January 6, 2018

Find Your Life’s Purpose and Explode with Motivation for Success

There are several methods for finding your life’s purpose, but first, let’s define what the phrase means. There are many different opinions about what a life’s purpose is. A few words are: destiny, soul blueprint, life’s path, personal legend

I certainly have my own preferences for thinking about these ideas, however, you do not need to attach your allegiance to any of them if you prefer not to. If you have read any of my other blog posts, you will understand that I am in love with conceptual mathematics, which might be something that already exists or something I invented: who knows?

Here it is:

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Most people are not living completely in line with how they want their lives to be. Daily events play out differently than they would like. We all desire to have our own personal version of a successful life, and most don’t. If you are reading this blog, you are on the journey to establishing that as a reality for yourself, or you are there and are interested in maintaining it.

If you had free reign to design your life as you wish, from waking up until bed, your life would be a bit different, wouldn’t it?

I asked my entire family, before I started this, how they would design their lives if they could. Surprisingly, none of them would quit their jobs. All they wanted was to do different things. For example, my aunt would prefer to work with animals rather than work where she currently does. She doesn’t want a lazy life on the couch. She wants to do the things that resonate with her own version of success, which happens to be taking care of animals.

Too many of us have already done it for this to be a disputed concept: there are criteria that, when combined properly, create a life for an individual that has them operating each moment in peak mood, concentration, fulfillment, and ease.

You know those things you do that nobody has to tell you to do, the stuff you love? We’re talking about a life filled with only that.

There are two popular methods for steering yourself in the direction of finding your life’s purpose, your optimum life. 

These tools help you discover strengths, advantages you have and create a model for a life that is “the path of resistance” to your success.

They are not my own invention, but I have developed an excellent way of using both tools and several others here.

Eulerian destiny

Your Eulerian Destiny is a combination of elements that tell you why you are where you are, what you look like to others looking in, What you are passionate and knowledgeable about already and how the environment shaped you in your youth. This will give you some inclination as to what you can build upon this moment without having to start completely from scratch.


Ikagi gets more complicated. It combines what you could do, what you could do better than anyone else, what you love to do for yourself, and what you love to do for the world.

ikagi eulerian 1


Figuring this out will have you living in sync with what you were “meant to do” or are most suited for. It is the path that provides the most opportunities for success and the least opportunity for getting caught up in something contrary to that, which could end up hijacking years from your life.

It is not about surrendering to something that is not you, as much as it is drawing your life as you want it to be and going for it, and when you combine this with a positive attitude, faith in the abundance of life and courage, living your life’s purpose is the most exciting and stress free existence can be. Your life will become the main attraction and you will feel like your body and mind are singing each moment!

If you are interested in this idea, pick up my free ebook I just wrote especially for those who desire to tackle this head on! Learn how to practically move towards your own designed life’s story!

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