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November 24, 2020

What is a Daily Routine? The secret, That’s what.

what is a daily routine
what is a daily routine

What is a daily routine?

A routine is a fixed set of actions that you perform for any given time, place, or circumstance.

A daily routine is something that you do every day, during the morning, midday or evening, in order to accomplish something you desire.

We know that 40% of our behaviors of habits, and 95% of our thoughts are subconscious.

We have two choices:

  1. to let that be a tool we use,
  2. or a source of destruction for us.

Being a creature of habit is efficient – it’s not something we wanna get rid of.

What we DO want to do, however, is CONTROL that process to make sure that what we habitually do each day serves us, instead of screwing us over (pardon me).

daily routine examples
Control your automatic behavior. Not the other way around.

There are two kinds of routines.

Routines by Design:

  • like working out each morning,
  • reading a certain amount each day
  • exercising for your health and fitness
  • taking your superfoods
  • stretching etc…

Unintentional Daily Routines: things that you do everyday, but not necessarily by design, more so by habit:

  • Picking your kids up from school
  • Paying your bills when they come in
  • Going to work
  • Getting that coffee before work
  • Organizing your desk before you get started
  • Letting the dog out for a morning bathroom session

In other words, a daily routine is a set of actions, activities, behaviors, that maintain your life at the level you want it to be at.

daily routine examples

When you decide what you want out of life:

  • how you want to look,
  • how you want to live,
  • your level of fitness,
  • hobbies,
  • adventures,
  • and disciplines….

those are your daily routine.

When you hear others talk about daily routine examples and the importance of setting a solid daily plan, they are probably talking about a list of habits that will skyrocket their productivity, make them healthier, give them the free time they want, and otherwise make their lives successful.

What do daily routines do?

Daily routines accomplish tasks that you need to get done each day, or put you positions you need to be in everyday to maintain your life properly.

Most of us already have hygiene routines, so waking up each morning and showering is a routine.

daily routine examples
It’s not a question of should you, its a quesiton of what will it be

A daily routine takes into consideration effects you want to see in your life, and what actions are required to get those effects. The actions you take to cause them are called your routine.

For the record, this high value (inexpensive but good) course from Stefan James walks you through precisely what I’m about to talk about below. It’s my recommended program for creating the best example of a daily routine that takes care of every aspect of your life.

The best daily routine examples are those that cover the basic areas of human life.

  • They keep us healthy
  • They keep our money in check
  • They maintain our social life

A daily routine is a behavior that provides a result in your life, that you do at a certain time to make the rest of your life happen smoothly.

Daily routines are successful when:

  • They keep you at your desired level of physical health
  • You are mentally relaxed and stable in your life
  • You are embracing life relative to the ideas you choose to live it by
  • You are not worried about money or surviving
  • And you interact with others in a way that is satisfying to you, and have the time for it.

Should you make a daily routine?

The best daily routine for you is going to add structure and certainty to your life.

You know that your bases are covered because you have made your routine around your own happiness and contentment.

examples of solid daily routines (3)

When you have a ton on your plate that day, you know your routine covered all the bases and that nothing important was left out, even though a few things were still left on your to-do list.

Leaving your writing, workout routine, project, or garden work until the last minute might be just fine… Until you get a call to go do something interesting, OR an emergency comes up.

Suddenly, the important things aren’t getting done.

The best daily routine example is going to create a list of keystone habits that increase the quality of your life and the base level you live at.

  • You can decide how to live the best, healthiest, most well rounded life,
  • a solid daily routine is going to make sure those get prioritized each day.

Each day you have a MILLION options to spend your time on.

It’s easy to get bogged down, and when you do, that goal you had, that hobby you wanted to do more of gets left to the end of the day.

→ When you’re at the end of the day, you have less willpower, so convincing yourself to exercise, or write a paper becomes impossible.

→ When your brain has a routine wired into it’s pathways, less willpower juice is required to do important things that might be hard after your energy is spent.

A good daily routine is also going to take activities that will have you in the best physical shape, give you the sharpest mind, and keep fresh updated ideas in your head and make it easy to do them each day.

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What is a Daily Routine? The secret, That\'s what.

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