January 5, 2020

25 Cheat Code Subliminals for life success and obliterating mediocrity!

What are my picks for most powerful subliminals for life success and personal achievement?


I was watching you from outside the matrix and wondered when you’d show up.

You’ve finally realized that the programming within your subconscious mind dictates the reality you experience to a freakishly large degree.

Now that you’ve decided to be the controller of your experiences in life, now that you want to be the one who controls the programming that plays 24/7, we’ve got a few things to cover before we dive into it.

First of all…

What are subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages are orders given to the subconscious mind via bypassing the conscious minds.

The commands are then accepted (with repetition and general acceptance) by the viewer or listener and establish themselves as the programming for the reality the listener experience.

Although some doom and gloom about the use of subliminal messaging in marketing and in movies, there is really no cause to fear, because the programming we operate on can be controlled by us, by simply listening to subliminal messages of our choosing on a daily basis.

How do you Use Subliminal Messages?

  • Decide the reality you want to experience (wealthy, sex appeal etc..)
  • Find professionally produced subliminal tracks
  • Listen daily and watch your beliefs (and actions) change

How many Subliminals can you listen to in one day?

These messages do not need to be processed by the conscious mind, so you can listen to as many as you want simultaneously. 

Maybe try not to go over board though.

Are Subliminal Messages Safe?

It depends on how they are being used.

IF you are only listening to subliminals suited for the life and lifestyle you wish to live, than yes, they are perfectly safe.

Do you recommend free Subliminal messages?

No. And not because I’m money hungry or just trying to sell something either.

It’s just weird to go on youtube, find a subliminal track made by some guy named XO_dragonslayer47 and listen to his “Clear focus and ULTIMATE CONCENTRATION SUBLIMS”


That being said, do what you want. I recommend you find an established company, proven to get people the results they desire and who’s got a reputation for creating the best subliminal programming around.

I love taking control of my life by harnessing the power of my subconscious mind, so I already have my two favorites.

Real Subliminal, and Ennora are my chosen reputable companies that I go to for my own subliminal programming.

But it really is about trust though – so choose whoever, or wherever you wish to get your tracks from, but if you’re interested in where I get mine, pay attention below for my 25 favorite subliminal on success that are certain to have your life in overdrive soon after hearing them.

Lets go!

25 Subliminals for Life Success

Become More Persistent

I always keep the phrase “Not not only means not yet” in the back of my head. Meaning, when results don’t come as well or as quickly as you thought they would, you just need to regroup, and come up with a different approach.

There are so many stories of successful people failing miserably over and over again, only to see their success on the 21st attempt.

That might scare you away, and if so, you might not deserve or want this “thing” as much as you think.

Those who want great success in life are tested and trialed to see how badly they wish to occupy that position.

Persistence is wanting something so bad that obstacles are a challenge, not a defeat, and when you have it, you will awaken to a greater sense of purpose in life that you’ll become obsessed with.

View this subliminal here.

Become More Decisive

Being able to make decisions quickly means you know what you want. It may take you a few minutes, or even a few hours, but if something takes you a few days to decide, you probably don’t have enough clarity about you, what you desire, and the path your life is taking.

Once you decide you want your life to mean something, either to the world, your loved one’s or just you, a master plan for your life naturally evolves from that.

From that masterplan you set goals.

And from those goals, you can easily swat away and embrace fully the million and a half “opportunities” that come your way every day.

Being more decisive is as simple as knowing –

  • This will move me toward my goals
  • This will not

View this subliminal here.

Common Sense

Have you ever heard that common sense is not at all common?

Common sense is a weird type of shared intelligence humans have that allow us to perceive or “pick up on things” that are common to all of us.

Obviously you don’t do this…and obviously you don’t do that, but some of us lack any and all common sense and just make fools of ourselves in our daily lives.

I remember my mother would tell us as kids that we had no common sense.

If you’re in the same boat, or you feel you could use a bit more, take this subliminal seriously because lacking common sense can –

  • Make you look like a fool or an idiot in general
  • Have people looking at you and shaking their heads
  • Ruin your opportunity to succeed at anything in life
  • Make others not want to work with you because they don’t trust your judgement

View this subliminal here.

Deep concentration

Whenever we work on something challenging and meaningful, our focus multiplies and we slip into a state of “deep work” or deep focus and concentration.

Some famous circumstances of deep work are:

  • JK Rowling finishing the last of the Harry Potter books
  • Bill Gates locking himself in his room and doing nothing but writing the code for the start of Microsoft

Deep concentration, that is completely distraction free, has a unique way of getting extraordinary results that are nearly impossible to replicate.

It’s almost like slipping into a trance where the conscious you is asleep and the creative you is allowed to come forth and breath new life into the work you do.

I know that when I lock myself in my room, with no internet distractions and no family around to bug me, the blog posts I churn out come twice as fast and 10 times as good.

Deep concentration allows us to use our focus as the oar, that paddles us along the river of insight, realization and unlimited creativity.

If you’re trying to increase your odds of being wildly successful in life, increasing the amount of time you enter a state of deep concentration is a pretty safe bet.

Remember what Dr. Peterson says about people who are focused and efficient with their work: “Efficient people are very efficient. Incredibly efficient. I mean it’s off the charts. There’s no limit to how efficient efficient people really get”

View these subliminals by Ennora here.

Early Riser

One of the more practical methods for creating a sense of serious personal success in your life is just the ability to get up earlier.

Whether it’s Jocko Willink or Steve Harvey, successful people all over the world praise their ability to wake up each morning and get a solid two hours of super human activity in before the world starts making demands on them.

Just imagine how your life would change if:

  • You got in some intense fat burning muscle building exercise in every day
  • You read 45 pages of a book or watched an educational video every morning
  • You had 25 minutes to just sit and listen to nothing while the world was still quiet
  • You had a list of three things that had to get done that day, before you head off to work
  • You could spend a few minutes each morning writing a friend or family member a nice note or love letter

As Kevin Hart would say, “That’s some happy shit”. That’s some shit you do when you’re deeply satisfied with life.

And that’s how these people do it, they rise early, give themselves plenty of time to take care of the important things, and when the rest of the world wakes up and says 

“Give me all your time, energy and focus” they’re fine because everything crucial has already been taken care of!

View this subliminal here.

Extreme Self Motivation

Self motivation is not the ability to always be motivated believe it or not.

Self motivation is the self discipline you need to get shit done even when you don’t feel like getting shit done.

There is no rule in the world given to us by God, Angel or Man that says you have to “feel like it” in order to “do it”.

You’re perfectly capable of doing it even when you don’t feel like it.

Joe Rogen is famous for saying this – “If I only went to the gym on days I felt like it, I’d be a fat fuck!”

He’s not lying, often “not feeling like it” is our brain telling us that perceived pain is coming.

  • Pain from working out and feeling the muscle burn
  • Pain for not getting enough sleep
  • Serious mental effort and exertion
  • Pain of possibly failing

If you don’t master the ability to push through the “brain pain” as I call it, you will lose out on all the splendour your life could hold for you.

But still, we struggle to get up off our asses and “just do it”.

Which is where this subliminal comes in.

Reprogramming your subconscious mind with this subliminal will make doing what you need to every day an automatic behavior.

View this subliminal here.

How To Be Funny

We like people who are like us, we love people who like us, and we love to like people who are funny.

Anyone who can make us life, is someone who has the ability to send us into a space of pure joy.

It’s impossible not like someone who makes you laugh.

Just look at how devastated the world was when Ralphie May died.

Look at the millions of people who missed Robin Williams after his death, people who’d never even met him in person.

If you can make others laugh on a regular basis, they will like you indefinitely, and when that happens, whatever opportunities they have will go to you first.

View this subliminal here.

Confidence booster

Suspicion leads to suspension. 

Meaning – if we do not know how to proceed, we will stay put, forever.

Being able to proceed along a path you’ve laid out for yourself requires faith, and faith requires a certain level of confidence.

Without the right type of confidence you will never get anything you want in life!

But as much as I’d like to tell you to be confident in yourself, that’s not required.

Confidence to move forward can also come in the form of having confidence in a process that works.

Whatever your confidence issues are, you will find easily defeated once you put this subliminal to the test. 

A month of listening to it and you’ll never use it again, because you won’t need to. 

View these subliminals here.

Hungry For Life

Ever look at a fish just tossed by the fisherman into a boat?

It just flops around in this very desperate and pathetic way.

That’s what people who’ve got no fire in their bellies for life look like as they walk through their day.

Imagine being a human being, living on earth, right now, with all the opportunities to love, be rich, help the needy, and achieve one’s full potential…and just feeling “meh” about it.

Really makes ya think.

Over time, the world can numb us. We become numb to all the wonderful things it has to offer and become bitter cynical freaks that nobody wants to be around.

You know the type, always a doom and gloom never have anything nice to say about anything – even babies – type of person.

They’ve lost the fire that made them feel like they could achieve or be something great.

We’re all born with the same intrinsic value, but some of us have no desire to utilize it.

Don’t be that person.

Reignite your passion for seeking out purpose and listening to this subliminal for a month or so.

See what happens 🙂

View this subliminal here.

Increase Determination

How many times do you try before you give up?



How about nearly 30 times like in the case of Stephen King, whos Manuscript for Carrie was rejected by publishers because “Negative utopias don’t sell”.

Speaking of Steven king, according to him, you can either “Get busy living, or get busy dying”.

A man after my own heart.

So choose – busy living or busy dying?

View this subliminal here.

Learning Self Discipline

Have you ever heard Mel Robbins say “Motivation is bullshit”?

Motivation means you feel good about what you’re doing – but when you’re going after something truly adventurous, amazing, impactful and challenging (you know, the only things in life worth doing?) you’re not always going to feel good about it.

You will feel fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and  be insecure.

This might retire you to inaction, but you CANNOT allow that to happen.

Inaction is the killer of dreams and bringer of nightmares.

Self discipline to move even when unsure and afraid will be the shepherd that guides you to a place where you’re comfortable in your own skin, taking risks and coming out stronger.

View this subliminal here.

Love Cleaning & Housework

You might think this one is a little odd, but the reality is, a clean environment breeds success.

If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, have your kids or spouse do it (XD) or hire someone.

Whatever you do, make sure you experience what it’s like to use a crisp and clean bathroom every single day, to have a sink with NO dishes in it.

Feel the energy change when you dust your furniture. It’s miraculous.

View this subliminal here.

Organization Skills

Cleanliness is godliness.

I know they say that most geniuses are super messy, but who cares.

Organization can literally be tracked among successful people.

Get organized in your

  1. Money
  2. Relationships
  3. Business partnerships and work
  4. Spiritual life

View this subliminal here.

Plan Your Future

A chicken with its head cut off has no idea where it’s headed.

A human who doesn’t know where they’re headed is just a chicken with its head cut off.

Sometimes we hear that 50 percent of success is just showing up, the other half is having a solid master plan to execute on once you get there.

If Warren Buffet is right when he says “An idiot with a plan can be a genius without a plan” than you deciding to show up everyday with and knowing just what steps to take might as well be 6 infinity gems!

View this subliminal here.

Stop Procrastinating

We’ll talk about the ultimate procrastination package a little later in the post.

But this is the most insidious gremlin of all the evil doers that keep us from where we want to be in life.

Procrastination, a combination of stress and fear, is what limits our power to get real results in life.

Often we take far too long to start a thing, and even more often we never start at all.

What happens next? 

Someone else beats us to it.

Is procrastination your friend?

No, because that was your idea but you were too slow because of it!

View this subliminal here.

Stop Using Bad Language

I say fuck a lot.

It feels better to swear in regular conversation, because the english language just insnt exciting enough for me.

Maybe youre the same way.

But when I listen to others, people who swear every other word…they just sound ugly.

Excessive swearing makes people unattractive, and if you want to succeed in life, you’ll want to optimize how many things make you attractive to others (not just physically).

View this subliminal here.

Tap Into Your Personal Power

The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering. Bruce Lee

He believed we all had a potential to fulfill, and that it could be achieved if we harnessed our personal power to will our dreams and then do our dreams.

There 7 billion billion billion atoms inside the living being, and we know how powerful the atom can be.

You are made up of one of the most powerful and destructive forces we’ve seen as humans, and there is no telling what you can accompish if you choose to acknowledge the power within you.

View this subliminal here.

Think Big

The marines say our bodies are capable of doing 20% more than we think. When we feel like its time to stop, or rest, were capable of exerting ourselves 20 percent more than that.

Grant Cardone is known as Mr. 10x because his life experience has taught him that he was always capable of doing 10 times more than the goals he set for himself in his earlier years.

Regardless, of who says it, we do have a tendency to play it safe and sell ourselves short.

Although you do want to exercise caution in life, this subliminal will enure that youre not cheating yourself by playing it too small.

View this subliminal here.

Time Management

If you feel like you’re constantly playing catch up, or that there isn’t enough time in the day for you to accomplish what you need to, you may have a time management issue.

If thats the case, you can easily fix your woes by programming into your subconscious mind the importance and ability to prioritize important tasks and know exactly what to do to reach your goals, as well as what yo neglect because its wasting time.

View this subliminal here.

Procrastination Killer Package

This package is one you’ll want if you struggle just starting.

Procrastination really is the killer of dreams.

This subliminal uproots all the B.S. in your mind that says:

  • Wait for the right moment
  • Wait til its perfect
  • Wait till tomorrow

So much of success is just doing more of the thing until it works.

Have you ever seen ads on instagram or youtube for Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez’ business Mentor Box?

They started that business based on an idea they just had. 

Decided to test that idea out.

Sent out emails to their lists and said “If this is something you’d be interested in, sign up for $1 and we’ll notify you once we create it.”

They created it on the fly based on demand and it made a million dollars within the first year.

If you look at the company now, they’ve got shiny packaging and authors all over the place talking about their books.

But when they started the box was basically just nice cardboard.

They started. They acted, and they succeed.

  • They didnt wait until they had top knotch shipping materials
  • They didnt wait until they had a manhatten office
  • They didnt wait for a million sign ups
  • They didnt wait until they had a hundred authors agree to working with them

They asked themselves “What action can we take right now.” & did it.

But some of us have blocks to taking action immediately. Some of us dont have that kind of confidence.

This subliminal is the remedy for that.

View this subliminal here.

Organized and In Control Package

The organized and in control package is one of my favorites because it’s the one that offers the most freedom in my opinion.

When you’re organized, you know where everything is at, and that breeds confidence.

At all times you have a host of security cameras on everything in your life:

  • Your money
  • Your friends and family
  • Your love and sexual interests
  • Your work and achievements

I’ve always been a huge planner – a huge organizer.

Mise en place to the maximum if you get me!

Not only does staying organized keeps you in control, it keeps you confident, because so much of our confidence issues stem from uncertainty.

Not to mention, people living working and interacting with organized and in control people. You look more dependable, and feel more responsible when they’re around you.

You might think “But I’m not very organized!”. Maybe not, but you can become it, that’s the whole point of subliminals.

They change your subconscious programming. Run a new program, witness a new life unfold.

View this subliminal here.

Motivation for Life

Go on youtube and look at all the people living it up.

Now more than ever, there is tremendous opportunity for you to exceed your own expectations of yourself and really kick ass, but not if you don’t seize that opportunity.

I mean really seize it – like grab it by the neck and choke it as you cross the finish line.

The doom and gloom way of seeing things is a perspective left for the boomers, our grandparents – the world’s not like that anymore.

The honest truth is, people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars from their laptops literally sitting in swimming pools.

And you’re working a job you hate because thats “the way it’s always been done”.

Not anymore – it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

View this subliminal here.

Brain power

Do you like slow internet?

What about when you’re wireless keyboard is out of battery and types words out in chunks instead of each letter at a time?

How about when you’re doing something really important and your computer just conks out for no reason.

Technology issues.

Well your brain isn’t necessarily a piece of technology, but it is the CPU of your body and life, and it can have technical issues if you’re not careful.

A better, more optimized brain in terms of memory, focus and computation power means faster better results for you in your life.

There are people out there winning right now, and they’re winning with average brains.

Remember, Jim Kwik always say to “work smart, not hard”.

The more optimized your brain power is, the faster you read, the faster you do, the faster you learn, the more you learn, the more everything, and the more you win.


View this subliminal here.

Still your mind

Maybe it’s because I’m tired (which we’ll talk about below), but I’ve already typed an exhaustive post on the science based positive effects of stilling the mind in this post here.

When you realize what you’ve been leaving on the table you’ll get chills.

View this subliminal here.

Sleep pack

I’m not here to tell you to get eight hours.

I’m here to tell you to be a smart human.

Would you trust your smartphone to get you where you need to go without it being fully charged?

Absolutely not.

So why do you trust yourself to get the results you want in life when your own batteries were depleted from yesterday and not charged enough?

If you think you need 4 hours of sleep, you probably need to read more books.

Here are some scientifically proven and absolutely dreadful side effects of undersleeping yourself:

  • Getting sick
  • Heart problems
  • Increased risk of cancer long term
  • You can’t think
  • You forget stuff
  • Your sex drive burns out (not in the good way)
  • Loss of motor skills over time
  • You gain weight
  • Increased risk of diabetes
  • You can get wrinkles from your skin not regenerating enough

Plus, we’ve proven in thousands of studies already that productivity goes down the more you go without sleep.

You might think you’re getting more done, but you’re really just awake for more hours.

When you’re body needs rest, you start working at 80-50-25 percent efficiency, and it takes you longer than normal to get the simplest things done.

Be a smart person and sleep more, you literally lose nothing.

View this subliminal here.


Subliminal messaging is not something we can avoid.

  • we have an unconscious and subconscious mind
  • they are programmed 24-7
  • we can either be at the driver’s seat of the programming or let it happen without our consent

Once you get to the point where you’re ready to be back in control of the life you experience, you wonder whether subliminals are worth your time.

Subliminals are not dangerous.

Yes you can listen to several simultaneously.

Here are before and after testimonials from people who’ve used subliminal messages in their life and gotten satisfying results from them.

Here is the science based conclusion on subliminal messaging and the subconscious minds power over our lives.

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