You're in charge of your life

no matter what anyone says...

how anything looks...

how anything feels...

You're in charge.

When you live by this rule, all the good things you want in life start to line up for you to claim them.

What's goin on? Brian Wright here, and I created this page for you so you can find out a little about me and why I do what I do.

  • What is this blog and who is it for?
  • Who the hell am I even?
  • Why am I writing all this stuff for you? & why should you read it?

If you join my email list, or read the posts found here, you'll be able to peace together a large part of who I am and why I do what I do.

But I'm not gonna have you spend 30 minutes leafing through my life story here.

Let's just cover the important stuff so you can get back to makin' moves.

In the fall of 2015, I returned home from living in the monastery.

I got a job, bought a car, decided that I might go back to college and start living my life.

Soon after that I fell into a seriously deep hole of depression, anger, anxiety, and constant stress.

It was because my life was meant to go in a certain direction, and I was resisting.

Having gone through 3 warehouse jobs, a year of online college and 2 failed relationships in that first year, I looked back on my life and realized what was going on.

I was being forced out of my old life, and into a new one.

I felt this internal nudge (that turned into a magnetism after a while) to do life my way.

  • I wanted to chase my dream of making a serious impact on people's lives
  • I wanted freedom, and to spend my day creating wonderful things based on my passions
  • I wanted to provide for my friends and family in ways they'd never seen before
  • & I wanted to finally start progressing toward a life that was my own creation.

So I did - and it worked!

I decided to pick my own direction, and go there.

I made sure to take explosive, and inspired action toward that goal every day.

I set aside everything in my head that discouraged me from achieving what I wanted. I completely changed my mindset to fit the new life I desired.

I wanted to blog full time, I wanted to write about personal growth and "forging your own path" motif that's characteristic of my generation, and this new, evolving world we live in.

But why do you care?

I suppose because it's always nice to hear what something is like from someone who's actually done it.

Everything you come across during your visit here is just that - this blog is about freedom, forging your own path, pursuing your own destiny, and the internal transitions that come with it.

Direction - Action - Mindset.

So, Who is this for?

  • Dreamers and doers who want to escape their current life and forge a new path
  • Those who want to inject a sense of meaning into their life, that's full of impact and purpose
  • You, when you're ready to take action and transform yourself and your life
  •  Anyone who's finally ready to make positive changes in their life - no excuses 
  • Do you want to impact people's lives online by turning something you value into an online business? We do that here too.

How does this work?

We go about pursuing our own unique destiny and making serious life changes the best way I know how - learning from those who've already done it.

To a certain extent, you'll be learning from me, but not for no reason.

I've already successfully navigated 2 HUGE disruptions in my life - in college when the life dissatisfaction hit, and I moved into the monastery, and afterward, when the "ways of the old world" weren't enough and I chose to follow my internal compass once again!

This is not a willy nilly thing by any means - in life, we can occupy one of three groups.

  • Idiot - "I know everything"
  • Hippie - "This worlds so big, it could be anything, nobody knows anything"
  • Smart person - "This world is a "something" and there are people with real wisdom who can help me get to where I want to go in life!"

Here: we seek out the smart people, and get the roadmap we need to make progress.

The world's most genius thought leaders.

Classic books from wildly successful and learned outliers.

The highest quality courses, CDs, programs and information products the internet has to offer.

In other words - PROVEN formulas to take control of our life and destiny.

What promises do I make?

Only that once you know a change needs to be made, you're now on the path to make it.

Here's what I mean by that!

Vishen Lakhiani calls it "our rate of internal transformation"

You have an internal reality (your growth as a person) and an external reality (the life you live).

Your internal reality is always growing.

When life is good, our inside and outside match up nicely.

But eventually the inside outgrows the outside, and that's the point where you get these inklings - "something needs to be changed in my life."

Once that happens, youre on the path to changing your life.

If this change does not happen in enough time, your internal growth will burst through (like a shaken up soda bottle).

Waiting too long to make the changes you know need to be made is not something I recommend.

I've done it twice, both times were no bueno.

We avoid that by picking the direction we want to go in - taking inspired action to get there - and winning the battle in our minds so that nothing can stop us.

Glad you're here.

- Brian

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