January 30, 2020

“How do I turn my experiences, skills and knowledge into my life’s purpose?”

creating your life purpose from your past
I appreciate you sharing this article if you benefitted from it! 🙂

“#1 concern with my life right now is: How do I take my experiences, my knowledge and skills to perform in the capacity of my lifes purpose?”

There are several ways to figure out a fulfilling avenue for your life.

The first thing I do with people is figure out which “starting point” is best for them.

Since you’ve already given me some criteria to work with “your life experiences and skills” that makes it easier for me.

If you’re interested in taking your unique skills and experiences and transform them into a new sense of purpose, the best way is to follow the Eulerian Destiny model.

You could do a simple google search to view the model in it’s entirety – but the simplest way is to make 4 lists

  • what you’ve been doing for the last 10 years
  • what you grew up around before you were an adult
  • what you’re so interested in that you can talk about it forever.
  • What others say you’re good at
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What you’ve been doing for the last decade is important, and you don’t want to throw it away for something brand new. You’ve developed skills, been educated, worked at a certain job etc…during that time and you can use that all in your new life plan.

What you grew up around is essentially your programming. Whatever you saw your parents, elders, larger community and friends do while you were younger, and the experiences you had while you were young and receptive gives you a unique perspective on those things – whether you’re “into” them or not.

Something that you can talk about forever says a lot about that thing. It doesn’t just mean that you’re knowlegable on that topic, it means you never run out of gas because you enjoy the topic that much. That’s an element you want to have present when figuring out what do with yourself in the future.

Peter Drucker is famous showing us that “almost nobody knows what their strengths are” – this is why it helps to get feed back from others. It can get a little awkward, but it’s as simple as bring up in casual conversation with family members or close friends “What do you think I’m good at?”

Once you’ve got these four lists made, you spend some time mixing them all together to create different combinations and see what comes up.

The first time I did this, I wrote down everything on my list on it’s own note card.

Then I drew the note cards like a lottery to come up with many different combinations of 4.

Once you do this, you’re ready for the next step.

Which is what?

The most overlooked step in accomplishing your dreams….

These 5 small steps that come before setting your first goal either keep you afloat or sink you before you even start.

Everytime someone comes to me with a problem – they’re not reaching their goals because they sped past the first step and fell completely flat , bruised butt and everything!

“Are you going to tell me the first step already?!?!”

One thing I will say, is that all the steps are perfectly outlined here.

How convenient. 🙂

creating your life purpose from your past
I appreciate you sharing this article if you benefitted from it! 🙂
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