July 16, 2018

How to Live a Happier Life in Under a Minute

how to live a happier life

Ready for some easy changes that will rapidly make you happier in life? I told you we could do it in under a minute, and that’s the truth. These methods are easy to adapt to and implement. Happy happiness!

In order to create happier lives for ourselves, we need to understand the happiness process first.

When we know that something will make us happy, we go after it. Going after something requires action and in order for action to work, we require knowledge.

In fact, this is the human pursuit of happiness and how to live a happier life: to acquire the knowledge necessary to create happiness in our lives.

But the issue is, most happiness is fleeting:

  1. The happiness that comes through the acquisition of material objects leaves once the object leaves (breaks, decomposes)
  2. The happiness that comes from being around certain people, leaves when they act and behave differently, betray us, or change
  3. When we experience the exhilaration of achievement (which you know I’m all about) that also leaves because we’re immediately after the next big thing to conquer
how to live a happier life

The problem here is that when we try to answer the question “how to live a happier life” often we pursue things that rapidly transform, as all things do.

The key to lasting happiness is to find something that never transforms, and makes you happy at the same time.

  1. This thing will never leave, never change,
  2. never die,
  3. and cannot be taken from you.

Tall order right?

I’ll stop you from wasting your time, because everything material is subject to transformation, so don’t even bother.

The next best thing is to pursue that which transforms less and this is what I’ve done for you today. Here are ways you can upgrade your life that will answer that poke in your side of how to live a happier life.

how to live a happier life

How to live a Happier Life by Doing What You Love

How much of your day is spent doing something you truly enjoy? Careful not to succumb to the numbness shell, where we settle for less and say things like “I like to work, so eight hours”.

Most of us like to work if we’re doing the right thing. Paint a picture of your “no restrictions life” where money, rules etc…are not a consideration. Are you doing what you want each day?

If you’re concerned with how to live a happier life, start taking a stand and add more of those exhilarating activities you love so much into your day.

How to Live a Happier Life by Making Continual Progress

Life is like a road, and you’re a driver in a car. In that car you have three options: park, reverse and drive.

The same goes with life in a literal sense: we’re either progressing, staying the same or going backward.

The problem is that staying the same causes boredom and going backward causes depression and unhappiness.

Going forward with our lives in all the areas that matter to us is the only thing that creates enduring happiness in our lives.

You might benefit from setting small goals for yourself in your personal and professional life to creating that exhilarating IM ALIVE feeling again.

The awesome thing about this is that even small steps towards a heartstring-tugging goal are proven to reinvigorate us. So in under a minute, you could find something that really sets you on fire and takes the smallest step toward it (like reading about it).

Notice the difference in your mood after that, and how motivated you feel to take more steps. Problem solved.

how to live a happier life

How to Live a Happier Life by Enjoying the Process

Once you find more of what you want and decide to add more of it into your life, you will naturally want to steamroll and make as much progress as possible. It can get quite addicting.

The important thing is to balance your forward vision with being able to smell the roses as well.

An easy way to do this is to keep detailed records of your journey to living a happier life. When you become obsessed with progress, it can easy to become ingrateful for how far you’ve come.

Being able to contrast your current position with where you used to be has kept me from slipping into arrogance and from not appreciating the progress I’ve made thus far.

After all, if you’re only looking forward toward tomorrow…what if you die in the middle of the night? Bummer eh?

  1. Practice gratitude
  2. and keeping solid records of your progress. Problem Solved.

And when things don’t move as fast as you want, sometimes patience is a virtue. (albeit, my least favorite)

Take care of yourself.

Are you ready to completely redirect your life to one that better suits you?



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