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January 11, 2020

222 Affirmations for Confidence, Getting rid of fear, & Believing in Yourself

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affirmations for confidence
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“I am” affirmations for self confidence

I am enough

I am accomplishing my biggest goals and dreams right now.

I am confident.

I am comfortable at all times and in all circumstances

I am exactly what this world needs, in my own way.

I am in control

I am the best I could possibly be this moment

I am surrounded by people who see the best in me

I am lucky that my environment supports my growth

Super Confidence Affirmations

I am confident within myself

I am naturally self-confident and sure of myself

I am always accepted

People accept me for who I am

I am successful in new situations

Rejection only makes me stronger

I accept rejection as a natural part of life

I am confident when facing rejection

Success comes naturally to me

I am outgoing and social

I enjoy new social situations

I am naturally confident socially

I enjoy meeting new people

I am secure in my relationships

I put my personality on the line

I love myself for who I am

I always say whats on my mind

I enjoy taking risks

I don’t care what other people think of me

Become More Adventurous

I am adventurous

I am becoming more adventurous every day

Adventure excites me

I enjoy being outgoing and social

Seeing the world does not scare me

I am confident and believe in myself

I can achieve anything that I want to

I am courageous and adventurous

I can turn my dreams into reality

I can do things without prior planning

My life is exciting

I love being adventurous

My life is an adventure

Affirmations for boosting Self Esteem

I love myself

I am amazing

I can do anything I set my mind to

I always expect to succeed

I will succeed

I can achieve anything

I am proud of myself

I have a high level of pride

I will achieve great things

I believe in myself

I value peoples feedback

I am worthwhile

I value myself

I am comfortable being myself

I am comfortable speaking my mind

I always speak my mind

I have a positive outlook

I respect myself

I am self-confident

I am always positive

Others look up to me

My opinion is important

I am a high achiever

I believe I can do anything

Develop Charisma

I am full of charisma

I am naturally charismatic

People talk positively about me

People enjoy being around me

I bring a warm energy to everyone I meet

I enjoy meeting and talking with new people

My conversation flows

My conversation skills are excellent

I always find something to talk about

I enjoy finding out about other people

People feel safe talking to me

People always open up to me

People trust me to tell me things

People love talking to me

I make people laugh and enjoy themselves

Affirmations for Believing in yourself

I am an extrovert

I am a natural extrovert

I have an extroverted personality

I am outgoing

I say what’s on my mind

I never hold back

I am open with my thoughts and feelings

I talk about my emotions

I always give my opinion

My opinion is valued

I enjoy people’s attention

I feel comfortable around other people

I am interested in other people

People are interested to hear about me

I enjoy being around other people

I feel comfortable in a group of people

I am very social

I easily adapt to new social situations

I enjoy meeting new people

I make friends quickly

I easily make new friends

Affirmations that Improve Confidence

I am confident

I grow more confident every day

I can do anything I set my mind to

I believe in myself

I am comfortable being myself

I am comfortable speaking my mind

I believe I can do anything

I am confident in social situations

I am respected in my peer group

I can take control of a situation

I have the confidence to lead when I need to

I am confident just being myself

I always speak my mind

I effortlessly start conversations with strangers

Affirmations for Self Worth and Respect

I can say no when I need to

I always stand up to people

I am in control of everything I do

I am confident to say no to people when needed

I feel confident to turn people down

I always stand up for myself

I have the confidence to stand up for myself

I say no to unproductive activities

I say no to time wasters

I am assertive

I feel comfortable saying no

I feel comfortable turning people down

I have control over my life

Affirmations for Success & Determination

I act straight away on my impulses

I act to achieve success straight away

I always act in the moment

I learn from my mistakes

I learn from failure

All failure is feedback

Failure is a learning experience

Failure is a challenge to overcome

I grow stronger with every failure and setback

I succeed with everything I set my mind to

Success comes naturally to me

I always find a way to reach success

I am persistent

I stay persistent against any setbacks

I am driven and highly motivated at all times

I rise to any challenge

Affirmations for Social Confidence

I am confident in social situations

I am calm in social situations

I am always confident around strangers

I am confident around new groups of people

I enjoy starting conversations

I enjoy meeting new people

I enjoy conversing with new people

I am socially confident

I am outgoing

I am assertive with my opinion

I am more assertive in group situations

I have an outgoing and optimistic attitude

I am comfortable around the opposite sex.

I am confident when speaking to members of the opposite sex

I become more extroverted everyday

Public Speaking Confidence

I enjoy public speaking

I have a strong public speaking voice

People admire my public speaking skills

I am confident when speaking

I am calm and collected when I speak

I am dominant in my speaking style

When I speak people listen

I am calm and relaxed at all times

I am confident in my speaking abilities

My words flow effortlessly

I am relaxed in front of an audience

I am a fearless speaker

I am a natural public speaker

I speak calmly and clearly

I am a successful public speaker

Stop Being Embarrassed

I am confident at all times

I am always at ease

I am comfortable being myself

I am only concerned with how I feel

I say what is on my mind

I can laugh at myself

I stay calm under pressure

I am calm when people are watching me

I am totally self-confident

I have a strong self-belief

I always see the funny side of my actions

I laugh along with others when under pressure

Everyone makes mistakes

I stay calm when I make a mistake

My natural response to embarrassment is to stay calm and collected

Stop Caring What Others Think

I accept myself for who I am

I love myself

It doesn’t matter what others think of me

I am happy with myself

I am confident in new situations

I always try new things

I am confident to try new things

I don’t care what other people think of me

I act without worrying about other people

I can do anything I set my mind to

I have a high level of self-confidence

I have a solid self-belief

I always stand up for myself

I always say what’s on my mind

I always voice my opinion

People respect my opinion

I am happy being myself

I always put myself first

Stop Self Sabotage

I am capable of massive success

I will achieve great things

I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to

I think positive about my plans

I stay positive at all times

I only think positively about myself and my ambitions

I stay persistent at all times

I persist until I achieve success

I am naturally persistent

I persist despite any setbacks

Setbacks make me stronger and more persistent

I go all out to achieve my goals

I put full effort into any task I start

I aim for the top level of success in anything I pursue

Success comes naturally to me

I always pursue my dreams

I will achieve my ultimate potential in life

affirmations for confidence
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