May 10, 2018

3 Questions to See if You Qualify as Lost in Life

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Do you know what it means to be lost in life?

Nobody wants to be lost in life, but if we don’t know what the meaning the phrase is, how would we even tell if we qualified?

We will cover

What it means to be lost in life

How to redirect yourself and get back on track in less than five minutes

Who you are as a person and how to bring your real self to the table every time

How to harness your innate abilities and take back control of your life (something most don’t ever learn)

Definition: Lost in life

The phrase lost in life means that we do not fully understand ourselves, where we are going in life, and spend each day putting in effort and getting absolutely nowhere.

Lost in Life Means No Direction

The first sign of being lost in life is not having the direction you want your life to go fresh in your mind each and every moment.

People who die feeling like they lived their lives successfully lived each day, week, month and year with a solid plan, and directed their lives toward it when they felt it was getting off track.

People with no direction have no ability to decide whether what they are doing each day is leading them towards the life they want.

Lost in Life Means You Don’t Know Who You Are

A huge part of making right decisions for ourselves and our lives is understanding our own sense of right and wrong, but most of us don’t.

Do you know what your core values are? Find out here:

Without understanding what we really believe in, there is nothing but confusion in life as we make basic decisions.

Understanding yourself in this way is integral to living a purposeful life of right action

  1. Core values keep you from being lost in life by giving you a framework by which you can make hard decisions.
  2. They allow you to fight for something and take a stand in tough times
  3. They are the backdrop for what wisdom you live your life by
  4. And they give you strength when times are tough, by allowing you to fall back on the fact that you are fighting for what you believe in, and whatever come may come.

Not understanding your core values keeps you lost in life and creates confusion in our day to day actions.

Do you Understand Your Individual Power

Let yourself go back to a time when you saw someone struggling with something and wondered how the hell they could possibly stumble over something so simple.

The world is a system of trade-offs: we push down over here and it pushes up over there.

We are naturals at things that others struggle with. That’s the reason I started this program in the first place. I noticed I was a natural at effective action, having a grand vision for my life and believing in myself enough to go after it.

Are you lost in life or sometime wonder what that even means? These are natural human abilities that we all have but most of us forget to utilize. Watch your life transform as you take back these simple powers that you can use everyday in your life. Head over to THELIFESYNTHESIS to learn more about them. #brianwright #thelifesynthesis #lostinlife @thelifesynthesis

There are other things I am not so good at, like being sensitive to others feelings and being patient. These are the goods and bads about ourselves that we need to balance.

To create a reality where you’re no longer lost in life means to understand what you are naturally good at and bring that to the table whenever possible. It means to let yourself shine!

Whenever you can clearly see your strengths and weaknesses, you can interact with others effectively and experience a wiser existence.

Knowing your strengths and where you can tear it up enables you to direct yourself to be of service to others and how to accomplish your goals using your natural skills.

Understanding your weaker areas is essential to growing as a person.

Find out your virtues here:

Solution: Back in Control

The three-step process for getting out of the “lost in life stages” and into the “back in control” stage is simple.

Look to the Future

There are levels to everything, and those who look the farthest into their own future and behave according to what they desire for it, achieve the most success in life.

If you are only looking a few days into the future the rest of your life is a mystery and you can only expect to get random, mysterious results, that you are probably not going to be satisfied by.

If you have no plan for your life, you are probably living according to someone else’s plan.

Understand Yourself

Realize what you stand for and what values you want to live your life by. Core values are the backdrop for our activities and allow us to align ourselves with people, places and things that resonate with that.

It makes for a much more harmonious life and eliminates the confusion of “am I doing the right thing?”.

Use Your Personal Power

Know your strengths, weakness, expertise, and spots for growth. Ideally, each day we should end having progressed into more of what we would like ourselves to be in the future.

To embrace your strengths and understand your weak spots is to use your best weapons and forego catastrophe respectively.

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