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January 11, 2020

155 Affirmations for Weight loss, Exercise & Addiction

Last updated on February 6th, 2020 at 05:47 pm

I’ve assembled here a huge list of affirmations you can use for weight loss, exercise and eating addictions.

Your health is on the line so lets now waste any time and get right to the chase.

By the way, these affirmations were adapted from a product I tested from Real Subliminal, a company that creates affirmation audio tracks that bypass your conscious mind (which can keep your affirmations from working) and planting them directly into your subconscious.

  • This makes them take root faster, and eliminates any possibility that your conscious mind might rejection the affirmations.
  • The best thing, is all you have to do is listen to them. I thought it was great.
  • This is the only way I do affirmations now, because the threat of the conscious mind rejecting the affirmations because they seem too “unreal” is too great.

If you want to avoid the possibility that your affirmations might not work, check this CD out & have your affirmations become programming the first time.

affirmations for weight loss and addictiona and exercise

Do weight loss affirmations work?

You might be asking yourself, “Does this hippy nonsense actually work?”

First, let me say, that I’m so glad you’re here, because you being means you’ve take a huge step toward solving this issue you’ve got in your life.

  • Things were going a certain way
  • You got fed up
  • Now you’re looking for a solution

& that’s absolutely wonderful to see!

Affirmations are known by law of attraction people as mantras that set the law of attraction in motion.

They’re also known by regular folk as verbal commands that remind us of what we’re after in life (cus its easy to get distracted and forget).

Whatever your beliefs might be, affirmations can simply be a verbal map, that you repeat to yourself over and over again, similar to how you would constantly consult a map to make sure you were traveling in the right direction.

Are they affirmations going to cause pounds to come off your body?


But here’s what they will do:

  • constantly remind you that you made a choice to lose weight
  • reprogram your conscious beliefs
  • reprogram your subconscious mind, making the transition to exercise and weight loss easier for you
  • change your identity over time to one that is more suited to your desires. From overweight > wants to lose weight > losing weight

As humans, we are what we believe, know, and think about constantly.

Even though affirmations have no magical way to melt lbs off of you, they do have a mystical way of changing how you know, think, and feel about yourself.

When these changes occur, you will start to behave different, and your change in behavior is what will cause you to lose the weight and get healthier.

In my opinion (and so many others) affirmations are a wonderful, and easy way to transition into embodying more of who you wish to be.

Especially if you choose to insert them directly into your subconscious mind, the affirmations will take root more easily, and you will see results faster.

If you’d like to learn how to do that, read my post on how to bypass your conscious mind and turn your affirmations directly into the programming that your entire life runs on!

Spiritual Affirmations for Weight Loss

My inner child is safe vibrant and glowing

It is safe and good for me to feel attractive

I am free from all attachment to past trauma

All outdated behavior patterns are falling away from me.

I am free to look and feel great.

I look and feel great now.

I am pursuing my ideal physique now.

It is my right to pursue my ideal body type.

It is my right to take care of myself.

My naval chakra is free of all trauma and fully healed and glowing.

It is my divine right to eat healthy and take care of myself!

I am spiritually empowered to start taking care of my body now.

I feel safe knowing I’m taking care of myself.

Longevity makes me feel powerful.

Healthy energy and focus makes me feel powerful.

I am healthy and guilt free.

I am happy shame free.

Healthy Eating Habits

I always eat healthily

I only eat healthy food

I enjoy eating healthy food

I love vegetables

I love salad

I eat lots of vegetables and salads

I eat natural food

I eat a balanced diet

I only eat foods that are good for me.

I eat at regular times

I only eat enough food to remove my hunger

I eat smaller food portions

I can go without snacking

Eating healthy food is normal for me

I eat healthy food every day

Increase Metabolism

My metabolism is increasing

My metabolism gets faster every day

My fast metabolic rate is helping me to lose weight

I burn calories quickly

I can feel myself burning food faster

My fast metabolism is helping me to burn fat

I make lifestyle choices to improve my metabolism

I eat regularly

I eat healthy smaller portions of food

I eat healthily

I eat just enough

I eat healthy foods

I eat smaller portions of food

I enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle

I am motivated to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

I have strong willpower to eat healthily

Weight loss – Subliminal Affirmations

I can lose weight

I am losing weight

I am slim

I am losing weight naturally

I will always be slim now

I am always a slim, consistent weight

Every day I get thinner

Each day I lose weight

I always eat healthily

I will stay slim forever

I only eat healthy food

I have the willpower to lose weight

I am determined to succeed

I will achieve my weight loss target

I am motivated to lose weight

Losing weight is easy

I enjoy the weight loss process

My metabolism is increasing

I burn calories quickly

I enjoy eating healthy food

I eat a healthy diet

Getting slim is easy

People love my slimmer body

I love losing weight

I love my slim body

I take care of my body

Motivation For Diets

I will stick to my new healthy diet

I am enjoying my new diet

I will see my diet to completion

I am motivated to succeed with my diet

I love my new healthy lifestyle

I am focused on success for my healthy diet

I have strong willpower

I have unbreakable commitment

Eating healthy food is normal for me

I enjoy eating healthy food

Motivation to Exercise

I am motivated to exercise

I love to exercise

I exercise every day

Exercising is fun

Exercise is just part of my life

Exercise is a big part of my life

I look forward to exercising

I enjoy going to the gym

I love going to the gym

I enjoy playing sports

I always push myself in my exercise

I always train to my limit

I always finish my workout

I am getting fitter every day

I exercise regularly

I find it easy to exercise

I am extremely motivated to exercise

Stop Chocolate Addiction

I will overcome my chocolate addiction

I will stop eating chocolate in excess

I will stop binge eating chocolate

I really do want to stop eating chocolate

I can stop eating chocolate

I can control my chocolate consumption

It is easy to stop eating chocolate

I treat my body well

I want to look after myself

I am in full control of my mind and body

I am free from temptation

I stay strong against cravings and impulses

I have a high level of willpower

I stay strong against temptation

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle

Every day I feel better

I am free from chocolate addiction

I have stopped eating chocolate in excess

I have stopped binge eating on chocolate

I lead a happy and healthy lifestyle

My lifestyle has changed forever

I feel better and happier than ever

Stop Comfort Eating

I eat only when I am hungry

I am responsible with food

I think rationally about food

I am strong against food temptations

I resist fatty foods when tempted

I resist sweet foods when tempted

I can go without snacking

I only eat at regular meal times

I am in full control of my emotions

I take control of my emotions

I release any negative emotions in a positive way

I always find a healthy outlet for my stress and frustrations

I take a logical approach to my diet

I only eat foods that are good for me

I respect and value my body and my health

I enjoy being slim and healthy

I am in full control of my eating habits

Weight loss affirmations for sleep

I clearly visualize my thin and healthy body

I regularly visualize my slim body

I am slim, healthy and at my ideal weight

I am focused on achieving my ideal body

My mind is focused on my weight loss goal

Every day I move closer to my ideal body

I am more focused than ever on losing weight

I fit into the clothes I want to wear

I admire my body regularly

I am proud of my body

I am proud of myself for the weight I have lost

People praise my weight loss efforts

People are amazed at my new slim and healthy body

People react positively to my weight loss efforts

I am getting thinner and healthier

affirmations for weight loss and addictiona and exercise
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155 Affirmations for Weight loss, Exercise & Addiction

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