February 27, 2023

240 Self Worth Affirmations that Help You Find your Inner Treasure

self worth affirmations thelifesynthesis

Self Worth Affirmations can help with the constant anxiety and feeling of not being good enough, imposter syndrome, crushing limiting beliefs, and unworthiness. Some people say that affirmations are useless. They’re for sentimental people who have their head in the clouds. You can’t prove affirmations work. Tom Bilyeu said once “Everyone laughed at me when […]

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50 Law of Assumption Affirmations For Feeling That It’s Already Here

law of assumption affirmations

You’re looking for a law of assumption affirmations because Neville Goddard inspired you to be bold and assume the reality you want to achieve is possible, right? The people who are most successful with the law of assumption, or any of our reality’s natural laws have three things in common: hope, intuition and boldness. But […]

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