June 18, 2019

“I hate my job!” What To Do When You Finally Admit It

i hate my job

“I hate my job!!!!” Seriously though, if you’re serious about hating your job (& aren’t just having an off day) there are a few things I found perusing the internet that will help you make well with your current situation, or transform it entirely!

To get out of your “I hate my job” situation: keep your “I hate my job” crises under wraps, genuinely diagnose your problem, make plans to correct the problem or move to a different situation, be smooth when you make your move and avoid catastrophe! You hate your job because it lacks meaning for you, the environment is sour, you’re meant to do something else, or are better suited for a different job!

i hate my job

The Different Kinds of Hating Your Job

1. Hating your job because you’re ready to create something brand new!

Many of us experience the desire to be our own boss, create something fantastic and fill our own spot in the world. We want to offer society something it needs and get rewarded handsomely for it. The less you honor this need you have, the more you’ll starve yourself internally and experience satisfaction with your current situation.

2. Hating your job because you’re not being challenged!

I remember when I worked at a warehouse (a job I loved) my supervisor (who I liked a lot) suddenly left because he found a similar position that offered more job growth. He had taken the job for good reasons, but working where we worked, he had no opportunity to move up in the ranks and experience increased challenge, or more opportunity to grow and serve.

If this is you, your job will be nice for a while, but after you get to the point where the novelty wears off, you’ll be ready to move up and there won’t be any place for you to move to!

3. Hating your job because you don’t value what you do!

If you don’t feel like what you do is valuable, it’s no surprise that you hate your job. Whether we’re satisfied with what you do depends much on whether we think it’s important or not. If you find yourself thinking “What am I really offering here of value?” chances are things won’t change and you truly hate your job.

In order to experience deep satisfaction, we need challenge, passion and focus. We can’t have any of those things if we don’t feel like what we do is of any significance.

4. Hating your job because the environment sucks!

You can last at any job for a while until the toxicity starts to wear on you. The environment and culture of the workplace includes the location, building, perspective of the higher ups etc…

If you’re not vibing with any of that and you feel like it’s an environment that challenges you as a person, changes who you are internally, makes you into something you’re not, or keeps you down it’s no wonder the first thing you type is “I hate my job”.

Environments don’t need to be toxic in order for them to be a bad fit for us. If you feel you’re being held back by the atmosphere of a place, or that the conditions aren’t ideal for you to flourish, it’s time to jump ship.

i hate my job

5. Hating your job because you’re not honoring your intuition!

There’s a little voice inside all of us. It’s really a giant pointer finger if you think about it. I’ve known this all my life and I’m pretty sure you do too. It’s how we have STRONG feelings about things that we can’t explain but we just “know”.

There are qualified people who say intuition is nonsense, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that there aren’t any qualified people who think intuition is a valid means of knowing.

Either way, if you feel a strong sense internally that you’re meant to do a certain thing other than what you’re doing at your job, you’ll grow to hate your job more and more.

In fact, in this circumstance it might not be so much that you hate your job, but that you’re not honoring the path you truly wanna take, and it’s making you resentful. Not following your inner compass robs you of experience, excitement, bliss, opportunity and personal growth. It’s no wonder you hate your job; you’re meant to be doing something else!

6. Hating your job due to exhaustion.

You might actually just be burnt out. Exhaustion can make you hate anything. Hell, when I’m tired or hungry I’d probably yell at puppy dogs or babies, just because of the toll being hungry and tired takes on your willpower and mental fortitude.

We wanna do the best we can, so we give, and give, and give some more, and the world will gladly take, and take, and take some more. And when you own up to the fact that you’re tired everyone will say “Well if you were tired, why didn’t you just say so?” FACEPALM.

Nobody has your energy levels, exhaustion and self care on their mind other than you. So it’s your job to pace yourself, put in the effort that’s needed, where needed and take a rest when you need to.

If you think that you’re just burnt out, you might not actually hate your job. Indulge in some self care, take your hibernation or siesta, then come back and examine how you feel about things.

“What Are My Options?”

Search for a new Job

It’s not like we all haven’t gone through the job searching process at least 4-5 times before. This time, make sure you put careful thought and consideration into the search. Ask yourself some deep questions to make sure you know everything you want from this job. Make sure you look for jobs that satisfy your need for belonging to a good community, makes you feel like you’re doing something important, challenges you and has enough room for you to grow as a person and a professional.

Have a serious conversation with yourself about the pay: fulfillment ratio. Should you chase the experience and happiness of a job? Or should you focus on the money? Figure things out while you’re doing your search and avoid having to do this again in the future.

Create something from Nothing

There are a million different ways to market a skill you have and monetize it online. You could go into freelance work, blogging, consulting, create your own online business or become a coach. The list is truly endless and coming from experience, the online money game is still not saturated, and if it were…there’s always room for someone to do it better.

You don’t even need to necessarily be passionate about what you do. If you hate your job because you hate your boss or the job culture, you could easily take what you do and offer those services online. Example: finance blogger, virtual assistant, graphic design etc…

Monetize your Passion

Hey…that’s what we do here. We take our passion and make money from it. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now. It’s the reason why you’re reading this post in the first place. As someone who has already put in the heavy grunt work figuring the in’s and outs to taking your passion online and making money from it…you will work hard and it will be a hundred percent worth it.

Again, this has to be the right option for you, so don’t let me boss you around. Make a decision that’s good for your life and go for it!

You’re Not Alone!

How many people on earth do you really think are in love with their jobs? I’m sure there are a few. Maybe there’s a lot, but there are also just as many people who are continually dissatisfied with the circumstances they’re in, and there’s no reason for you to feel alone, marginalized, or bad for it.

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