March 9, 2018

How To Get Motivated In Life With One Sentence

Today is all about getting motivated and giving you a crystal clear path to putting serious energy back into your life. Maybe you have goals to accomplish, plans you’d like to put in action, or changes you would like to make to your lifestyle but are having trouble getting them off the ground due to lack of motivation.

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Motivation is not some self-help term, or an idea confined to the realm of the rich, famous and successful (although they generally have much of it). It’s a word that means energy and desire. A general willingness for you to get up and do….well, anything.

If you don’t have the motivation, you don’t have anything, because what are we independent of the activities we perform each day. That’s why understanding what motivation is, how to get motivated and keep it in your life is essential and smart.


How to get motivated in your life is definitely something we need to have under our belt. Simply put, we need to master motivation in order to master life.

Why master life? Because it’s the most precious thing you have and towards the end, we always wish we had done more with it.

HERE’S YOUR ONE SENTENCE REASON: You’re gonna die one day.

To be honest, if you don’t take motivation seriously, you probably don’t take much of anything else seriously either, but if you’re reading this post, somewhere you know you want to get things done for yourself and you need the tools to do so. Here they are pal.

Questions answered in this post:

  • How can I get and stay motivated in general in my life?
  • How can I get motivated to accomplish something specific like a goal or plan for a change I have?
  • How to get motivated in general and become a motivated person?
  • What happens if I’m not careful about my motivation levels?
  • What will I notice once I start taking my motivation gas tank seriously?

Have a good why

This is an idea most famously attributed to Simon Sinek.

It better be a good reason and it better be powerful, otherwise, what’s the point?

Humans are not meant to waste their energy, and we’re certainly not meant to be so bored with what we do in our lives that we only put a fraction of ourselves into it.

When it comes applying yourself to something, you need to have a strong sense of purpose behind it that really makes your heart beat. Nothing motivates humans like our own emotions.

Think about this for a moment, if you’re not absolutely thrilled with what you are doing, you cannot put all of yourself into it.


If you cannot put all of yourself into it, you won’t achieve the extraordinary results we are capable of consistently producing.

If you aren’t consistently putting everything you’ve got into what you do, what can be said for the life you live? It is possible to be deeply immersed in your life so much that you lose track of time each day, but you have to be doing the right thing and that thing needs to really tug at your strings.Your life is a result of your own effort

  • Find out what places people, things, ideas and activities you have the strongest emotion for, and figure out how what you are or desire to do facilitates it.


Trying to eat healthier

You might not care about physical appearances, so eating better so that you look attractive to others may not be a strong enough “WHY” for you to forego the next delicious gas station treat.

Instead, try remembering how amazing it feels to enjoy hikes with your family, and understand that eating healthy is necessary for you to be fit, and in shape enough to continue that activity.

OR just remember that what you eat is what you are, so if you eat crap….well, you get it.

Going after a promotion at work

Being higher in the pecking order at your job may not be a concern of yours, but you might enjoy the freedom to do and what you like and travel when you desire so much that you can derive motivation to not only do well at work but make more money in general.

Deciding to add more reading in your life

It’s staring at you, laughing. 500 pages of blah blah blah, and even though you love to read, for some reason today, you just can’t be bothered.

Remember what knowledge does for you and your life. You’ve used it help yourself and others countless times and you wouldn’t be where you are without it.


The point is to understand what you are doing and attach it to something that resides in your core and effects you deeply.

From waking until the moment you close your eyes for bed, you’ll want to start understanding your life in the context of what is really important.

  • You go to work for a reason
  • You eat these foods for a reason
  • You treat people a certain way for a reason
  • You make sure you do these activities each day for a reason

What is the reason, because they’re not for their own sake. They’re for YOU.

You’ll regret not doing it at the end of your life

And that’s the bottom line.

Notice everything these people regret has to do with lacking motivation for something that was deeply valuable to them.

The short-term hassle of reorienting yourself, getting up and doing it is nothing compared to the pain of regret we experience of having lived a large portion of our lives, knowing it will never be returned us and not having spent it well.

Understanding your effect on your environment

Motivation is the special sauce that makes our activities remarkable. When we find serious motivation to live our lives to the fullest, we inspire others to do the same.

Motivation spreads faster than a virus. People can smell it on you. It can be found in your facial expression, body language, speech and attitude and it rubs off on others in a truly positive way.

Nobody knows quite what it is, but you’ve got some serious energy pouring off of you, and everyone wants a piece.

Life has a tendency to beat us down, and it does so in subtle ways. Often we forget that our energy to face life needs to be replenished, and slowly we dip from blazing through life, to half full and slowly we become numb to how far down we are sinking.

This is happening to you, and the world around you. When you make sure you replenish your motivation gas tank, you will not only see benefits in your own life but others’ lives as well.

When you get motivated you become inspiring, and it’s contagious. When we are motivated we are a whole list of other things

  • Confident
  • Happy
  • Satisfied
  • Pleased and pleasing
  • Certain and encouraging

Making sure you stay motivated is an easy way to recharge the world around you and see positive change for yourself and those you interact with.

Try it out and notice how easy it is for you to become a positive influence on your environment.


5 reasons that will make you want to get motivated today


Have a strong Purpose for doing everything 

Figure out what drives you internally. What are the ideas, emotions, and activities you enjoy most? You are a human being of tremendous value, so what is it that gets you excited?

  • Take what gets your engine revving and figure out how what you do each day facilitates that. Use that as your motivation for doing it. Even if its drudgery.
  • Strive to build your life solely on those things that get you going.
  • Slowly attempt to eliminate or replace everything that does not stir you deep down

Live a life FREE of Regret

Make sure that five years from now, you aren’t saying “I wish I would have….back then when I had the chance”

Understand how valuable it is, and how lucky you are to even have the opportunities to pursue your desires. Not everyone is so lucky.

At the end of your life, the only things we think about are how much time we spent going after what was TRULY important to us. The fears of today, rarely matter tomorrow.

Think about you five years ago. Can you figure out a way you would alter your life back then to take more advantage? Break the cycle and do it today for the future.

Live to better yourself and Inspire Others

So many of your fellow humans live in what is called silent resignation. We are born with fire in our veins for progress, purpose, accomplish, discovery and adventure, but how much of that do you see around you?

People are forced into a shape life doles out to them, and rarely live an inspired life of their choosing. It is up to the rare few who even understand what motivation is to keep a powerful and endless supply of it ready in order to be a positive influence on others.

Make sure you are always motivated to live your life to the fullest and watch those you care about raise to your standard. The world around you will start to glow.

What are you waiting for?

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