September 3, 2019

How to Start an Online Business from Home Right!

HOW TO Create an online business from home

How to start an online business from home?!?!

– the common Greek Hustler

“It’s impossible. Every Greek who’s ever tried, has failed. Live your life in Solitude, with me, in these hills. We will contemplate the meaning of life and author philosophy that, in a few centuries, most won’t even care about… ” – Socrates

You know, Socrates is right. Just give up now because starting an online business from home is impossible.

No bullshit – Did you know that 9/10 online/internet business completely bomb within 6 months of starting them?

Why? For someone who’s started online business successfully, I can tell you that 6 months (after you know what you’re doing) is enough time to finally start seeing tangible results, even with no money behind it.

So why are these people taking off at full speed with their online money dreams and crashing hard 6 months later?

  • No guide lines
  • no plan
  • no guidance
  • no research
  • no knowledge

In other words, they go at it willy nilly. Imagine being lost in the Amazon, and you decide you don’t need your map, your GPS, a guide, or your horse. Congratulations on your deathwish.

how to create an online business from home
It might look beautiful, but watching your dreams crash and burn is no fun!

To avoid repeated their tragic death

  1. Read through this post and start your online business right
  2. Put some pep in your step, because there’s only so much time before people get sick of “another you” trying to sell them “your stuff”
  3. Get the HUGE guide of checklists I’ve included for you free at the end (how to start any online business you choose properly)

How to Start an Online Business from Home

  • Decide your ideal online business
  • Make your internal shift first!
  • Make the necessary Preparations
  • Find the “Guru” in that field!
  • Know your online business battlefield!
  • Create your Business Master Plan!
  • Consistent, Focused Action
  • Bonus: The Magic Formula

Which Online Business Should you Create?

Don’t have the faintest idea? You can learn which online business is ideal for you, your personality type, and your unique talents by taking this FREE 30 second quiz.

Decide your ideal online business

how to create an online business from home
Even a monkey can take a few minutes to make a good decision for itself!

Identify something you’re passionate about doing. 

There’s really no rule that says “what makes you your money needs to be something you’re thrilled about”, but it does help.

When we’re passionate about something we dive deeper into it and resurface with more knowledge than the average person. This helps with being the best, which helps with making more money!

Meditate on your natural talents and acquired skills. 

The path of least resistance is always preferred (especially in how to create an online business from home).

  • If you have skills you use at your current job,
  • things you learned in college,

or talents you’ve had your entire life, using those is a good way to cut out the middleman of having a boss (always a plus as far as I’m concerned).

If you have a degree in Finance, you could easily have a job in finance and an online business in finance too!

The same goes for any skill or talent you have that is honed and proficient enough to solve real problems for others.

Think about what you have time for.  

Not all online businesses are created equal, especially when we’re talking about time.

There are business you could set up in hours and see results in a few days. Then there are business that require the compounding effort, and results of months to see results.

When you do your research, make sure you get a time table for how long you should reasonably see results in, and how those results are obtained. It’s not at all absurd to actually ask people either.

You could start running facebook ads right now, create a product tonight (theoretically) and start selling it tomorrow. 

Blogging on the other hand (even if you’ve got a well refined system) won’t see results for months, just because of the nature of google and blogging in general. 

Envision the endgame. 

Look at the folks who are already doing your online business interest.

  • What does their lifestyle look like?
  • How does society see them?
  • How do they act?
  • Where are they at, and what are they doing?
  • What does their work actually look like?

Then decide if that’s something you’d be interested in!

how to create an online business from home
Knowing where to start is easier when you can see your finish line.

Do some *GULP* Research. 

It’s damn near 2020 people. Not knowing how to use the internet to solve your own problems is well below the standard at this point. 

Here are some topics to research when you think you know what internet business you wanna start:

  1. What is needed to start? Money? A computer? Certifications or Permits?
  2. How long until you reasonably see results? You don’t want to give up too soon or take too long.
  3. What does promotion look like? Is it even required? Will you be using social media? Which platforms?
  4. What kind of online tools will you be using and how much do they cost?
  5. What is the learning curve like? What programs will you take to learn how to do it  well? (very important)

Make your internal shift first!

You have the right to make changes in your life. Sometimes we struggle with abnormal fears and limiting beliefs. First the desire to grow comes, and after, the reason why you shouldn’t bother.

You might have thoughts like,

  • That’s a certain group of people who do that. I don’t belong in that group.”
  • “Only people with this [insert bogus non-existent quality] ever make it”
  • “I have [bogus lie reason] [bogus lie reason] [bogus lie reason] to consider…this dream will probably never work”

& if you believe that nonsense, you’re only making room for someone else to take your place. 

You have every right to pursue your dreams for more money and a more independent lifestyle. 

There is no such thing as “the right stuff”. There’s no special kryptonian DNA that anyone else has that you don’t. That’s a stupid excuse and you know it’s not true. 

Your success is determined by: [Effort + Time (Experimentation)] Mindset.

There is no such thing as a ‘Perfect Decision”. There is only good strategy that’s well thought out & well planned. We do the best with the resources we have. Use all your resources and make the best decision you can make. Sitting still and dying is not an option.

Make the necessary Preparations

Create a master plan. See your online business as a new long term goal, go through the normal goal setting process and create objectives for you to meet each month.

Break those monthly objectives into weekly goals and then create your daily to do lists to meet them.

Ask yourself the right questions. 

  • Are you planning on quitting your job? 
  • What results do you want and how long will they reasonably take to get?
  • Is it reasonable to add this much effort and “extra” into your life?
  • Are you planning to blast full speed ahead or take it in small chunks?
  • Think about your life right now: do you need these results now?
    (to replace your current income) Or do you want some results eventually (gradual transition)

Make sure you answer the above questions as soon as you start wondering how to create an online business from home!


Find the “Guru” in that field!

Every field has an expert, and you won’t find anyone so adamant about this than me. The Easiest way to not waste your entire life trying to figure something out, is to just buy that information from an expert.

  • Wanna grow your social media? Someone’s got a product for that.
  • Want to start a consulting firm? An already successful Consultant will show you how.

OR, you could throw years down the drain (like I did) and try to learn how to do it all by yourself. Bullheaded and fool hardy comes with a price. Remember that, and decide which one you want.

Moral of the Story: whatever you’re trying to do, google it, find the expert, purchase their packaged information (course, CD, etc..) and speed through in style.

An expert doesn’t even need to be a REAL expert. They just need to have done extensive research and experimentation (so they know what works). 

  1. They’ll give you a working formula, so you’re not starting off the in the dark
  2. You’ll often get the easiest, fastest way to set your online business up
  3. You’ll get advice for each stage of your development and success

It’s just a better way to do things. We spend money on Starbucks and Fast food, but not the expertise of others who can shave years off our learning curve. That’s a huge facepalm in my book. What about yours?

I happen to know an expert who can help you start your own online business, and you can get in on his master group here.

Know your online business battlefield!

Each online business is gonna be different

  • they sell different goods and services
  • the results are different
  • the timeline and success arc is different
  • the process of getting those results is differen
  • they use and require different tools
  • What success looks like when it’s achieved is different
  • How you deliver your expertise and value is also different

Create your Business Master Plan!

A master plan is what you use when you want to leave nothing up to chance. Master plans are the ultimate in good strategy and really set you up for success.

A good plan will include a starting point, finishing point, possible obstacles, checkpoints along the way etc…

To create  master plan, make sure you:

  1. Brain dump
  2. Organize your brain dump
  3. Identify your first step
  4. Create your action plan

RELATED: How to Create a Master Plan that Ensures the Success of your Goals & Projects!

Take the First Step!

Unfortunately, every online business is different, so I can’t tell you what your first step is here. No problem though…

I created a list of checklists that will take you through the most common online businesses that you could start that will take you from 

  1. “Huh?” >>> 
  2. >>> all the way to “Alright! Time to get this rolling!”.

Just enter your info below and I’ll send it right over!

How to Create an online Business From Home: The Magic Formula

1. Master plan

Create your master plan. If a master plan is done right, you should feel completely comfortable following every letter each day. Life becomes easy because you already have each day’s tasks planned out.

2. Maximum Effort

Behave like you’re a rookie. There will come a time when you can press only one button and get tremendous results, but I doubt that’s right now (especially if you’re just starting).

As far as I’m concerned, the best policy is always the most action right away. This allows you to:

  • Understand what works and what doesn’t work
  • Double down on what works, eliminate what doesn’t
  • Collect data quickly
  • Get noticed because of your explosive action 

3. Examine data

Pay attention to data that comes back from your efforts. If the results you’re getting aren’t what you expect, something needs tweaked. If you’re getting massive results from something, keep doing that.

Especially with an online business like blogging, I know an easy way to give people what they want is to look which posts have the most social shares. 

  • It allows me to see how that post was written. What do they like about its style?
  • Is it the topic that they want more of? 
  • etc…

4. The Double Down and Forget Maneuver

If you’re an idea person (like me) or a serious planner (like me) you probably have a crystal clear vision of how everything is gonna happen in your mind.

You already know every move you’re going to make, you expect certain results, and the whole package of “success” looks a certain way to you.

…but you might be dead wrong.

Even though we put all that effort into your master plan, it’s still a good idea to be flexible. An easy way to accomplish this is to take what’s working and do more of it. 

Then, whatever has negligible, flimsy, or even pathetic results…just get rid of it.

5. Experimentation and Never Give up

It never hurts to try something new, so make sure that a percentage of your efforts goes to trying new things. 

Experimentation is what will give you the edge in the HUGE online world, and is little mentioned but essential step when it comes to how to create an online business from home.

You don’t wanna be that person who’s always copying others, so make sure you put an original spin on what you do and try out new stuff and make it your own.

I’m not someone who’s here to tell you to never give up on something, but if you did your master plan properly, you shouldn’t have to.

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