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50 Law of Assumption Affirmations For Feeling That It’s Already Here

law of assumption affirmations

You’re looking for a law of assumption affirmations because Neville Goddard inspired you to be bold and assume the reality you want to achieve is possible, right? The people who are most successful with the law of assumption, or any of our reality’s natural laws have three things in common: hope, intuition and boldness. But […]

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December 12, 2022

Am I a bad person who deserves to feel guilty? Most people aren’t.

Am i a bad person?

If you’re asking yourself the question “Am I a bad person”, curiosity itself implies a sincerity about your true nature.  A bad person is someone who, under the influence of certain personality flaws, doesn’t behave in ways that are commonly seen as good. They encroach on people’s freedom, lack empathy, use others as resources for […]

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