September 21, 2021

Personal Mission Statement Generator For Success in 2022

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Are you looking for a personal mission statement generator that will help you mobilize your inspired life?

Imagine for a moment that you could

  1. isolate your strengths 
  2. reveal your desires for growth 
  3. realize your larger contribution 
  4. and squeeze each benefit a mission statement has to offer out for you

Because that’s exactly what happens. Check out this mission statement generator below.

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  3. How to create a master plan

FREE Personal Mission Statement Generator

Use this FREE Personal Mission Statement Generator below (OR) – Write THIS down 1) Who you help 2) What you help them with 3) Why you offer this help and 4) The Outcome afterward and the difference that makes for them (or your community/the world).

Mission statements provide clarity:

“Fewer than three percent of adults have written goals and plans that they work on every single day. When you sit down and write out your goals, you move yourself into the top 3% of people in our society. And you will soon start to get the same results that they do.” – Brian Tracy

“Your purpose is why you’re living…your vision is a long range funnel stemming from your imagination of all the things you wanna do. Your goal (mission) then is to achieve part of your vision.” – Bob Proctor

“What is your cause? What is your purpose? What is your belief? That inspires what you do and it certainly determines how you do it. All great leaders start from the inside out.” – Simon Sinek

The fact is, a carefully crafted mission statement is required if you want to avoid going after results haphazardly.

Good mission statements not only help businesses and companies thrive, but help individuals:

  1. Make more money
  2. Garner respect and admiration from their friends, families and communities
  3. Harness the power of clear goals and a proven/tested way of succeeding in life.

Even in countries like Costa Rica (where I used to live) the concept of Plan de vida allows the older generation to continue into their old age with a deep sense of purpose. Costa Rica is home to a blue zone, and it’s no wonder that so many live to be 100+ years old there. They never cease to have something to live for!

A well spelled out mission increases confidence, trust, innovation, and the quality of people you interact with. Birds of a feather flock together.

Problem is, they’re difficult to make if you don’t understand their importance and simplicity.

This Personal Mission Statement Generator Creates your Life Vision by:

  1. Isolating your contribution
  2. Making your goals specific
  3. Discovering your deep need to serve
  4. Focusing your sense of direction
  5. And taking the guesswork out of your mission statement in general

Get Personal mission statement examples here.

The Basics on Mission Statements

A good mission statement distills what you are, how you want to be seen, and who/what matters to you into a palatable and nutritious master plan that (ideally) will not fail.

What is a good mission statement?

A good mission statement takes a vision and turns it into an action plan. 

For example: My mission is to mitigate the trade offs of my country’s view on capitalism by being generous to the homeless and poor, and educating companies on how to maintain honor and integrity in a world that wants them to pander for popularity and revenue.

Example of a bad mission statement: I want to make my country a better place. (more of a generic desire than an actual mission)

What should a personal mission statement say anyway?

Think about this conversation between Cody Lundin and Joe Teti from the show Dual Survival (one of my favorite shows to watch and rewatch).

“How much preparation goes into planning a mission” – Cody

“Weeks. Sometimes months.” – Joe

Joe was in the military. You wont need to spend months preparing a mission statement but you should take it that seriously. This is what you’ll be spending your life doing.

What is a mission statement generator (and do they even work)?

See the mission statement generator above to craft your mission statement. Otherwise, consult the images below.

If you want to make your own makeshift generator, make sure to include these questions:

  1. What issues are close to your heart?
  2. What do you and your friends talk about?
  3. What groups of people do you care about most in this world, or feel the most connection with?
  4. Who in your life are you most thankful for and what did they give you that caused it?
  5. What do you enjoy learning about constantly?
  6. What used to hold you back in life?
  7. What are you most willing to fight (and possibly even die for) in life?

Nonprofit Mission Statement Generator

Non-profit organizations center around public welfare and improving the human condition. Focus on these things:

  1. Who you help/aid
  2. What they’re main problems and issues are. What causes them pain? What are their struggles?
  3. What does your organization provide that mitigates or solves their problem?
  4. How do you make sure that your non profit is a comprehensive solution for them and not just band aid solution or what people call “allergy medicine” (only a temporary cure)
  5. Why do you do this? What’s your philosophy? Example: Life is wonderful and should be enjoyed by all human beings. This is why we focus on taking able bodied homeless people and giving them the education they need to get good paying jobs.

Our organization is centered around aid for/helping…

personal mission statement generator_how to write a mission statement

We do this by…

personal mission statement generator_how to write a mission statement

The reason we do this is because(insert reason), and because (another reason if applicable)…

personal mission statement generator_how to write a mission statement

Mission Statement Generator for Schools

Our school [name of school] ….[abstract vision like prepares students for the next 10 years of their life]

We do this by [specific strategies]….because [reason why / philosophy],

…and we stand out from our peers because of [three or four adjectives that set you apart from other schools].

Personal Mission Statement (7 Habits) Generator

Ever heard the phrase “know thyself”? Steven Covey takes crafting a mission statement internal by having you get introspective:

  1. Pinpoint your values
  2. Understand when you’re at your best and worst
  3. What are a few things you’ve always wanted to do/accomplish
  4. When do you feel the greatest? What causes that experience for you?
  5. What are you talented at? Humans are delusional (all of us). It helps to ask others rather than rely on your own self assessment here.

Then…He wants you to not only decide what you want to accomplish, but what type of person you want to be. Who is the person who will be doing the mission? 

  1. What do you want to do? Something that is…
  2. Who do you want to be? Someone who is…
  3. Who is the most valued person in my life, what have they done for me and how have they been the sage in my life (where I’m the hero).
  4. Write down six life roles you fill, have chosen to fill, or will fill in the future. Use nouns like husband, father, mother, teacher, manager, group leader etc…and take a moment to examine the qualities those people possess and why you fill them well or unwell.
  5. Write down a rough draft of your mission statement (take notes and leave ideas in the margins)

Evaluate your personal mission statement…Steven Covey wants you to ask these questions after your first draft is written.

Does my mission statement …

  • Bring out my full potential?
  • Challenge, inspire and push me?
  • Show congruency with my vision and values?
  • Address significant roles in my life?
  • Show authenticity and accomplish my unique contribution I can make to society? 

Franklin Covey Mission Statement

Without cheating and giving away his entire generator, I wanted to at least give you some idea of what to expect when you use his.

First of all, I went and took all of his generator quizzes and they’re mostly the same, but when done for an individual he uses phrases like (I am best when…) and for organizations phrases like (we are best when).

Ideas to keep in mind:

  1. When are you firing on all cylinders?
  2. What about your current occupation do you love most?
  3. When are you the happiest at home?
  4. What are your passions and talents? Even something as vague and abstract as “being a good friend” has value.
  5. When you daydream, what are some things that stimulate your imagination? These are usually the things we want but tell ourselves we can’t have.

Then, Franklin Covey mission statement generator is going to have you examine your vision, and dive deep into what means the most to you in life.

  1. Imagine yourself as the hero in your own movie. (I love this one)
  2. When people can see our life as a whole (toward the end of it) they describe us most accurately, whereas in the moment they criticize us. What will be said about you in the end?
  3. What transformation must be made for me to become the person who fulfills this mission?
  4. Imagine sitting at a round table with the people in your life that have affected you the most. What discussion is being had and what qualities do you see in them?


Write down 4 things you can do for your body, mind, spirit and social life (1 for each sector) that would seriously improve your life. 

Franklin Covey’s way of writing mission statements helps you understand yourself and what you really stand for.

Then you can begin to decipher where those values could use improvement in the world, as well as how you will choose to pursue that improvement.

For example: When imagining the people who you admire most, you notice the conversation is full of stimulating and revolutionary ideas. They’re not afraid to talk about things that would make them uncomfortable.

You also noticed that your values are freedom, truth, honesty, integrity and progress.

When you’re at home you enjoy listening to podcasts and writing in your journal about your own revolutionary and insightful views about the world and society – things you would never discuss with your peers.

Your mission statement could then revolve around speaking at highschools and colleges, or possibly writing books about these ideas for those who are just like you.

Not only this, but you know who you must become to see that mission through, what you should embrace and give up to do so.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of which avenue (method) you’ve chosen to pursue a mission statement is highly recommended when pursuing any meaning in life. How could you dispense with a tool that requires deep introspection and the full strength of your imagination? It not only allows you to discover who you are, but plants the seed required to formulate a master plan to pursue whatever dreams you may have.

A vision leads to a mission, and a mission will always involve some type of service that not only challenges you and serves others but allows you to leave a live where someone else is saving you and transforms you into the hero.

My favorite Tools for this

Goal Setting 101 (for individuals)

The Power of Clarity

High Performance Leadership (for leaders of organizations and groups)

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