January 6, 2018

3 High-performance Habits of Extraordinary People

Here are five Habits of truly Successful people that bring prosperity, wisdom, compassion, and productivity.

The Benefits of Journaling will change your Life

Journaling controls what you think about after waking up and before going to sleep (your alpha states) directing your focus during this all-important time.

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This is especially powerful if you journal about your successes each day and go through every area of your life and discover small ways it already lines up with how you think it should.

Make sure to journal about gratitude and focus your attention on what is changing in your life for the better. If you wake and direct your focus towards how you want your day to happen relative to some core goals you have for it, even better!

Journaling can help flesh out situations during the day and bring clearer insight as to your thoughts and behaviors. Journaling puts your thoughts in order and is invaluable when trying understanding yourself.

You’ll want to Learn how to program your subconscious mind for success by controlling your thoughts before bed and after waking from my blog post here! 

Change your Angle of Vision

Develop Detached and Focused Observation and Intent

This one takes time to master, as you will need to practice in order to make it habitual.

Being detached in your awareness and focused on your intent means to understand what your desired outcomes are and but to have imagination as to how you will arrive at them.

Being attached to the journey and all its details means to already have imagined how you will get to your destination, but with your limited perspective, not see avenues and shortcuts that may be better for your travels.

It means not seeing the maze of life from the top down, but rather from within it. Learn to trust your intuition here, and let it guide you to your desired success with faith.

In a nutshell, know where you want to go but do not be attached to how you will get there, there may be an easier, faster way or variables that you cannot see that need to be put into place first.

Cut the fat, Remove the old, Transform your Life

If your house is full of old furniture (here comes the baby analogy) you will have difficulty finding space for new furniture.

To the extent you want new in your life, you must release old; Plain and simple.

The subtle art of Success involves focused visualization and aligned action, and reformatting your behaviors and thoughts becomes easier each time you apply direct action towards your goals.

Think carefully before removing things from your life unnecessarily, BUT if you’re getting intuitive prompts to let something go, release it and be grateful for what purpose it served. After this, the better can occupy that space and you will be better off for it.

The whole point is that you no longer need what is to be released, but you may experience slight pain in giving it up simply because it’s occupied a space in your life for so long and provides certainty.

That’s just a brain trick. Power through that and you will find that what entered your life was better.

A good way to tell by yourself is to imagine your state of being (thoughts, emotional content, ideas, behaviors) while completely immersed in the success of your choice. Then think of everything in your life right now (objects, thought patterns, ideas, people) who are only there as a defense for a person who lacks your desired success.

For example:

happiness equation 1

Drastic action is always better, but with loftier goals that are difficult to force yourself into, I recommend the smallest steps possible.

If you have a huge goal of reading more books, or finishing even one book, but cannot start for whatever reason, try reading only a single page. A common trick is to only do it for five minutes. Normally, after five minutes you will notice it’s become easier to keep going.

This is because your brain is wired to preserve energy, especially later in the day. When you think about the tasks you have to accomplish, you are probably seeing the entire task, and your brain compares that will its resources and pressures you to find something more relaxing. However, the part of your brain that will allow you to accomplish your task simply needs to be turned on before it takes over.

Overcome procrastination by allotting a short time to activities but remaining for the time you need to get it done!

Your brain can be tricked out of procrastination:

  1. Convince it that you will only use some of its energy using the above technique,
  2. Break bad habits and form new habits to create your successful life.
  3. There are more variables that need to be considered. Experiment, knowing that your brain can be always be manipulated, but that it might take a different combination of methods each time.

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