others how valuable your time and attention is to you, you force them to respect you on a much higher level. When you’re available to everyone, all the time, you become a resource that they can use at will for their own purposes.

Think of the mother who gives and gives and gives to the point where she feel’s used by her own family that doesn’t appreciate her.

This doesn’t mean you never help anyone out, it means most of your time is for you – and SOME is for them. Some.

Morning Routine Activities for Men

  1. Bask in the glories of other men
  2. Take care of your most important responsibility
  3. Nurture spirit – unleash animal
  4. Work on your chest game
  5. Cultivate the manliest qualities
  6. Read biographies
  7. Plan ahead
  8. Conquer the night before
  9. Wake up earlier
  10. Rehydrate
  11. Loosen your muscles
  12. Eat breakfast
  13. Be like a lion
  14. Spring and lift weights
  15. Eat a manly breakfast
  16. Face the Sun headon
  17. Add some super heroic foods in the mix
  18. Get rid of the dumbass in you
  19. Visualization
  20. Sit down and plan
  21. Mastery: Mind – Body – Spirit

1. Bask in others’ glory!

It’s been proven that vicarious experiences have an affect on your psyche and our hormones. In a study done on 30 males at sporting events, testosterone levels were elevated in the fans of the winning teams. This means we can experience the victories and challenges of others vicariously and it will have a corresponding effect.

Spend some time relishing in the victories of men you look up to, or people in general to embody more of the warrior in you during your morning hours.

2. Take care of a Serious Responsibility

Of all the qualities that men are supposed to embody, responsibility is one of them. Once again, were talking about people in general here, but especially if you’re going for the alpha, or leadership look, not owning up to your responsibilities really makes you look bad.

Responsibilities sometimes go by the way side – because of time, life happening to you or whatever other reason. So what do you do to minimize this occurring?

Get the important stuff done in the morning when you’re at your best and do a better job of making good decisions.

3. Nurture your Spirit / Unleash the Animal

C.S. Lewis says that men are spirit in their intellect and animals in their appetite. He posits three different types of “men” within all men. There is the cerebral man, who uses his intellect, ultimately, to get what he wants, and hopefully become richer in his spirit.

Then there is the visceral man – the animal, with voracious appetite for all things that animals in the jungle seek out.

  • eating
  • sleeping
  • mating
  • and defending, or protecting their food, dwelling and mate/off spring

Through a commentator on his work The Abolition of Man we learn that men need both of these aspects – without one men are weak, without the other, they are wicked.

Do something in the morning that causes your spirit to grow – think about the jedi, they are rich in spirit and they use their intellect to understand the realm of spirit and be a conduit for peace and good.

But also take care of your physiology (eating and sleeping), your family, your mate and their needs, and also your nest, your tribe, your community.

4. Work on your Chest

Lewis also spoke about a third part of man – the chest. A man obsessed with his cerebral self can become overly analytical, too logical. For Vulcans, this way of life works just fine, but for humans, we run the risk of becoming arrogant, cold hearted gargoyles that nobody wants to be around!

The visceral part of man is his animalistic tendencies – somewhere in between we find the chest, where character and ideals reside.

Have you ever seen a man with no distinguishable chest? The trap, shoulder chest combination is what make men look like men.

A man with no chest? – More power to ya guy but that’s the most uninspiring thing to see in my humble opinion.

Back to Lewis – make sure to add something to your morning your morning routine that causes you to live the rest of your day from your chest.

  • read books about heroes like King Arthur and people who are larger than life
  • read inspiring stories about mercy, heroism, gratitude
  • do something nice for your family before work
  • meditate on how you can be of service to someone or something that day – even if only in a small way

5. Cultivate your Manly Qualities

The four Masculine virtues are strength courage mastery and honor, and embodying them to the fullest will give you more of the masculine energy you’re looking for.

Strength: inner and outer strength. Your physical and athletic performance as well as your ability to manage your internal struggle.

Courage: to face your own demons, seek out new challenges and face threats that come to encroach on your territory, whether that’s a wildebeest or someone not respecting your boundaries.

Honor: there are rules that men follow. Rules that lead to behaviors that keep us all safe and happy. First develop a respect for the rules, then follow them.

Mastery: of skills you love and of your internal landscape. Mastery means finesse, it means focus, and it means discipline.

6. Read Biographies!

Biographies will give you an inside look at a person’s life – especially someone who has the type of success you desire as well.

It’s easy for us to look at a person on TV and see how successful they are, but it takes a bit of reading to dive into their life and see all the shit they shoveled for years, and how much shit was shoveled back onto them in between time.

Someone as wildly successful as The Rock actually failed at his first dream of being in the NFL.

It’s little things like that which make you more aware of how similar you are to those on top – and being on top (in your own unique way) is what being a man is all about.

  • being on top of virtue and honor
  • being on top of wealth and power
  • being on top in terms of character and generosity

There’s no rule about what you have to do, but whatever you do, be on top.

Reading biographies helps you learn lessons through the trials and tribulations of other people, so you don’t have to relive their pain and suffering.

7. Plan ahead.

You’re not very good at life if you allow yourself to get caught off guard.

When you wake up in the morning

  • You’re groggy
  • You’re still tired
  • You’re not thinking optimally

You don’t have to have everything planned out, but your clothes should be ready, you should have water by your bed. Little things that can be taken care of and prepared the night before, do it.

8. The Night Before

Make sure you get enough sleep.

Most people in the US do not get nearly enough sleep.

I don’t care if you’re in college and have your self convinced that you need to pull all-nighters to win the college game or an executive who thinks they can run on coffee and croissants all day, if you’re not sleeping 7-8 hours every night, you’re wrong.

Results of inadequate sleep:

  1. Lack of alertness
  2. Impaired memory
  3. Relationship stress
  4. Low Motivation
  5. The probability of car accidents increase
  6. Testosterone levels go down

9. Wake up Earlier!

Wake up Earlier.

Waking up earlier sounds unattractive, but the rewards far outweigh the pain. If you get enough sleep and are well rested, what’s the difference in what time you wake up? When you wake up earlier, you’ll be getting ready for your day in a calm state of mind. No more worrying about being caught in traffic making you 30 seconds late.

Morning routines are so much nicer when you know you’ve got plenty of time, and in order to do that, you wanna stop waking up with 10 minutes to get ready.

  • It’s nice to wake up and just chill in bed for a little.
  • It’s nice to saunter into the shower and just relax in hot water for a few minutes.
  • It’s nice to yawn, stretch, and then walk to casually preparing some breakfast
  • It’s nice to sit in a rocking chair with some tea, reading a book, watching the peak through your window.

Come to think of it, there’s nothing painful about waking up earlier in the morning. The pain comes when we wake up late, snooze, have just enough time, and if the slightest feather drops the wrong way you freak out.

Waking up early, in that calm morning ease, helps you appreciate life.

  1. It also gives you more time to appreciate yourself
  2. It provides you with ample opportunity to process the day before, and think about the day ahead
  3. It gives you time to think and be peaceful
  4. It prevents you from going into fight or flight mode as soon as you wake up

It’s better.

10. Rehydrate…

make sure to hydrate with your morning activities


Ever wake up and your mouth is dry? You lose moisture through breathing and other bodily processes overnight. If you’re asleep for 8 hours, you wanna rehydrate to put back in what you lost.

Even being dehydrated by 2% can severely impair you in all activities requiring attention, motor skills, and memory.

Drink at least a liter of aqua when you wanna start the day off right. You will see a huge difference. Promise.

11. Loosen your Muscles

Stretch out and loosen up

Here is a small list of occupations that might have your posture and body messed up in general.

  • Construction
  • Nursing home
  • Warehouse
  • Dentists
  • Surgeons
  • Landscapers
  • Gardeners
  • Store/supermarket Personnel
  • Office/cubicle type jobs

Any job where you are sitting in one spot or keeping one motion for extended periods of time is going to have you screwed up somehow. Think about sitting in one spot for a long time. You might creak a little, or need a stretch.

Stretching early in the morning is a good way to counteract how our daily activities form our bodies and create an imbalance. It feels better to go throughout the day when your muscles and other parts are nice and loose.

My favorite product for mastering my morning routine is now, and has been for a long while, Morning Ritual Mastery (created by Stefan James at ProjectMastery -affiliate). In 7 videos you learn how to create an empowering morning ritual that transforms all the stale areas of your life. Very cool.

Plus, you’re a man – and men without good posture look like little kid scmucks. It’s the truth. Pull your shoulders back and stand up tall without looking like you’re forcing it.

12. Be like a Lion!

Relax and Destress.

Nervousness is not manly or masculine, (or feminine to be honest). Every been in a room and notice a guy who darting his eyes all over the place, fidgeting and looks like he’s worried about something.

  • Women are less attracted to men who look like they’re not in control of themselves
  • People are less attracted to people who aren’t in control of themselves

Forget how you look though and focus more on how you be.

  1. You want to be in control of yourself
  2. You to have faith in your own preparation and your skills such that your environment isn’t scaring you all the time

Think about how a lion walks through Africa. Does it look nervous? Is it swishing it’s beer around in its glass every 30 seconds and taking deep breaths every moment? When it’s active, it’s confident and focused. When it’s not, it’s relaxing.

I’m not trying to conjure up some image of a man in a suit with tons of women around him at a party…

Masculinity and men at their best have faith in their skills and their ability to handle situations. Therefore they’re confident and relaxed most of the time. Take time in your routine to model that for the rest of your day and you’ll be golden.

13. Sprint and Lift Weights

Hit the Weights / or just Serious Exercise in general

Working out in the morning will

  • Increase your metabolism
  • Make you more consistent
  • Give you more physical and mental energy
  • Enhances your cognitive capacity more than caffeine
  • Help you develop strong self-discipline
  • Increase the quality of your sleep at night

After working out in the morning, I literally feel high. They say the best thing about being productive in the morning is that you are more focused and have better concentration in the first few hours.

I think working out in the morning extends that.

You know the feeling where life is easy and you’re super into everything you’re doing. Like you’re having fun and super focused doing what you’re doing?

It lasts for at least six hours after you work out in the morning. Plus it makes you look good so. Do it.

14. Stay Well Groomed, or else

Make sure you’re groomed well.

Nobody wants to marry a bigfoot. It’s not like you need to be hairless, but you need to be nice looking and presentable. Making sure your nails are clipped, your shaved (enough) for your own preferences, your teeth are white, your skin looks nice and your clothes fresh makes you look like you take care of yourself.

You don’t wanna look dumpy. You wanna look like you’ve got your shit together.

15. No breakfast? You’re wrong.

Balance out your breakfast.

We really ARE what we eat

  • The food you eat determines how your body looks
  • How your body feels
  • How much energy you have
  • How good you feel doing what you’re doing each day
  • Your cognitive capacity and mental energy
  • How bright your skin is
  • The mood you’ll be in

I mean, is that not pretty much everything? Make sure you’re eating right. It’s time to be a big boy. Personally, I’m vegetarian, but one thing I can say for all men, is that grown adult men do not eat processed food. You eat whole foods: meat, grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy.

To maximize your eating, make your body look and feel amazing.

  1. Figure out your BMR 
  2. Spread your macros out based on your BMR
  3. Account for your workout and get the protein, carbs and fat you need

16. The Sun is your friend!

get some sunlight in the morning

Get some sun. Sunlight wakes you up. There’s something about the crisp morning air paired with some sunlight that really makes feel ready for anything. Everyone who takes a run in the morning knows that the worst part is getting up and doing it. They also know that they always feel amazing afterward.

Getting outside and taking a walk is much more effective and getting you ready for the day than people understand. Walking outside (especially in sunlight) stimulates the Melanopsin Intrinsically Photosensitive Ganglion Cells in your eye.

  • You become alert.
  • Your body wakes up.
  • You’re no longer operating as if you’re asleep during your waking hours.

Humans are dynamic creatures. We have so much to offer and we do that by being active in some way (especially the masculine archetype, which is normally very active and “getting”).

There is also something about the warmth of sunlight beaming through your window bathing you in that brilliance that makes you stop and feel grateful for being alive. Which is always good.

17. Include some Morning Super Foods

super food powders and supplements

Hack your body with Superfoods: specifically ones that increase your testosterone.

Here’s a list of foods that increase your level of male hormones.

  1. Ashwagandha
  2. Tuna
  3. Egg yolks
  4. Oysters
  5. Beef
  6. Beans

18. Cure your stupid-itis

Read some Personal Growth stuff

  • What’s a logical fallacy?
  • What are critical thinking skills?
  • What’s emotional intelligence?
  • What’s narcissism?

You don’t need to turn into a junkie, but everybody could use more self-development books in their life. But reading books, in general, is gonna help you become a better person.

  • You’ll learn about your health and body
  • You’ll learn about your mind and how it works
  • You’ll learn how to think and feel better
  • You’ll interact with others better.

Knowing more is an easy way to get more of what you want in life. Not only will you make more money, but you’ll also interact with people better and make more friends.

If you’re new to the idea of Self-development, below are the primers that everyone reads first.

  1. How to win friends and influence people
  2. Think and grow rich
  3. Awaken the giant within
  4. Managing oneself
  5. 7 habits of highly effective people

19. Visualization Works (says science)

Make sure you visualize. You know the samurai? They would visualize their success in battle and meditate on it before it happened. Visualizing anything creates a special kind of memory in your brain which makes you capable of accessing that “memory” and doing it better (if that makes sense to you).

Basically, after visualizing something, you kind of already remember doing it, so you’re capable of doing it better. This works with anything.

  • Having a good day
  • Giving a wowing presentation
  • Nailing the first date
  • Staying positive
  • Not getting upset in traffic

Anything that’s important to you, you can visualize, and you’ll do it better. You also end up creating a road map in your mind before the event happens. Which is good because how do you get where you wanna go without knowing where you’re going looks like first?

Your name is not William “willy” Nilly!

20. Sit down and plan.

As an aries, I know all too well the problems that come with jumping into something without a good plan. I’m the first person to just start something because it’s interesting and not really know what I’m doing. Most of the time I can figure it out as I go, but I don’t recommend that for everyone.

Sit down and plan your day out.

  • What should the results be?
  • How do you want to feel at the end
  • What do you need to accomplish to be able to pat yourself on the back
  • What needs to happen so you’re not laying in bed at night condemning yourself
  • How are you planning on being better than yesterday
  • What goals need to be worked towards today?

Make sure your goals are backed by a solid master plan first.

21. Eat a high fat breakfast…lunch….and also dinner

Eating a high fat diet promotes the production of testosterone, and between you and me…its just better man. Are you really that into carbs? I’m not telling you to go full keto but increase the amount of fat in your diet (real fat from nuts and avocado and animals – not processed food. Nice try.) and you’ll feel way better.

Why is high fat better than anything else?

  • no crash after meals
  • ketosis feels amazing
  • doesn’t meat fish eggs and vegetables sound better than…rice?

Think you can’t build muscle on high fat diet? Think again.

22. Achieve Mastery | Mind – Body – Spirit

The archetype perfection of masculinity is the completely mastery over one’s mind body and spirit.

Having completely released any wickedness in your heart, malice toward your environment, and accomplished that King Arthur-esque aura about you (where people literally worship you as their leader) you will have done the impossible…that thing that literally almost no men accomplish.

That’s a tall order, but imagine what doors of opportunity open for you in life the moment you start to pursue this type of manly destiny…

If that’s not motivating enough, remember what life is like when you aren’t physically capable, admirable, likeable and confident in yourself.

No good.

My favorite product for mastering my morning routine is Morning Ritual Mastery (created by Stefan James at ProjectMastery – affiliate). In 7 videos you learn how to create an empowering morning ritual that transforms all the stale areas of your life. Very cool.

Skin Care Routine for Men

This is a list of morning activities I compiled from Alpha M and Dr. Anthony Youn’s professional advice.

  1. Cleanse: and choose the right cleanser for your skin type
  2. Exfoliate: twice a week to remove dead skin and stimulate new fresh skin growth
  3. Tone: apply a toner that doesn’t have alcohol as a main ingredient to prevent your skin from producing too much oil long term
  4. Anti-oxidants: Vitamins C & E to protect against free radicals and damaged skin
  5. Eye Cream without Retinol for tightening the skin
  6. Apply SPF 30 with Avobenzone (to avoid white residue on your face)

Other things you can do each day for better skin: Moisturize right after your shower, Wash your face at night, Moisturize at night with a night cream.

Bad Daily Habits for Men

Here is a small list of activities that decrease your manliness. Avoiding these at all costs is a great way to take your morning routine even further without an extra activity.

Jerkin’ it

Find everyone who told you that “masturbation is natural and healthy” and smack them right in the teeth. Those are the same morons who were dropped down a flight of stairs as children. I’m not even gonna give you some scientific crap about why you shouldn’t jerk it. Try it for yourself.

Give up the habit for two weeks and I’ll promise you’ll feel different, and like it.

Stop getting rid of your man juice for 7 days and you’ll know I’m telling the truth. Men who spill their seed needlessly are giving up a vital resource. End of story.

Being distracted

Being distracted makes you look ditzy, out of control, unfocused, and ruins the results you’re trying to get each day. Spend some time in the morning honing your focus until it can set something on fire.

Being a “yes” man

Being unlimitedly available, having no boundaries, and working for everyone else’s agenda makes you a flimsy little spaghetti noodle. You don’t have to be an asshole – you have to be solid, with priorities and boundaries. You need to know you, your time, and your attention are valuable.

Anybody who dare ask for those things had better truly need, and truly deserve them.

Being stressed out

morning routine for men - gratitude and perspective

Remember that T word that’s super important for masculine men? Testosterone is lowered by stress, which increases stress and lowers testosterone even more. Does that mean you’re not allowed to be stressed? No, were talking about chronic stress. It reduces performance.

So what does that mean for stressful situations?

It means you destress as quickly as possible and handle business. There is no law that says a stressful situation MUST stress you out. You can take serious times and just handle them calmly. You’re actually more likely to succeed if you do.

My Favorite Tool for this

  • Learn how to create the perfect personalized morning ritual to optimize your entire life (in only 7 days) with Morning Ritual Mastery.

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