June 28, 2018

How to Start and Finish your Life Transformation



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Are you ready for a complete life transformation and want to know where to start?

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There are those of us who are lucky enough to stumble upon a life that is completely satisfying to us. Lucky them. But for many of us, our lives are not exactly how we would like them to be, and this could be for a few reasons.

  • You had a plan for your life when you were younger, but got distracted somehow
  • You didn’t know any better, you pursued a life with a particular job, spouse, home, location etc…and now it’s time for a serious change
  • You feel trapped like there is something more for you out there. Like something inside you is screaming for a new life. You can’t hear it, but you can feel it.
  • You generally feel dissatisfied and want to see what you’re made of
  • You have big dreams and know that achieving them requires a radical change

Every matrix has half of its data at average and below average. I don’t say this to sound arrogant, but most people don’t take advantage of these methods of making themselves the best they could be.

How many people that you meet every day do you think are concerned with testing the limits of their own potential?

How many of them want to go as far as they can go? Not many of them. They can do as they please, but you’re obviously interested in something more.

So here are the habits, methods, and behaviors that make people successful, happy, compassionate, understanding, and rich. These are behaviors that will take you from being where you are, to being your own version of superhuman.


Here is my list of what it takes to start and conquer a complete life transformation.

Let’s first discuss a life transformation and what it means to be superhuman because obviously, I don’t mean that you’ll be able to fly after this.

Superhuman means being above most humans. Not better than most humans, not innately superior, but more like “ahead” of most humans. Ahead of the curve. You’re “in the know” if that makes any sense.

Just to clarify, I hope that this won’t instill a sense of superiority in anyone. I don’t have one and I’m not sure it would be beneficial for you to either.

I do, however, get very serious about squeezing the most out of life possible. Life is a blessing, and it might as well be a fruit. Not only fruit but low hanging fruit. So you could say that you only need to reach up and grab it.

The problem is, that most of our 7 billion-ish friends have no idea the tree is even there, what to speak of the fruit?

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They spend their life traveling a path life dished out for them, tossed around by the waves of happiness and distress and have tunnel vision so bad, that they cannot see the side of the path.

A complete life transformation allows you to not only sprint the road ahead like a marathon runner but travel it so fast that you can afford to take breaks and sit beneath the trees on the side of the road to relax. That’s where the fruit is…

A life transformation is not about being better than anyone else, it’s about being better than you were yesterday, and taking full advantage of your time on earth.

And now boom goes the life-transforming dynamite.

1. Habits and Routine

During your life transformation, you will need to embrace what is conducive for its success and reject everything that impedes your progress. Often, this means giving up behaviors that will not serve you in your new life.

Habits related to your health, money, relationships and overall happiness will need to be transformed.

Habits During Life Transformation:

The best habits to include our foundation habits that will give you the most bang for your buck. These are called keystone habits, which are activities that make forming other habits easier, and create a better daily experience for you.

2. Knowledge Acquisition, and Knowledge Application

Everybody knows that the more you learn the more you earn. Earning, however, is not confined to money.

The more you learn, the more you acquiring everything.

  • Better friends
  • Better life circumstances
  • Better interactions with people in general
  • Better self-care and health
  • etc…

Learning is more about consuming knowledge and applying it to your life. My own little way of remembering it is to imagine knowledge as a weapon that I use to defeat the possibility of having less than amazing experiences in life.

The acquisition of knowledge and the application of knowledge are what I call the AK-47 method. Acquisition, knowledge, Application, Knowledge. Cool eh?

Knowledge informs our actions, without knowing, we cannot do. Even if we somehow do without knowing, what are the chances we will do properly?

If you want to completely transform your life, start consuming information as fast as you can, and gather what you need to behave such that your life transforms.

Youtube channels, non-fiction books, online courses are all good places to find information that will help you transform your life.

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3. Goal Oriented Progress

Where you are not a place your satisfied staying. That much is obvious. So some change will be necessary in your life in order to get from crappy point A to Awesome point B.

Goals are nothing more than wishes turned into intentions that are transformed into plans of action. These plans of action, stacked one after the other are what will take you from where you are now to the kind of life transformation that you desire for yourself.

The Aspects of Goals and Goal Setting

  1. Having the initial desire.
  2. Deciding you are willing to go through what is necessary to make the change.
  3. Coming up with a solid action plan.
  4. Staying consistent and getting consistent results
  5. Becoming established in your results, behaviors, and lifestyle that you have transformed into.

What You Will Need

Whats better, fire with sticks, or a lighter? The answer is obvious, yet some of us approach our goals so mildly and become upset when we get mild results. You will need the right tools, and one of those tools is a solid planner.

A while ago, after testing countless, and even developing my own, I finally found my favorite goal setting planner. You can find it here when you are ready to get serious about your life transformation.

4. World Vision to Aid your Life Transformation

To get through the tough times during a life transformation you will need solid anchors to keep you in place. One of my anchors are the ideals that I strive to live by. I like things like honor, duty and honesty. These are the standards I judge my own behavior by whenever I remember (ha!)

But they are not just lofty things in fictional tales. They can be used to develop your sense of right and wrong, and allow you to know what to say yes to and what to scream no at.


With no standard by which you judge your life, you are basically taking every opportunity that comes your way and looks enticing.

During a life transformation, this is counterproductive. You will want to focus all your energy only on those things that will transform your life, and knowing what you stand for, what you think the world should be like and how you will make it that way is conducive to staying on track.

5. Balance the Mystical and Practical

Action is no longer the only method for attracting the experiences you want in life. New discoveries and methods of seeing the world are now altering how people approach life changes.

Whether you are into quantum physics or the law of attraction, you will need to understand the more subtle ways of attracting what you want and the practical ways of moving toward a change in your life.

Pairing subtle manifestation with practical action is a deadly combination for moving forward toward serious progress.

In a Nutshell

Living life during and after a complete life transformation is one where you will experience knowledge, wisdom, and richness of experience such that you will float on the ocean of life, rather than wading in it helplessly, or worse, drowning in it.

No matter where you are not, you can always choose to change your life and start, bringing you that much closer to the life you were meant to live, which is one of your own design, your own action, and your own belief.

There is no question of deserving it because we all do. There is no question of being capable because we all are. So regardless of how crappy your life is now, you can make a choice right now to change it, and nobody will stop you. Promise.

Take care of yourself. 




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