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January 11, 2020

335 Unbeatable Affirmations for Personal Growth and Self Improvement

Last updated on February 17th, 2020 at 10:22 pm

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Anger Management

I am in control

I always keep full control of my emotions

I am calm

I can relax and calm myself at will

I have a high level of self-control

I channel my emotions productively

I control my emotions

My self-control increases every day

I am increasing my self-control

I put a lot of effort into controlling my emotions

I laugh at negative situations

I see the positive in everything

I only allow positive emotions

I only think positively

Be A Better Friend

I am a good friend

I enjoy being a good friend

I am focused on my friends

I always think of my friends first

I am always there for my friends

Other people admire my ability to be a good friend

My friends are extremely important to me

I always have time for my friends

I make time in my schedule for my friends

I love spending time with my friends

My friendships make me happy

I am usually the first to contact friends

I can maintain long distance friendships

I set aside time in my schedule for my friends

I am empathetic and respect other people’s feelings

My friends bring out my compassionate nature

People turn to me in a crisis

I enjoy helping my friends

My friends value me greatly

Be A Better Listener

I am a good listener

I enjoy listening to people

My listening skills are improving every day

I am good at listening to others

Other people admire my listening skills

I am becoming better at listening

I find it easy to focus on what other people say

I do not become distracted when someone is speaking

I am an extremely focused individual

I am interested in what other people say

I am always interested to find out something new

I am always interested to listen to what people have to say

I can recall information that people have told me

I find it easy to store information

When I listen to somebody I can remember what they have said

I am an active listener

I actively listen to people

I am engaged in people’s conversations

Become More Assertive

I am assertive

I always stand up for myself

I am outgoing at all times

I am assertive in everything I do

People listen to me when I talk

I am confident to ask people to do things for me

It is my right to speak out for myself

I consider my needs first

I am direct and honest

I openly express my thoughts and feelings

I always stand behind my basic rights

I have strong values and live by them at all times

I express myself freely at all times

Break Free From Your Past

I accept my past for what it is

I am free from my past

I see the positive even in my past experiences

I am moving on from my past

I am leaving resentment behind

I have let go of all self-resentments

My past experiences have made me who I am

My past has given me strength

My past rejections have strengthened me

I am positive about my future

A bright future awaits me

I appreciate all the good things in my life now

I have many good things in my life and I look forward to the future

Control Your Emotions

I am in control of my emotions

I find it easy to control my emotions

I am always aware of my emotions

I am aware of negative emotions before they grow larger

I can change my own emotions and feelings

I always change my feelings to be more positive

My inner strength is higher than ever

I am mentally strong and can deal with anything

My emotions are always positively focused

I am mentally prepared for any situation

I am sub consciously in control of my emotions

I am naturally in control of my emotions

I can dictate the way I want to feel

I know that my emotions are under my control

My thoughts are positive at all times

Positivity helps me to control my emotions

Emotional Health

My emotional health is high

I am proud of how good my emotional health is

I love being emotionally healthy

My actions are always positive

I always do what is best for other people

Helping others makes me happy

I am optimistic and cheerful

The world is a positive place

I am in touch with my inner self

I have a deep understanding of my inner emotions

I have a strong desire to learn

I love undertaking activities that interest me

I enjoy learning new things

Education is always a positive experience for me

I dismiss any negative thoughts from my life

I am deeply rooted in positivity

Optimism improves my emotional health

I am content with my emotional health

I am balanced emotionally

I am naturally and consistently balanced emotionally at all times

I am always in control of my emotions

Emotional Intelligence

I have excellent emotional intelligence

My emotional intelligence improves every day

I love being an emotionally intelligent person

My emotional intelligence defines me as a person

I can easily perceive the emotions of others

I am good at reading facial expressions and body language

I am receptive to other people’s emotions

I am aware of my own feelings and why they occur

I can prioritize the emotions of others

I am always aware of my own emotions

I can respond to the most important emotions that other people show

My emotions can respond healthily to any situation

I am compassionate about other people’s feelings

I understand the deeper meaning of other people’s emotions

My emotions do not get out of hand

I am good at keeping my emotions at a healthy level

I naturally manage my own emotions at all times

I can help other people regulate their feelings

I can respond correctly to someone who is emotional

I have excellent relationships with people because of my emotional intelligence

Healthy Body Image

I accept how I look

I love my body

I am happy being me

I have an attractive body

I am happy in my own skin

I am content with how I look

My body is healthy

People admire me as I am

I accept myself

Other people admire my body

Other people admire my looks

I love looking the way I do

I enjoy being me

I am confident about my appearance

I am confident about my body

I’m happy with my body

My body is perfect as it is

My body looks better every day

Improve Social Skills

I enjoy social situations

I am calm and relaxed in social gatherings

I enjoy meeting new people

I am confident in social situations

I am respected in my peer group

I am comfortable being myself

I enjoy starting conversations

I effortlessly start conversations with strangers

I naturally say whatever is on my mind

I speak whatever I am thinking

I am confident around the opposite sex

I enjoy interacting socially with the opposite sex

Inner Strength

My inner strength is rock solid

My inner strength increases every day

Other people are envious of my inner strength

I am both physically and mentally strong

I believe that my inner strength can get me through anything

I am becoming more optimistic every day

My inner strength relies on my positivity

Positive thoughts will get me through difficult times

My future holds success and new opportunities for me

I can approach a situation with a level head

My inner strength helps me assess situations in a logical manner

I can look at the good points in every situation

Positivity makes me stronger

I am determined to succeed

My inner strength is responsible for my success

My inner strength allows me to achieve anything

Let Your Emotions Out

I naturally speak my mind

I always let my emotions out

It is natural for me to let my emotions out

I always say what I am thinking

I always say what I am feeling

I say what’s on my mind

I always tell others what I think of them

I let my feelings be known at all times

I share myself with my friends and family

I share all my issues, thoughts and feelings

Emotions are meant to be shared

I show the real me at all times

I show the real me to all my friends, family and loved ones

People expect me to say what’s on my mind

I am assertive with my thoughts and wishes

I always voice my opinion

I always stand up for myself

Live Without Regrets

I live my life free from regrets

I am completely free from regret and focused on the future

I am spontaneous and can make my own decisions

I can take control of my actions

I am quick to analyze my actions and their consequences

I learn from my mistakes and move on

I do not regret anything in my life

I trust my own judgment

I will not allow others to live my life for me

I am confident in myself and my actions

The past does not dictate my future

I will not dwell on the negativity in my past

I will stop feeling guilty about my past

I will build on the positives in my past

I learn from my past to provide a better future

I learn from my mistakes and do not dwell on them

Others admire my ability to learn from my mistakes

I am free from regret because I am building a positive future

Naturally Start Conversations

I naturally start conversations

I enjoy meeting new people

I have excellent conversation skills

I enjoy starting conversations with people

Talking to people comes naturally to me

I always show an interest in other people

I am naturally social

I am calm when meeting new people

I am calm and confident when talking to people

People admire my conversation skills

People enjoy talking to me

People find me interesting

I always have something to say

I make friends easily

I always make a good impression on people

Resolve Past Shame

I am aware of my shameful acts

I accept my shameful acts

I am coming to terms with my past

I am examining my previous shameful acts

I accept my history

I accept what I have done

I will move on from my shameful acts

I am not ashamed of what I have done

I can not change my past

I now feel neutral about my past

My past has happened and I will move on

I am no longer embarrassed by my past

I feel positive about my future

I can now move on with my life

My future will be bright

I can move past my shameful past

I am moving on to a brighter and more positive future

Resolve Your Inner Conflict

I evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of any plans quickly

I quickly decide upon the best alternative

I naturally choose the best solution

I always make a quick educated decision

I choose the best way forward, even if it is difficult

I evaluate both sides of any argument quickly and fairly

I always act quickly

I always take immediate action

Once I make a decision I stick to it

I have the discipline to see out my plans

I always see my plans to completion

I always act to my best long term interests

Stop Complaining

I always look on the bright side of life

I see the positive in every situation

I always try and find a positive

I always look for a compromise to any situation

I always find something to be grateful for

I enjoy finding a solution to a problem

I enjoy solving problems

I give constructive feedback

I naturally compliment people

I handle stress well

I naturally deal with stressful situations

I am calm at all times

I always think before I speak

I always choose my words carefully

I always think things through calmly before speaking

Stop Feeling Inferior

I love myself for who I am

I have an abundance of confidence and self-belief

I believe in myself

My self-confidence is higher than ever

Being confident comes naturally to me

Self-sabotage is a thing of the past

I can see the positives in my life

Being positive is part of my life

I know I can succeed in anything I do

I am proud of my achievements

My willpower and determination just keeps increasing

I am motivated to achieve more

My achievements make me feel happy

I am happy with the way I am

I feel good when I look in the mirror

Other people admire my outlook on life

I have an amazing personality

Stop Feeling Insecure

I am free from insecurity

Insecurity does not affect me

I feel more and more secure every day

I am consistently becoming more secure within myself

I am an optimist

I can eliminate negative thoughts from my mind

My positivity stops me feeling insecure

I feel secure in my relationships

Other people appreciate my input into relationships

I can show how grateful I am for my relationships

Without insecurity, my relationships constantly improve

I am confident

I believe in myself fully

My confidence levels stop me feeling insecure

I do not feel nervous or anxious

The more comfortable I feel, the more secure I am

Stop Self Pity

I am free from self-pity

I have a deep and natural love for myself

My self-pity lessens with every coming day

I am a positive person

I am always positive about myself

I can see my positive qualities

I always only think about my positive qualities

I enjoy being positive

Others envy my optimistic and self-loving personality

Being more positive has allowed my life to improve

I am concerned about others around me

I care about other people

I always put other people first

I am willing to compromise

I celebrate other people’s achievements

I can now see how others are feeling

I put the feelings of others before my own

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335 Unbeatable Affirmations for Personal Growth and Self Improvement

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