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January 10, 2020

291 Positive affirmations for life & success (leave the old you behind)

Last updated on February 17th, 2020 at 10:40 pm

affirmations for life and success

I am persistent

I stay persistent at all times

Rejection makes me try harder

Failure makes me more determined

I am persistent when I need to be

I am confident and persistent

I stand up for myself

I stand up for my rights

I always give my opinion

People value my point of view

I always persist

I always try again

I become more persistent in hard times

I am un-reactive

I stay strong at all times

I am thick skinned

I am naturally decisive

I make decisions naturally

I am becoming more decisive every day

I am not afraid of making decisions

I am a strong individual and can overcome my indecisiveness

Decision making comes naturally to me

Decision making is one of my key skills in life

I enjoy making decisions

I feel in control of my life when I make a decision

Making decisions feels good

Making decisions comes naturally to me

I enjoy making decisions quickly and sticking to them

I can overcome my feelings of anxiety

I can think quickly and act upon my decisions

I am good at making fast decisions

I can logically think information through before I make a decision

I can rationalize my thought processes easily

My common sense is improving every day

I have gained a lot of common sense

I can learn from my mistakes

I always learn from my mistakes

I can learn from other people’s mistakes

I think about every situation in a logical manner

I think before I act

I think slowly and rationally before acting

I think things through fully at all times

I can make an informed decision

I enjoy being a logical person

I believe in my decision-making skills

I am confident and I believe in myself

My self-esteem is at an all time high

I can identify the aspects of common sense that are most important to me

I always wake up early

I wake up regularly on time

I wake up early every day

I am disciplined in my sleeping and waking habits

I get out of bed upon hearing my alarm

I get out of bed at the same time every morning

My body knows when it is time to get up

I enjoy being an early riser

I wake up early and get more out of the day

I am more productive because I wake up early each day

I am always highly motivated

I will achieve success

I am always driven to achieve my plans

I have a high level of natural motivation

I approach my entire life with passion and drive

I am enthusiastic about everything

I try and make the most of any situation

I always look to achieve the highest levels in any task

I have solid discipline

I always see my plans to completion

Any task I start I always finish

I complete every task I start

I give my full concentration and dedication to any task

Once I set my mind to a task I see it through to completion

I always strive for the top level of success

I always try to surpass myself

I am highly competitive

I always act instantly as soon as I need to

I live in the moment and work as and when things need to be done

I enjoy completing tasks

I enjoy a fast paced life

I need to keep busy and stay active

I need to always be striving for success

I am always highly motivated

I always see the funny side of life

I always look for the comedy in any situation

I can laugh at any situation

I laugh at myself

I have a sharp sense of wit

I enjoy entertaining people

I am funny

I enjoy bringing humor into peoples lives

I always bring a smile to peoples faces

People find my funny

People enjoy my presence

I have a light hearted approach to life

I bring relief to tough situations

I lighten people’s days

I am hungry for life

Being hungry for life means I can achieve anything

I enjoy being sociable

Social situations excite me

I find it easy to start conversations

My social skills are improving every day

I am spontaneous and outgoing

People envy how spontaneous I now am

Being hungry for life will bring me happiness

If I am offered a good opportunity, I take it

I can see opportunities clearly

I am naturally confident

I am positive and optimistic at all times

I am happy with myself and my life

I love trying new things

I love learning new skills

I love trying new activities and going on new adventures

My confidence is improving daily

I find it easy to begin conversations

I have lots of self-belief

My self-confidence is sky high

I always manage my time carefully

I prioritize my tasks in order of importance

I always start a task as I need to do it

I always do my work straight away

I always get things done on time

I enjoy getting things done

I complete all my tasks well before the deadline

I feel a strong compulsion to get my tasks, work and chores done

I am extremely efficient with my time

I use time efficiently

I always stick with a task until completion

I always give my complete focus and attention to any task.

I am extremely productive

I finish anything I get involved with

I always think big

I always push my plans to the upper limits

I always stay focused on my plans

I am committed to my life goals

Only the biggest will do

I only aim for the top

I strive for massive success

I am driven to achieve massive success

I learn from every mistake

I grow throughout every opportunity

My drive and motivation are constantly increasing

I keep a strong momentum throughout all my actions

I always keep my projects moving forward

I keep working to my goals no matter what

I only become more focused in the face of negativity

I will achieve massive levels of success

I am extremely hungry for success

I want to achieve the highest levels of success

People envy my success

Other people look up to my achievements

I will realize my dreams

I can do whatever I put my mind to

I can get done straight away

I am always positive

I always achieve my goals

I see opportunities everywhere

I relish fresh challenges

I know where I am going

I am good at making decisions

I use time efficiently

I always act straight away

I work hard

I believe in myself

I will succeed

I stick things through

I enjoy hard work

I enjoy a challenge

I am decisive

I deserve success

I will succeed

I make plans and follow them through

I have a high level of discipline

I am confident of my abilities

I am confident in myself

I take action instantly

I look forward to success

I make my own success

I make things happen

I get things done

I am extremely motivated

I enjoy getting things done

I am confident that I will succeed

I can achieve my dreams

I will achieve my dreams

I am extremely motivated

I am determined

I single mindedly pursue my goals

Every day my determination increases

Other people admire my motivation

I enjoy succeeding

I pursue success

I pursue my goals with passion and dedication

I push all out to achieve my goals and desires

I always achieve my goals and desires

I always carry on until I succeed

Determination improves my life

I am advancing in my career

I act without hesitation

I act without wasting time

My priorities in life are very important to me

I am very determined to succeed in my priorities

I am a talented individual

I can succeed in anything I want to

I have a high level of discipline

My discipline is rock solid

I am disciplined

I have strong willpower

I have excellent self-control

I have great mental strength

I always stick to my decision

I stand by my decisions

I am focused on the job

I set my goals and stick to them

I stay focused no matter what

I always accomplish my goals

I have high levels of concentration

I always see a task through to completion

I enjoy a challenge

I thrive on challenges

I act instantly

I will be successful

I will achieve success

I am always organized

I am organized in all areas of my life

My organization skills are excellent

I am proud of my organization skills

I make solid plans

My desk is tidy

My office is tidy

I keep my working area tidy

My home is tidy

I take great pride in my home

I always remember where things are

I always put everything in its proper place

I know where everything is

I have a strong attention to detail

I am always punctual

I am always on time

I always keep my meetings and appointments

I am extremely reliable

My mind is clear from clutter

My mind is focused

I am always focused

I plan naturally

I plan my life and my future

I plan towards achieving my goals

I make plans for all of the goals I want to achieve

I know what I want to achieve in my life

I have specific goals I want to achieve in life

I have big ambitions and large goals for life

I enjoy planning my future

I enjoy setting myself high targets

I know where I want to be in ten years time

I can identify my interests in life

I link my interests and goals with my planning

I know I can achieve anything if I work to my plans

Making plans comes naturally to me

I always act on my plans

I see my plans out to completion

I am always working towards my plans

I carry out my plans to the minute detail

I always achieve my goals

I always act on my impulses

I always act immediately

I live in the moment

I am decisive

I make things happen

I enjoy getting things done

I always take action as soon as it is required

I always start tasks and projects early

I always finish my tasks before the deadline

I get things done

I am hugely productive

I finish anything I get involved with

I always follow through on my plans

I always see a task through to completion

I can do whatever I put my mind to

I can get things moving instantly

I use time efficiently

I have an excellent vocabulary

I express myself well

I am in full control of my vocabulary

I use different describing words

I enjoy discovering new vocabulary

I always speak politely

I am polite and well mannered

I have excellent manners

I am always courteous and polite

I am intelligent and cultured

People admire my use of language

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