July 20, 2018

How to be Unstoppable

motivation video

This motivation video is unlike any other; I mean that.

Actually, I think motivation videos are great. They have a purpose and serve a vital function.

  • Sometimes we need to know that others believe in us as well, even if they don’t know us personally.

Here’s the issue I have though, motivation videos are really just inspirational videos.

  • They give you the “feel goods”, inject you with this inspired, explosive energy (all good)
  • but that energy only last until your next distraction comes.
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Have you ever heard about giving a person a fish? If you give them a breakfast fish, they’ll be hungry for lunch and dinner fish. Some help that is right?

Better than that is teaching them how to fish so they can get their own fish and you don’t have to spend the rest of your life babying them.

This motivation video that I’ve come across, teaches us how to fish for our own motivation, instead of needing it from others.

Because let’s face it, whenever you are faced with the decision of maintaining your “weight loss diet”, or eating that delicious snack food, are you really gonna pull out your phone and watch a youtube video?

This motivation video was created by Aaron Doughty, and will show you (in 60 seconds), how to easily rewire your brain’s pain and pleasure centers leaving you with the ability to maintain the motivation you get throughout the days and weeks, so you don’t have to constantly rely on those inspirational speeches online.

Nothing wrong with them, but after this, you will watch them for pleasure, not out of necessity!

motivation video


  1. Understand that this video has been specifically embedded with a start time. Once you click play, it will start where the material for that section starts within Aaron’s video.
  2. Put it on double speed, its weird for a little bit after you train yourself your brain get’s used to hearing it. I listen to Aaron’s videos so much at double speed, regular speed sounds weird now.
  3. Once again, each video starts at the precise moment that is relevant for the section. The material moves to a different topic at the end time specified in the heading.

How we Feel Attracts our Results

Our feelings have mental effects:

  • Positive feelings aid us in handling stressful situations
  • Feeling that are happy and positive give us more energy, where negative energy drains us
  • Our feelings determined our confidence in ourselves, others and affect how we handle situations we face in life.
  • Positivity causes a flow state, and negativity never produces a flow state

Feelings affect our interactions with others:

  • Your attitude greatly affects your productivity
  • Positive attitudes are nicer to be around and make others more likely to cooperate with us
  • Helps us deal with circumstances effectively and reduce the number of negative situations we encounter.



All decisions we make are to receive pleasure and avoid pain (we all know this) but here are a few other things about pain and pleasure that allow us to transform our motivation.

  1. Pain is a much greater force of motivation than pleasure
  2. It is how the brain perceives a situation that makes it painful or pleasurable.
  3. Time is factor when it comes to how pain and pleasure motivate us.
  4. The primitive wiring of our brains causes us to suspend logical thinking in favor of emotions


Pain and Pleasure in Real Life

Life experiences cause us to make rules about those circumstances in general.

Something may have caused you to pain in the past, but that does not mean it will in the future. If you experience a nasty crowd while doing some public speaking and they boo you, you might start to associate public speaking with pain.

This generalization limits the possibility of you pursuing public speaking in the future, and cements it as pain in your brain.

Pain or Pleasure

Avoiding pain wins out over gaining pleasure in all circumstances. Pain is rooted in our survival mechanism.

So in an issue of surviving versus having an interesting life, not dying is much more of a priority to us. It equates to avoiding harm, or ultimately death, versus creating fun in our lives.

What to do about it

1. Identify the Change you Desire

This can be a change in physique, mindset or to identify more of a certain ideal in your life. This desire will probably end up being a goal, which will in turn transform into an activity you perform to pursue that goal.

2. Become Aware of your Pain and Pleasure Attached to it

  • what is the pleasure with keeping your current habit
  • what is the pain with changing your habit?
  • the motivation switch: start to associate not changing with pain based on your knowledge of its negative effects


When doing this exercise, I found it easier to come up with a pros and cons list to flesh out every nuance of my behavior during the re-association step.

Instead of identifying primarily with the benefits, focus first on the negative aspects keeping you from making the change

The key is to identify with the change as something you want and to focus on everything that your current behavior does to inhibit that change.

Then once you have started to associate this behavior with the negatives, you can start seeing your new change in terms of it’s positive effects.

Learn about temporal discounting in less than a minute here. (https://www.behavioraleconomics.com/resources/mini-encyclopedia-of-be/time-temporal-discounting/)

  1. Come up with a picture in your mind of your future self. Your future self is you having accomplished the change your goal you desire
  2. Come up with a mental list of emotions you feel, how you speak, behave, and what activities you perform and who you perform them with.
  3. Imagine what it takes to become that person, and understand that they do not experience pain relative to the change you desire.
  4. In fact, they enjoy going to the gym early, eating healthy foods, being productive all day long, or whatever it is that you are trying to change about your life.

It’s a simple and lucrative insurance policy for us to attack motivation where it’s holding us back the most. Your brain will literally work against you if you don’t wire it properly for your success.

This rewiring can be accomplished with some simple exercises, and are our best foot forward for creating the lives we want.

Now that you’re ready to take your motivation to the next level? Grab this free printable Motivation Transformation Exercise that will take you through the steps in the motivation video in this article!



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