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400+ Self Concept Affirmations to Help You Be Who You Want to Be

self concept affirmations

Self concept affirmations are a powerful tool for building self confidence, self esteem, and self worth. They help individuals to focus on their positive qualities and potential, rather than their perceived flaws and limitations. In this post, we will explore what self concept affirmations are, who came up with them, how they are written and […]

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104 Self Esteem Self Love Affirmations to Heal and Care for Yourself

self worth self esteem affirmations

Are self esteem self love affirmations the secret to loving yourself? No, but they will help reorient you away from your negative thinking so you can make your inner critic and self talk accurately reflect your own greatness. Having low self esteem sucks (you hate yourself). Having too much self esteem does too (narcissist).  So, […]

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