November 13, 2019

4 Really Strange Ways To Find Your Lifes Purpose

Strange ways to find your purpose in life.

The idea of trying to find your purpose in life is strange in and of itself.


  • it’s not a popular idea
  • people think it’s for hippies
  • if you’re interested in finding your purpose in life, you’re an outlier, and part of a small group of high achievers on this earth

If you’re concerned with your life’s purpose, you’re someone who believes you can change the world (big or small).

You’re also not part of the normal crowd, because most people don’t think that way.

You might even be a little…“strange”. Which is totally fine, because when you look at anyone in this world of any admirable status…there’s something about them that’s a little off.

Welcome to the club.

strange ways to find your lifes purpose

What is my life’s purpose?

Your purpose in life is the guiding light you use to make all decisions, choose your experiences, reach your goals and achieve lasting happiness.

It’s also been referred to as

  • your zone of brilliance
  • reason for being or existence
  • unique destiny
  • path of least resistence to personal success

Regardless of what we call it, or how we define it, having clarity of purpose is what takes organizations straight to the top and allows you and me to uncover the vast richness that life has to offer.

Something to focus your life on, is the key.

50 questions for Passion & Purpose!

Created by Professional Life Coach, Kain Ramsey, these questions will guide you from “no clue” to knowing where to point your internal “life compass”.

Strange ways to find your purpose in life

Check your North and South Node

In your astrological (natal chart) you’ll have two points: the north and south nodes.

They’re lunar points that are more like mathematical representations of challenges and gifts you bring into this life (south node) and the lessons, characteristics, pathways you’re destined to take in order for soul growth (north node).

A good place to start when discovering the general path your life should take.

strange ways to find purpose
mine, if you care 🙂

To get started:

  • do a google search for a free natal chart (or just go here )
  • enter your info and click (make sure the info is accurate because astrological calculations are sensitive to the smallest change)
  • find your north or south node. Whichever you find first, the other will be the exact opposite. If your north node is in leo, then you know your south node is in acquarius because they are opposite each other on the zodiac. Just google search “What is opposite [your north or south node here] on the zodiac and you’ll figure it out.

Take a look at your Life Path Number

Your Life Path number is a numerological way of figuring out your life’s purpose, natural tendencies, talents, and the challenges you will go through in life.

life path number

Des Cartes is famous for saying that when he searched for what was most true in life, he was able to dismiss everything other than mathematics.

Plato also said the he thought the basic laws of the universe, and the foundation of the universe itself was fundamentally math, and that this math was represented by personalities in charge of making sure the math was always carried out.

  • fibonnaci
  • pi (and other natural maths that humans didnt create like geometry)
  • the law of attraction and vibration
  • etc…

Regardless of your beliefs about math, there is no denying that it has a profound and “behind the scenes” affect on our reality.

Your life path number is the same way.

It shows you what path you can take in life to live most authentically and all the reasons why you might be uncomfortable in life right now.

Take some reliable personality tests

The best personality test on the market right now is the Hexaco test.

However, to get a general idea about who you are, you COULD delve into some lesser ones like MBTI, The Big Five, Archetype personality test, etc…

A personality test will tell you

  • who you are
  • how you think
  • how you work
  • certain qualities about yourself that you might not have known existed

This can help you find, access and hone your core strengths, as well as provide a practical approach to creating purpose in life for those who are afraid of looking and sounding like hippies 🙂 hahah

“Flesh out” your impossible dream

Some of us have one really big, oddly specific dream. I did. If that’s you, make a plan of attack and go for it!

You might have that huge dream for good reasons, or for nonsense reasons, and that’s your job to figure out, but it’s definitely a good place to start.

I’m not telling you to think back to what you wanted to do as a kid, because, lets be honest, some of us said fire fighters because we were stupid kids…

…however, right now, you might have a dream to start that blog, charity, or clothing line because that’s a huge goal that resonates with who you are internally.

Whatever your impossible dream is, letting it breathe, examining it, and getting to the bottom of why you would want something like that is a good step to figure yourself and your life’s purpose out!

Start with the “why” exercise:

  • why do I want to start this clothing line
  • ….why do i [the reason you just came up with]
  • …. ….why do i [the reason behind that reason]
  • …. …. ….why do i [the reason behind the second reason]

Answer: because I love the idea of people having endless options to express themselves each day.

Purpose findings: people being free to express themselves as they should is important to me.

Which is a seed-like thing about you that you may or may not have known.

It could easily transform into a whole range of other things in life as well, like a non-profit that helps trans people behave more “lady like” or “masculine” or in between wherever.

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