February 16, 2018

Change Your Life: What to do when you feel stuck

Humor me for a second and try some mental imagery. You get a chance completely redesign your life with all the resources you could possibly need to do so. What does it look like? If that’s not your life right now, you might be stuck.

And it’s a common occurrence in our lives also. Most people have regrets as to the path they chose in life. We did it because we were young, stupid, short-sighted etc…


But those aren’t the only ways you can be stuck. In our lives, there is always some obstacle to be overcome on the way to our destination. Since, for humans, that destination is our own happiness, getting caught up on these obstacles might as well be dead.

Maybe you married the charming narcissist.

OR you procrastinated and never went back to school.

Maybe you a habit or pattern that is ruining your life.

All signs of someone being stuck. It’s time to do something! Tomorrow is not a day of the week pal.

Understand How and Why You’re Stuck

Before you do anything about being stuck, you need to understand how and why you are stuck.

If you feel like your life isn’t going in the direction you want it might be for one of a few reasons

Money. Many people have grand ideas about how and what to do with their lives but fear they do not have the funds. That or spending time doing what they desire would cut into their occupation, which causes them to fear not having funds in the future.

Knowledge. Every one of us has a desire for progress and change in our lives. We desire just enough perfection to feel joy and happiness on a daily basis. It is possible, you just might not understand how to accomplish it.

People. There are friends, coworkers and family members getting in the way. Some of us have relationships that are in the way of what we want. We have invested so much time, with so many strong feelings attached that we fear to make the change.

Use Proven Techniques

Regardless of what’s causing your stuckness, you need to muster the courage to implement change in your life pronto because there is no pain stronger in this world than regret.

At the end of our lives, we all realize what a precious gift it was and the biggest pain on your deathbed will be all the “what if’s”. Whenever life is running out, we always regret not squeezing every ounce of juice it had. So make finding the solution to your stuck life a priority, regardless of what needs to be done.

Take a life Inventory

This part may seem painful, but remember what you’re doing it for. You deserve what you want and there is no reason to fear the unknown, especially in contrast to feeling like you’re stuck; what could be worse?

  1. Make an honest list of everything that’s out-of-whack in your life.
  2. Write down how you wish your life were instead

My favorite exercise to give people is to have them design their life from scratch. From the time you wake up until you go to sleep, what does your life look like, what are you doing, where and who are you doing those things with?

Be detailed, honest, and remember to include everything, big or small. It’s just an exercise. Money is not an issue, you are just painting a picture for now.

Start to Redesign Your Situation

Now that you made your design, the first exercise is to notice how your life is like that design. Because you are you, your grandest desires will be manifest in your life in small ways.

If you have always wanted money, be thankful for the money you have now.

If you have always wanted a better relationship with your child, be thankful first that you have one at all, because there are some who live infertile. Whatever your wishes are, they are already manifest in your life, even if it’s only a small amount.

This changes your viewpoint from lack to have which allows what you have to grow.

Easy Road to New Habits

One powerful point that I am always telling people is that you are 99% human, 1% individual. I don’t know how many times I have to say the phrase, “LOOK IT UP”. Literally (points to the internet).

I’m not here to be rude to you, but people have a serious disease when it comes to looking up information. They do not even understand where to start. (um. google).

Add heading min

Literally, everything that you could ever want to know is on google. It doesn’t matter what you think is wrong with your life, because you, as a person with access to the internet, have nearly unlimited access to the solution to your problems.

Let me be frank with you pal, in existence have lived only 15 billion humans. 7.5 of those billions are alive today. This means that half the humans who have ever existed are dead already, and the other half are alive.

Why does that matter? The half that is dead had rich, poor, geniuses, kings, great leaders, spiritual masters etc….

What I mean to say to you is that your problem is not THE PROBLEM that is going to stump all of us and its probably already been solved.

  1. Marital issues? SOLVED. Look it up.
  2. Want to learn to shape your body? Lose weight? SOLVED. Look it up.
  3. People manipulating you? Are you being taken advantage of? SOLVED. Look it up.
  4. Want more money in your life? More Freedom? SOLVED. Look it up.

Again, no rudeness here, but if you have an issue, there is an expert who has solved it, and they are most definitely online. Now the only thing standing between you and UNSTUCK is you.

Become Cybernetic

A thermostat has a setting. That setting is a particular temperature. If someone you know (maybe your kids) left the door open in the house, the temperature would drop.

The thermostat would then kick on. And you need to be the same way

A thermostat is called a cybernetic device. This means it is set on a goal, and when it senses that it is veering off course, it readjusts itself.

In other words, when the temperature drops below 67, it kicks back on until the temperature is right again. And you need to be the same way.

Become Established

Up to now, you have realized your desire for change, meditated on all the different ways you are stalled, soaked in as much information as possible about your change, modeled your behavior after your research and approached it with focus and discipline.

Now you can rest and realize how much better off you are for finding the courage to do so. You feel light, powerful and happy. You go to bed at peace and wake up in expectation of the new life that waits beyond your bed. Finally free of your cell, you can finally live!

pexels photo 48566 min

This is the part where you thank everything that left your life for the lesson’s it/they taught you and move on. You are now in a position to create rich experiences in your life without the pressure of thinking you are running in place.

If you had to let go of someone who was holding you back, don’t forget them, just acknowledge that the feelings were real, and you were still not a good fit. There is no rule that says you have to sacrifice your happiness for others. In fact, there is a strong rule against it.

If it was a thing that you discarded, it was fun, but more joy awaits you now that you are living as you choose, and are no longer stuck.

Congratulations. If you’re reading this, you are already making the change, so a few steps might even be finished.

Don’t forget to get your FREE copy of UNSTUCK. You can take it wherever you go and it holds the blueprint to getting out of any life snag you might come up against!

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