101 Beginning of year questions for a powerful 12 months

101 Beginning of the Year Questions for the best year you've ever had! @thelifesynthesis #newyears

A successful and productive year depends on you asking the right beginning of the year questions.

They’re not so much solutions to your problems as they are open ended queries that get your mind looking in the right direction.

How can you really make this year count?…

Where did your mind just go? Did you shrug your shoulders and say “Hell, Idk.”

That’s what I’m talking about. You probably haven’t the faintest clue.

These beginning of year questions clue you into what’s important, the types of things you can set your intentions on in order to make progress and represent all the bases you want to have covered to start a powerful year.

If you happen to be reading these in February (or beyond) you’re gonna wanna put on your Sonic The Hedgehog shoes and cover lost time. Since you’re a month behind already, go ahead and grab this tool right here to maximize the next 11 months as quickly as possible. 

101 Beginning of the Year Questions for the best year you've ever had! @thelifesynthesis #newyears

Beginning of year questions to change your life

How am I going to add more meaning into my life this year? What things matter to me? What should I have in my life right now that’s missing?

  • Most common answer to this question: MONEY

What areas of my life are out of whack and which ones are good? Try the Wheel of Life exercise for this.

What sucked last year? How can I improve on that this year?

What excuses did I tell myself last year that aren’t really true?

What dreams will I work toward this year? What goals will I set to achieve those goals?

Is this gonna be the year that changed it all? OR is it another year of excuses and stagnation?

Do I make enough money to flourish? 

Am I designing my life around my potential or around my comfort zone?

Is my environment supportive? Work, family and friends.

Am I still holding on to toxicity from my past?

Questions to help you reach your goals

Which one of my passions will I pursue in earnest this year?

What is something I’m good at that I could make money from?

What is the main cause of disease in my life? What is the solution to that problem? How do I turn that problem into a goal?

Do I know anyone else in my life that I could partner up with in pursuit of my goals?

What are some resources I could use that would make my journey easier? Try this one.

What do I want for my life so bad that I’ll fail a thousand times just to have it?

What is the number one thing that if I did it every day I’d reach my goal in no time. 

Aaron Doughty made a youtube video every single day to grow his channel

Do I believe in myself?

How will I feel once I’ve achieved my goal.

What does my life look like once I’ve achieved my goal? What do I look like? What do I do, how do I act and where am I?

How can you take the answers to #10 and make your life more like that right now.

Beginning of year questions for adults

How can I maintain my adulting but still have fun?

Am I where I thought I’d be when I was younger?

What impact will I have on my community and younger people this year?

Is my inner child suffering?

Am I losing naivety and gaining wisdom at the proper rate?

Am I really an adult? Or am I just a child in an adult’s body.

How can I really get my shit together this year?

What things used to bother me when I was young that I’m over now.

What do my elder’s think about me and how I’ve grown up?

What 10 things need to get crossed off my bucket list?

Beginning of year questions for employees

Am I honest at work?

Do I deserve to be paid more?

Do my employers see me as a top performer? Or someone they can count on?

What level are my technical skills at?

Am I bringing anything above-and-beyond or extra to my job?

What level are my people skills at?

Do I look happy, or at least presentable at work?

Do I know my way around the technology at work? Or am I constantly asking others for help?

What are my work goals this year?

How will I improve…everyone else at work is improving. How do I keep from getting overlooked?

Can I solve problems by myself?

How do I feel when I go into work? Why is that?

Are my habits at home conducive for having a good time at work?

Does my job challenge me?

If they needed to downsize, am I disposable? How can I fix that?

Am I in the right job at all, or is it time to change directions?

Does the work I do matter?

What type of impact does this company have? Is that in line with my values?

Do I feel skilled and proficient at my job?

If I could get paid to do anything…would I be doing this job? What would I choose instead?

Beginning of year questions for students

What does a successful year look like for you?

Did last year prepare you for this year? How are you going to make sure this year prepares you for next year?

What is the value of education? Are you getting that value?

How do you want to feel about your effort at the end of this year?

How are you going to respond to the challenges and adversities you face this year?

What contribution do you plan on making to your school or institution this year?

What goal is being served by receiving this education?

What is your favorite class or subject and why?

What does it mean to know and understand something?

What do you need in order to be at your most creative?

Beginning of year questions for teachers

What is the meaning and value of education?

How can I balance theory and practice?

Do my students enjoy learning or are they only doing this because they have to?

How can I ignite a passion for learning in my students?

How do I feel about learning and education? Am I still inspired?

Am I passionate about what I teach?

Am I organized?

What questions should you be asking your students?

Do I spend most of my time educating or grading?

What do my colleagues think of me?

Am I anyone’s favorite teacher?

Where did I notice students failing last year?

How do I plan on becoming more masterful at my craft this year?

What does the future look like for my students? How am I preparing them for that?

Am I up to date on all the latest and best ways to educate?

How do students really learn, and not just memorize?

New years resolution questions

What’s my history like with the beginning of the year?

How do I feel toward the end of the year normally?

What happens in the beginning of the year that causes that?

What is the formula for setting a successful beginning of the year goal?

What keeps me from achieving my goals each year?

Do I actually believe I deserve what I want?

Is my New Year’s Resolution actually  resolution, based on resolve? OR is my conviction flimsy right now?

What change needs to be made in my life?

Is my health optimized?

What am I addicted to? Coffee, sugar, fat, salt, energy drinks etc…

What will I do if I fail at my resolution? Keep going or give up?

Who is going to hold me accountable?

How many times have I made myself a promise toward the beginning of the year and broken it?

Do I believe I can do this if I apply myself?

If I succeed at my new year’s resolution, what does life look like this December?

How does the successful December me look, feel, act and behave?

Is my future better or worse off with this new years resolution?

Am I doing this for me, or others?

Which area of my life requires change the most? Relationships, finances, job, health

What should my new years resolution be? What change do I want to make in my life? What is my resolution? Write it down now.

>> New Year’s Resolution? (Quiz) (opens in a new tab)”>>>> New Year’s Resolution? (Quiz)

January goals questions

What change am I intending to make this year?

Is this a yearly, quarterly or monthly goal that I’m setting?

What is the purpose of this goal?

How can I break this goal up into miniature goals?

What are my implementation intentions for this goal?

Is my goal quantifiable?  (losing 30lbs by [insert date])

What is the severity of the goal. How badly do I need/want this to happen?

What are the consequences of not reaching this goal?

What is the one thing I can do each day to accomplish this goal?

What are some beliefs I have that might cause me to hesitate?

Are those beliefs valid?

What am I going to tell myself when those beliefs creep up?

What formula can I follow to guide me toward success.

Do I think my abilities are fixed or can I grow?

Am I doing this, or not? Make a decision now.


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