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January 11, 2020

167 Affirmations for Brain Training and Unstoppable Brain Power

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affirmations for brain power and brain training
I appreciate you sharing this article if you benefitted from it! 🙂

Affirmations that Enhance Perception Skills

My perception skills are at an all time high

I have excellent perception skills

My perception skills improve every day

The more I practice my perception, the better I become

I am receptive to the world around me

I can notice new things

I see the finer detail in life

Seeing the details of life comes naturally to me

I can clear my mind easily

I am always 100% aware of the environment around me

I can focus and perceive the important things in life

I can efficiently prioritize the things I need to perceive

My listening skills are improving

I can perceive conversations correctly

I can listen to others without becoming distracted

I am naturally perceptive

I always see new opportunities

I see the opportunities in life

Others see me as a perceptive person

Affirmations that will Improve Concentration

I have a naturally high level of concentration

I find it easy to concentrate

I easily enter a deep state of concentration

I always approach any task with complete focus and dedication

My willpower is excellent

I always stick at any task until it is finished

I always act instantly

I have an excellent attention to detail

I stay focused for long periods of time

I can concentrate naturally for extended periods of time

I am ultra productive

My productivity is excellent

I pride myself on my productivity and ability to get things done

I am 100% dedicated to any task I set my mind to

Affirmations for an Intelligence & IQ

My IQ is increasing

I can solve all problems

I easily solve puzzles

My problem-solving skills are excellent

I can easily think logically

My memory is excellent

I enjoy IQ tests

I retain information easily

I stay calm in IQ tests

I love learning new information

I enjoy solving problems

Problems are easy

I am good at math

My concentration is excellent

I easily concentrate

I am good at English

My mind is clear

My vocabulary is excellent

I easily acquire new vocabulary

I easily focus

My focus is excellent

IQ tests are easy

I process information efficiently

IQ tests are fun

I am an IQ test expert!

I will score highly on the IQ test

Math Study Skills

I enjoy math

I study math with complete focus

I put a lot of effort into my math studies

I have an unstoppable drive towards my math studies

I am extremely motivated to learn math to a high level

I study math regularly

I study math as and when I need to

I think logically at all times

I think critically and process all information thoroughly

I take a problem-solving approach to life

I enjoy solving problems

I process mathematical information in my head easily

I can calculate large sums effortlessly

I enjoy calculating sums in my head

I think logically and critically at all times

Affirmations for more Mental Clarity

My mental clarity is perfect

I have a clear head

I am in control of my thoughts

I can eliminate unnecessary thoughts

I can prioritize my thoughts

Each day my mind becomes clearer

The thoughts I need will remain at the forefront of my mind

I do not think negatively about my mental clarity

I am a positive individual

I can prioritize my daily tasks

I am not affected by distractions

I am strong enough not to be distracted by my thoughts

I want to plan my day each morning

I am organized and efficient

Mental clarity comes effortlessly to me

Mental clarity at all times is a natural part of my life

Affirmations for Photographic Memory

My memory is excellent

I always remember information

My memory is in peak condition

My memory is improving every day

I easily remember information

My memory is accurate

My memory is reliable

I easily concentrate and focus

I always remember names

I always remember important dates

I recall accurate information

My memory is precise

I quickly remember things

My memory is sharp and clear

My brain processes information fast and accurately

Affirmations for Success in School

I always study hard

I enjoy studying

I study hard to get good grades

I always concentrate fully on my studies

I always focus on my revision and studies

I will succeed in my education

I get excellent grades and results

I will succeed at all costs

I always push myself to study and achieve my full potential

I will achieve the highest grades possible

I am extremely disciplined in my studies

I always start my revision early

I study hard constantly

I can recall information accurately and precisely

I always remember information accurately

On the exam day I will be calm and relaxed

I am always confident on the day of the exam

My mind is clear in an exam

I easily recall the information I have read

Science Study Skills

I enjoy science

I study science with complete focus

I put a lot of effort into my science studies

I have an unstoppable drive towards my science studies

I am extremely motivated to learn science to a high level

I study science regularly

I study science without hesitation

I have the ability to think either logically or creatively

I think critically and process all information thoroughly

I take a problem-solving approach to life

I process scientific information easily

Affirmations for Speed Reading & Learning

I enjoy reading

My reading ability gets faster every day

My reading speed is constantly improving

I read information fast

My mind processes text efficiently

I can comprehend language after a quick scan

I understand a sentence after skimming it

My skim reading ability is excellent

My speed reading is very accurate

I can read large chunks of text at once

I read and comprehend several words at once

I read words without seeing every letter

Reading fast feels natural to me

I love reading

I digest large amounts of information in a short space of time

Affirmations for Focus & to Stop Daydreaming

I am naturally alert and focused at all times

I am active and proactive in life

I am ambitious and driven

I make the most out of every moment in life

I am aware when I am daydreaming and snap myself out of it

I bring my attention back to reality instantly when I start daydreaming

My career improves every day I do not daydream

My motivation is at its highest

I am determined to succeed

I am not easily distracted

I can focus on my education and career without distractions

I can focus on a task and complete it

I enjoy setting goals and being ambitious

Success is my driving force

Other people see me as focused and responsible

Other people see me as alert and active

I enjoy getting the most out of life

affirmations for brain power and brain training
I appreciate you sharing this article if you benefitted from it! 🙂
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