March 12, 2022

Are Blogging Courses Worth It? Invest your Money Wisely

are blogging courses worth it

Are there any blogging courses that are actually worth it?

Is blogging even profitable anymore? First, let me apologize…

I’m sorry that you got curious about blogging…I’m sorry that you did that google search about blogging…

I also apologize that you found nothing but results that A) sounded like over exaggerated get rich quick schemes B) killed your dreams in general and brought your excitement down to nothing.

Maybe you read some of this crap…

“Beware of the six figure blogger lie” – lie? Um, they do exist…

“Are courses worth it? EVERYTHING is on the internet for FREE”yeah, but the free information is given by people selling blogging courses…nobody gives EVERYTHING away for free, and the person who said this might have serious brain damage.

There’s really nothing I can do about people throwing their crap all over the internet, but I’m happy that you stumbled on this post, where you can read my take on it.

  • I’ve been blogging for years now.
  • I make REAL money from my blogs (no I’m not tell you how much…rude)
  • someone who actually has articles that rank #1 on google

I sit here and write all day (on several blogs and sites), and get paid to do it.

It’s fun, rewarding, and profitable.

It’s almost like a “high” knowing so many people like reading my stuff.

So I actually know exactly how you feel.

You want to make a difference, and you want blogging to radically change your life.

There’s a part of you that’s bold enough to think you might actually be able to sit on the beach with your laptop and just write…

  • to have companies seek you out to write for them for CASH MONIES
  • to have a huge email list of people who wait on your newest posts every monday
  • and yada yada yada

…but there are people out there who want to kill your dream…just like they wanted to kill mine.

They’ll tell you crap like “you know, only 5% of blogs actually make any real money. Most don’t make more than $3.50/month”.

…”You know, they all exaggerate how much money they make (lies) and it’ll probably take like 5 to 8 years for you to see any real success.”

“Do you really think you can compete with huge sites like huffpost, buzzfeed, and forbes? They’re selling you a pipe dream.”


“The only bloggers that make any money are meta bloggers. They teach people how to blog, that’s where all the money is…”

Guess what – the experience you live in life is determined by who you listen to and the advice you take.

NEVER, take the advice of someone who limits your potential to do a thing and kick ass at it.

Here are the facts:

  • all types of blogs can make real money if they’re monetized properly – a blogging course will show you how
  • anyone can get into the top 10 percent of popular blogs – a blogging course will show you whats required for that
  • Those huge sites like inc500 don’t blog about everything and they dont want to…google actually penalizes sites who try to dominate topics that don’t relate to their target audience…so there’s room for you

…but only if you follow a proven road map.

Blogging can take a while to see any results. If you’re smart (please be smart) you’ll seek out some blogging experts who know what they’re doing and get their blogging course so you can replicate the same success.

I’ll give you the opportunity to check out the review of the course I took to create this wonderful little gem you’re on right now, and you can see in further detail precisely what the inside of a blogging course is like.

Are blogging courses worth it? Yes, naysayers are 100% bullshit. They always are. Literally in every country, every state, and in every time in human history, have naysayers been bullshit. …but get a course first. Don’t waste time. Ok, let’s begin.

Is blogging really profitable?

Yes. If it weren’t, nobody would make money from it. Bloggers make anywhere from $300/month to nearly $50MM/month. The difference in income depends on type of blog, effort, business savvy, prior knowledge going in and your respect for the blogging grind.

People who don’t make a profit from their blogs are unsuccessful for several reasons:

  • there blog idea wasn’t going to work from the start (a blog about kitten mittens)
  • there afraid to ask others to buy their product
  • they harbor a general disbelief that the service they offer on their blog is worth money
  • they don’t put in the work.
  • they get bogged down with too much information and cannot consolidate it all into one masterplan or system
  • they aren’t action people.
  • they aren’t willing to wait on results and become discouraged.
  • they aren’t willing to invest in a blogging course.
  • they’re plan is a series of random actions rather than a proven method with set priorities.
  • they blog about a topic that doesn’t inherently make money (free recipes)

Is blogging a good career?

I don’t think that blogging is any more difficult than any other career you might take up. You’ll need to do the work, become highly skilled by constantly learning, provide significant value and be concerned about leveling up. Not everyone has what it takes to make a serious career from blogging, but that’s the same with any career at all.

So, Are blogging Courses Worth it?

This is one of those times where the question being asked is different from what the person asking the question really wants to know.

Yes. Anytime you choose to invest your time, focus and money in knowledge, or education from someone who already has the results you desire, you will be definitely spending your resources wisely.

The question is NOT whether blogging courses are worth it, The REAL question being asked here, is “Do I need a blogging course to be successful at blogging?” A course on blogging is someone teaching you how to blog the best way, with their knowledge and expertise.

Someone who’s got real results, who knows the ropes, what to avoid and what to embrace, is NEVER going to be a waste of your time.

Honestly, in what universe is learning from someone who “knows” not a good move? Pretty sure the answer is exactly zero universes.

You might have an issue with how much they cost.

You might also think that some people are not good at teaching the course material itself…

…but if the question is simply asking whether a course is a good investment, the answer is unequivocally yes.

If you choose to trial and error something by yourself, and I go learn from an expert, I’m going to beat you 10 out of 10 times – and in the world of blogging, you ARE competing for traffic with other bloggers, so it’s important to not waste time and only do what you must to succeed.

A blogging course does that. That should be the end of the arguments.

Now that we understand that blogging courses are definitely worth the time and money, who needs one?

Who needs a blogging course?

People who don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

I love figuring things out by myself. When I first started, I did everything trial and error, and it took me about 25x longer than it should have to figure everything out.

  • What is seo?
  • How do i create images?
  • Whats the best blogging platform?
  • How do i connect and network with other bloggers?
  • Whats the secret to ranking?
  • How do i get my technical wordpress issues fixed
  • Whats the best theme for my blog?
  • What does site speed mean?
  • How do i pick a niche?
  • Whats a customer avatar?
  • how do i avoid getting hacked?
  • what plugins should i use?
  • how do i get my blog to look nice like this persons?
  • how do i increase my traffic?
  • how do i actually make money?
  • how does affiliate marketing work?
  • how do i convince others that im trustworthy?
  • how do i make sure what i write isn’t a complete waste of my time

If you want to figure all that out by yourself , go right ahead marine, and god’s speed to you, because it’s a huge pain in the ass.

For someone who wants to avoid all that, a blogging course might be the perfect solution for you. Actually, it is the perfect solution for you.

Just make sure you get one that isn’t stupid and garbage (really not that hard to figure out).

If you want to skip right to my favorite blogging course because you’re ready to start now, this is my favorite. I took it years ago, its constantly updated, and comprehensive.

What does a blogging course do for you?

Good for:

  1. People who are fed up and want to do the damn thing right now
  2. People who are ready to make this change as quickly as it can be
  3. Anyone who knows the value of being shown the way by qualified people
  4. You, if you want to be led into your success by a person really in the trenches
  5. People who agree that spending money on your education is as good for you as broccoli
  6. Adults (not babies) who wanna a proven and tested roadmap, and aren’t afraid to work toward serious results.

Bad for:

  • People who are cheap and don’t like spending money
  • The guy who complains about a $97 course, but wears $150 jordans on his feet
  • People with no work ethic or critical thinking skills
  • Anyone who “kind of” wants to do it – if you’re not in it to win it don’t waste the money
  • Someone who’s gonna take 5 years to get the ball rolling
  • People who make excuses and blame others for the results they get
  • Anyone who’s bad at managing money. Expert advice in courses is not free

A blogging course is great because it will:

  1. Tell you what to avoid
  2. Precisely what tools to use
  3. Step by step how to get to your first 1000 views
  4. How to pick a niche
  5. What to write about
  6. How to write posts
  7. How to design your blog so it looks good
  8. How to not only attract readers for free, but keep them and have them pay you
  9. How to make your first $1000 per month
  10. Everything you need to monetize a blog

You see, the best courses on the internet are not only comprehensive guides on the topic, they’re also roadmaps that show you the initial steps to take to get your feet wet, and see beginning success as quickly as can be done.

They teach you what you need to know, so you can start as soon as you’re finished, and leave you with an action plan to get you your first few results without wasting time figuring it all out yourself.

If you’re someone who’s not afraid to spend your money on all that, then a blogging course will definitely improve your experience.

What’s the difference between buying one and not?

If you don’t buy one, it will take you forever to figure everything out.

I’m not gonna lie to you, if you sit there 16 hours a day, and do nothing but blog until you figure everything out, that will work, and you’ll have successfully created a success story WITHOUT purchasing a blogging course – and that’s exactly what it takes.

You will have to figure EVERYTHING out by yourself, and yes, I know you have access to google, and there’s free info everywhere on google, but hear this…

Even though you can read about how to blog on google for free:

  • That information is NOT organized such that you know which to focus on first
  • That information is NOT in context for a beginner just starting out
  • The information for free on google is NOT the whole story – it will be a free version of the story
  • When you find that free info, guess what, that guy’s gonna try and sell you his course. That’s how it works. 

Free is free, results are paid. It’s called capitalism.

Which blogging course is the best?

Right now I only recommend Create and Go’s blogging course (I’ve personally bought and paid for all of their courses).

Read my review of Create and Go’s blogging course here.

It’s the same blogging course, from the same blogging people who taught me how to blog.

What does my blogging success look like? Well I’m not gonna tell you how much money I make from the blog, because frankly, how much money I make is none of your business (not to be rude). Personally, I think income reports are tacking.

If you can’t be convinced based on the logic in this post, then I’m not concerned with convincing you. Simple as that. 🙂 <3

What I will tell you is that:

  • I quit my job months after taking this course and I’ve never needed to return. I blog full time now
  • My blog gets more than 15k page views per month (even when I take time off and stop writing)
  • My email list is full of people who literally read everything I send to them and love me for it
  • I’m now connected with some of the greatest personal growth experts on planet earth and sell their products at a sickening profit. Both reward to help others and profitable
  • I’ve had several large companies reach out to me asking to pay me to post their articles on my blog 

All because I had the common sense to say “Hmm. These guys are super successful bloggers. I bet if I slid them some money they’d cut a huge chunk out of my learning curve and I could see results faster”

And guess what – that’s exactly what happened. Who’da thought?

I got my first sale in my second month blogging after completing their course.

So in a nutshell, yes blogging courses are worth it – but only if you’re serious about being a successful blogger.

Read my review of the blogging course that was definitely worth my investment!

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Joseph W. Casale

Hi Brian,

I just happened upon your article, “Are Blogging Courses Worth it? Invest your Money Wisely.” And I have to tell you, I found it very encouraging and motivating and couldn’t agree with you more!

I’m thankful for it and look forward to your advice 🙏

Sincerely, Joe C

Ganesh Ahire

Its like reading someones mind….great guidance !!

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